Unraveled Secrets – Chapter 12

Ziva was sitting at her desk going through the case files from Jillian’s office. So many drug cases and so many of them ended with the sailors being cleared; why did these cases intrigue Jillian?

“Ziva, what have you got?”

“Gibbs, I think these old cases have a link to the Hill case?”

“What kind of link?”

“These sailors – all on Norfolk based ships – all charged with drug possession – all acquitted.”

“Ok, so how does that link?”

“Well the evidence is similar to Petty Officer Hill’s case – yet he is sent to prison and the others have gotten off.”

“Who was the prosecutor on the other cases?” McGee asked as he stepped toward Ziva’s desk.

“Lieutenant Commander Scott Regan on two of the cases, a Commander Barbara Moore on one, and the other two were cases that belonged to Admiral Hurst when he was still actively prosecuting.”

“I think you’re right Ziva; it looks like Lieutenant Commander Harris was on to something.”

“Get ‘em in here McGee.” Gibbs stated as he turned and walked toward the elevator.

“Boss, even the sailors?” With those words, Gibbs stopped, turned and walked up to McGee – standing toe-to-toe, “What do you think?”

“I think you want me to see what I can find and get anyone I can in here.”

“Good assumption McGee; make it happen.”

~* ~

Tony walked down the hall towards Jillian’s room. He lingered for a moment before knocking, he wasn’t sure if he should bother her. Then again, she looked like she needed a friend and right now he was the closest think. He knocked softly. “Lieutenant Commander…Jillian? Are you okay?”

“You can come in Tony,” a week voice responded.

Tony slowly opened the door. Jillian was standing at the window, staring out into the backyard of the house. It was obvious that she had been crying. “Are you okay? Do you want to talk about what happened with Gibbs?”

Jillian didn’t move; “no offense Tony, but you work for Gibbs – I just can’t share what is going through my head right now.”

“I understand – you just seem like you need someone to talk to.” Tony turned and began walking out of the doorway.

“I know who is behind the drug operation Tony.” Tony stopped – no wonder things got heated; Tony resisted the urge to respond. “He is mad because I didn’t tell NCIS what I knew.”

“I am sure you have a reason for not coming forward – Gibbs is right though – you put your life at risk Jillian.”

“I know – I just didn’t want to believe what I found – I wanted to keep looking – I wanted to prove that I was wrong.”

Tony stepped into the room and walked to Jillian’s side. He was drawn to her, this woman who at one moment is stoic and strong and the next moment is vulnerable and fragile.

“Tony I thought it would come to this. I honestly thought it was saber rattling at the most. Especially after I know who it was – this just didn’t seem possible.”

“Does he know you solved the case? Does he know that you have proof and can put him away?”

“No, I didn’t tell anyone – not my secretary, not my diary – I didn’t tell anyone!”

“I know this is hard for you – I can only imagine what you are going through – but I promise we will keep you safe. This will all be over soon.”

Jillian turned and embraced Tony. He was surprised but he returned the embrace and held her. Jillian sheepishly pulled away, “I am sorry…I just needed a hug.”

“No need to apologize, I’m here…any time you need that.” Tony winked and left her room.

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