Unraveled Secrets – Chapter 14

Director Vance walked Gibbs back to his office, this would not be an easy conversation but he wanted to do this in private. He opened the door and as he prepared to shut it behind Gibbs, he told his secretary to hold all of his calls.

Vance turned and looked at Gibbs, he tried reading his body language but Gibbs was not giving anything up. “You want to explain to me just why in the hell you threatened the kill a person of interest in this case?”

“Leon, he is more than a person of interest. He admitted to stalking and harassing Harris. He knows who attacked her and is trying to kill her.

“He does k now more but you can’t threaten to kill him! You are too personally involved in this case. You need to pass this off – we cannot jeopardize a conviction because of your involvement. :

“I am not letting my feelings run this investigation. Cut and dry, this is a case of a JAG officer who was assaulted and is in harm’s way – it is my job to find out who did this and stop them from hurting anyone further.”

“Are you sure that is all it is Gibbs? From my vantage point, it sure in the hell looks like a father trying to find and punish the people threatening his daughter.” Leon stared intently at Gibbs, he sighed heavily before continuing. “Does your team know your relationship with Harris?”

“You are off base Leon.” Gibbs said emphatically

“No, I don’t think I am. I am going to ask you again, is your team aware of just how close you are to this case?”

“I have not told them anything but I think they suspect something. Jillian has made it clear that she did not want NCIS and she certainly did not want me involved in this case.” Gibbs took a deep breath and finally sat down in one of the chairs around the conference table in Vance’s office. “Leon, I don’t know if she really understands how much danger she is in. I think she figured out who did this and wanted to take them down but I don’t think she realized how far they are willing to go to keep her quiet.”

“Jethro, she is a smart young lady and I suspect she is well aware of the danger. But, like a certain someone, I think she is determined to finish what she has started. I think she has been successful because of that determination. ” Vance walked over and took a seat next to Gibbs.

“She is playing with fire. “

“Yes, she certainly is; but she feels betrayed. She wants to do this on her own and show them she is not intimidated. You need to impress upon her that she needs your help to wrap it up. She did the heavy lifting, help her close it out and keep her safe

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