Unraveled Secrets – Chapter 16

Jillian walked into the NCIS offices and tried to hide her fear. When NCIS wasn’t involved, she was scared but she had also been blissfully ignorant of just how much danger she had been in. Now that she had been attacked, found out that she would have been killed and it was orchestrated by the people she trusted the most – she was terrified.

DiNozzo approached her, he placed his hand on her shoulders, “you’ve got this and we’ve got your back.” He gave her a smile and then pulled her in for a hug. “Sorry, couldn’t resist – thought you might need that!”

“Thank you Tony, I appreciate it; both the hug and the words of encouragement.”

Gibbs watched her interaction with Tony and could tell she was scared but doing her best to mask it. As she approached him, he spoke, “You know we can wrap this up and you watch from the Director’s office if it will make you more comfortable.”

“I need to do this – I started it and I need to finish it – just keep me safe.”

Director Vance was walking down the stairs from his office, “Gibbs, do you have everything you need? This is ready to wrap?”

“Yeah, we have it all ready to go. Have you talked to SecNav and debriefed him in on the situation?”

“Yes, his is aware and I have patched his office into the video feed in the conference room so everything can be seen first-hand and in real time. Today will not be a good day to bluff with evidence.” Vance led Gibbs over to the side to speak without Jillian hearing the conversation. “Does she know what David got out of Dalton after you left the interrogation room?”

“No, I didn’t tell her – I figured she would hear it when we take him down for the assault.”

“You best be prepared Gibbs, she will not handle that well at all.” Gibbs and Vance walked back over to where Jillian was standing with DiNozzo, McGee and David. “Lieutenant Commander Harris, are you sure you are ready to do this?”

“I am ready Director Vance – a little nervous, I won’t lie but I am ready to confront them and get this over with. I think I have let this go on too long.” Jillian pulled her shoulders back and started walking with confidence towards the conference room. The rest of the team followed behind her with Vance and Gibbs at the end.

“Gibbs, do you think she is really ready for this?”

“She better be.” Gibbs responded, realizing he was not overly confident but he had to put faith in her.


Jillian took a deep breath and turned the knob to open the door to the conference room – Hurst and Regan, startled by the door opening turned to face her. They both stood up immediately.

Hurst began to take a few steps toward her, “Oh Jillian, I have been so worried about you. NCIS wouldn’t give us any detail about where you were or how you were doing….we have been so concerned”

“Thank you for your concern, Admiral. I am doing well and NCIS has kept me protected. Please have a seat.” Jillian was all business, she felt if she strayed from this tactic that she would lose it and be of no use to the wrapping up of the case.

Admiral Hurst looked at Regan and they both sat back down in their seats. They could tell by her tone, and the fact that she had an audience, that this was going to be a professional meeting. They knew how she interrogated witnesses and they figured they were going to be treated the same way.

“Gentlemen, as you know we have been working to find out who is responsible for the threats against Lieutenant Commander Harris and who orchestrated her attack. “ Gibbs spoke as he moved to take a seat directly across from Hurst and Regan. He never broke eye contact with them, not even to gauge how Jillian was holding up

“And you have a lead I take it?” Regan asked as he glanced from Hurst to Gibbs to Jillian.

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