Unraveled Secrets – Chapter 7

Tony pulled into the nondescript house in the middle of the suburbs. To any outsider, it would look like a nice little home that was shared by the couple in the car. Tony often wondered if the neighbors were curious as to why the house has different occupants all the time or if anyone ever really noticed. “Well, we are here – home sweet home, for the next few days.”

Jillian had not spoken during the drive from Bethesda to the safe house. She didn’t know what Tony knew about her connection with Gibbs. She saw their heated conversation out in the hallway and wondered if Gibbs admitted to anything.

“Jillian, are you ok?”

Jillian seemed startled to hear her name. “Oh, I am sorry Tony where you talking to me? I guess I was just daydreaming a bit.”

“It is okay, I totally understand. I was just letting you know we are here.”

“Thanks Tony, you have been really kind to me and I appreciate it.”

Tony and Jillian grabbed their bags and walked up to the front door. For the first time, Tony really noticed what a lovely young woman she was. She was very well composed and for the about of turmoil she was going through she was amazingly calm. Although she did have a propensity for letting her mind wonder and then being startled back to reality. He figured it was just a side effect of her taking stock in her life.

“Well it isn’t the Ritz Carlton, but it will do,” Tony joked as the walked in. The house was well maintained but the fixtures were sparse.

“Tony, if you don’t mind I am going to go lay down for a bit.”

“Go right ahead, you need to rest so you can recover fully.” DiNozzo watched as Jillian headed down the hallway to one of the bedrooms. He could not help but wonder what the relationship was between her and Gibbs. He was intrigued by her…heck, under any other circumstance he most likely would have hit on her already.

Tony picked up his cell phone and dialed, “Gibbs, we are here and settled in. She is lying down for a bit – when she gets up I will see if I can get any additional information from her.”

“Don’t push her DiNozzo; we might have some information from her computer that can wrap this up.”

“Ok, I’ll let you know if I get anything though.” Tony hung up the phone and settled down on the couch. He would try and occupy himself while she slept.

~ * ~

Gibbs walked across the Navy Yard toward the JAG offices; he was positive that someone inside knew what was going on. He didn’t trust Regan and he wasn’t completely sure he could trust the Admiral either. It was his gut again, telling him that what was in front of him was not quite what it appears. Instead of walking into Regan’s office he decided to go to Jillian’s office and see what he might find. He didn’t know what he was looking for…but he was sure there was something there.

Her desk was cluttered, he was sure that to her it was organized but to him it was chaos. She had files and newspaper clippings spread out. As he was opening her desk drawers he heard a voice, “May I help you?”

Gibbs looked up and saw a young woman in civilian clothes standing in the doorway. She looked somewhat annoyed that there was someone in Jillian’s office. “I’m Special Agent Gibbs – NCIS. I am working on the case regarding the Lieutenant Commander’s attack. Who might you be?”

“Kendra Thomas, I am a legal assistant. I worked with Lieutenant Commander Harris; helped out on her research and motion filing. Is there something I can help you find?”

“Kendra – did you work with her on the Hill case?”

“Yes sir; that is the only case she is working right now. Frankly, I think the Admiral was getting a little tired of her working on it. He felt it was a dead end and she just wouldn’t let go. They would argue about it occasionally. It put a strain on their relationship.”

“Really, can you tell me a bit about that relationship?”

“He treats her like a daughter – he invites her over for dinner with him and his wife. There is nothing intimate between them or anything, he just seems real protective of her and looks out for her.”

“What about her relationship with Lieutenant Commander Regan?”

“Oh, that is a whole other story. Lieutenant Commander Regan used to ‘date’ Lieutenant Commander Harris. They went out for about 2 months – she broke it off; said he was a bit controlling and she figured dating a co-worker was not in the best interest of her career.”

“How did Regan take the break up?”

“He was angry – told her that she was making a mistake. Told her that she was letting her cases take up too much of her life and that she would regret not taking time out for her private life. He quit working cases with her – but he was bugging her a lot. She was a little scared of him, but not enough to take out a restraining order or anything.”

“Did Regan ever threaten her? Ever do anything to harm her?”

“No, not like the threats she received on the Hill case; just stupid stuff like she would regret it one day – because he is so special and she would have missed out.”

Gibbs had to chuckle at the thought, he figured Regan was that kind of guy. He began to wonder just how much this guy might have played a role in what happened to Jillian. “Kendra, did Lieutenant Commander Harris ever tell you her theory on who was backing Hill’s drug business?”

“Well, not exactly. I did learn to read between the lines of what she said though. She said that she thought one sailor would bring back the drugs from a cruise and the backer would package it up and give it to the next sailor who would take it out with him. He would sell his product and buy the next batch of drugs with the money he made on the sales. She didn’t have complete proof but she thought that was why Hill had so much cash on him when he was arrested.”

“Kendra, I appreciate your assistance – you were a big help.”

“So you found what you were looking for?”

“Yeah, I think I have.” Gibbs stood up from Jillian’s desk and stepped out into the hallway. He was hoping he would not run into Regan or the Admiral. Luck appeared to be on his side. He briskly walked back over to the NCIS offices.

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