Unraveled Secrets – Chapter 9

They were getting close, with Jillian alive they would almost surely figure it out. He mentally kicked himself, if he had killed her, the case would have died with her. The only problem was he couldn’t kill her. Oh, he wanted to – he just couldn’t do it, something made him stop. He was sure that the evidence she had was circumstantial at best; if she had anything concrete she would have had him arrested already.

His mind wandered back to the root of the problem, Petty Officer Brandon Hill. He had concerns when he got him involved; the concerns centered on the prospect of Hill getting greedy and wanting more money. He never imagined Hill would get caught sampling the goods. The only positive was that Hill had never seen his face; he couldn’t pick him out of a lineup. He didn’t even know his real name and had never heard his real voice – thank God for the voice-distorting equipment. If Hill is anything, it is a loyal soldier – that is what is keeping him alive – at least for now.

Jillian was being kept under constant supervision; he knew NCIS would not let her out of their sight. He needed to find a way to get to her…but how? Surely he was not a suspect – he had answered all of their questions and they had left him alone. He needed to make sure they trusted him…if they trusted him…they would let him get close to Jillian. If he got close to her, well he could finish the job he started.

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