Just a Small Town Girl: 27 – Honey, I’m Home

WARNING:  This chapter is 18+ and NSFW as it contains sexual situations.  If you are offended by the subject matter, please do not read this chapter.


Daisy was not expecting him to come into the shop.  No, she expected him to call and yell at her but didn’t expect him to show up at the store, and she didn’t expect him to look this angry.  She couldn’t speak, her words stuck in her throat.  For all the insistence about ending her marriage to him, he was standing in front of her, and she wanted nothing more than to grab his face and kiss him.  She wanted to rip that t-shirt off of him and despite the large display window, have her way with him on the floor in the middle of the shop.

He took a few steps toward her, his anger not diminishing in the least, “What in the fuck do you think you are doing?”

“What are you doing here, Chris?”  She tried to act innocent, but she was pretty sure he wasn’t going to buy it.

“Don’t play dumb with me, it is beneath you Daisy.  You know damn good and well why I’m here, and I want to know why you did it?”

“I take it you are referencing the annulment papers; you must have received them from my attorney.”

“Oh yeah, Ms. Morgan sent me your papers, got them this morning.  Why do you think I’m here?”

“Well, I believe you know why I did it, I told you that we shouldn’t be married.”

“I know you have a private office, right?”  He asked as he walked up to her.  She nodded and pointed toward the back of the store.  He grabbed her arm and began to walk her toward the office, “We’re going to continue this conversation in private because I don’t want to be on display for the town by doing it in the middle of the store.”

“Chris, you don’t need to manhandle me, you know,” she needed to protest the fact that he was practically dragging her to the back of the store.

He stopped for a moment and looked at her, concern in his eyes, “Am I hurting you?”

She shook her head, “No, you’re not hurting me but I will go willingly.”

He didn’t listen. Instead, he grabbed her arm again and continued walking her toward her office.

Daisy walked into the small room first with Chris following, she turned to close the door silently behind him.  This is when he immediately turned, pinning her against the door, staring down into her dark chocolate eyes, he didn’t say a word but crushed his lips against hers in a passionate and powerful kiss.  His tongue sweeping across her lips begging for entrance and she immediately gave it.  Her hands flew up to his head, putting her fingers through his hair and pulling him closer.  As he pulled away from her, each of them breathless, the passion in their eyes spoke the words that they could not vocalize.

Immediately his hands went to the hem of her shirt, and he deftly pulled it up and over her head.  He began kissing down her neck while his hands reached around and unclasped her bra, then he gently removed the undergarment from her.  Then without warning, he grabbed her arms and pinned them against the door and began to pay attention to each breast, alternating between flicking her nipple with his tongue, sucking on it or biting it.  She was powerless to what he was doing, and her desire for him was beginning to overtake her.  She was wet with desire and she wanted a release.

Chris knew what he was doing to her, and as he pushed himself into her, she could feel what she was doing to him.  She wanted to speak but she could not will herself to get the words out.

He let go of her hands, and she immediately moved to undo his pants, he watched as she quickly undid the button and unzipped them.  In a quick tug, she pulled his jeans and his boxer briefs down and released his rock hard cock.  Her hands went to it immediately, and she began to stroke it, precum oozing from the tip and helping to lubricate each of her strokes.  His put his head back and began to moan with each stroke.  Finally, unable to steady himself any longer, he had to lean forward and brace himself on the door.

“Damnit, don’t…stop…fuck…don’t stop.”

Daisy dropped to her knees and took him into her mouth, working him feverishly with both her lips and her hands.  She could tell he was getting harder, and she could see his legs starting to shake.  He was unable to speak, but she could tell by his uneven breathing that he was enjoying her attention.  She had to admit that she was enjoying this as well.  For all of the fighting she had been doing to end this marriage, she was drawn to him like a moth to a flame.  As much as he was enjoying her tongue working its way up and down his shaft, he was not going to be able to hold on much longer.  He was by no means one who was a quick draw, but this woman had a hold on him.  He had been yearning for her since she left Vegas and his anger toward her over these annulment papers only made his desire stronger.  He would be willing to take his time with her later, pay particular attention to her and her sweet spots, but right now, he needed to fuck.

Daisy was beginning to sense that he was going to cum, and she wasn’t ready for that, she wanted him to suffer in the most delightful way.  She began to slow down; her grip began to loosen, and her mouth worked slower.  It was then that she heard his moans of protest.

“More…Daisy….Oh God, please don’t slow down…please,” he was begging, and she had to smile, knowing she had the right effect.

Finally, he couldn’t take it any longer, he pulled out of her mouth and pulled her back into a standing position.  She noticed he was erect, his tip purple showing he was more than ready to continue.  In one deft move, he pulled down her black dress pants and lace panties, making her step out of them altogether.  He then pulled her leg up and wrapped it around his waist and lifted her off the ground just a bit; then, maintaining eye contact with her he thrust into her, pushing her hard up against the door.  She let out an audible gasp at the intense amount of pleasure and pain that hit her body at once.  He took a moment before moving, making sure she was adjusted to him being inside her.  Then with an unspoken consent, he continued to move in and out of her.  Never pulling out completely but making sure that each thrust was powerful as if he was making sure she knew who was in control.  She didn’t fight it or give any protest, she loved that he was in control.

“Do you like this Daisy?”  He grunted out as he thrust and the door began to bang.

She couldn’t answer, she just nodded her head and squeezed her walls around him.

“Shit!” he exclaimed as she did that, “Fuck, that felt good.”

She began contracting her walls around him to heighten his sensation and hers and within a matter of moments, the two of them were climaxing; hitting them like a bolt of lightening, it was so intense.  With a final thrust, Chris buried his head into her neck and stopped moving.  His legs were shaking, and Daisy’s elbows were on his shoulders and her hands buried in his hair.  Their breathing was ragged, and the sweat was beaded on their bodies.

Chris hadn’t moved his head, but he had to ask, “I didn’t hurt you with you back against the door, did I?”

“No, and if you did, I don’t care,” was her response.

Composed, Chris finally pulled back and gently moved so that Daisy could put her legs down and stand up next to him.  He reached down and pulled up his pants as she walked to put her clothes back on.

Once they were fully dressed, he walked out of the office and toward the front of the shop where he had placed his bags when he had come in.  Daisy watched, wondering what he was doing.  Suddenly he came walking back toward her with purpose and with something in his hand.

He got right in front of her and then ripped the papers in half, “Your reasons for an annulment are no longer valid doll.  I can easily say we just consummated our marriage.”

She couldn’t move, and she had to do what she could to suppress a smile.  She couldn’t tell him that she was pretty sure they had consummated their marriage in Vegas.  She also couldn’t tell him that she sent those papers with the express reason of pissing him off and firing a shot across the bow in the battle of this war.

Chris walked over and threw the documents into the trashcan and then moved to pull her close to him. His arms wrapped around her and resting at the small of her back.  He kissed her nose and just smiled while staring at her.

“Why are you smiling so big Mr. Evans?”

“No reason, in particular, Mrs. Evans.”

“You do realize that I will file again, right?  While that was fun, it won’t make me change my mind.”

The smile began to fade from his face, and his eyes began to cloud over.  “So, is there nothing I can do to make you give us a chance?”

“Chris, can you tell me that you truly think that the two of us can work?  We are entirely different people,” she wiggled out of his grasp and began to walk away, her lace panties damp with the after effects of their session against the door.

“You didn’t argue this much for us dating.  What is really going on?”

“Dating was one thing, it wasn’t permanent, and this is.  I have always intended to get married once and for it to be forever.”

“And you don’t think we can be forever?”

“I don’t know…you’re an actor and a big-time movie star with a huge fan base.”

Chris reached out for her arm and turned her to face him, “No, I’m a guy from Boston who acts in movies and has been in some popular comic books movies.”

“Semantics Chris but you know what I mean.  We’re different people.”

“Ok, fine we are different, but I deserve a chance, Daisy. You should give me that.  Why are you so closed off to this?”  He realized he was still holding her arm and remembered her earlier comment about man-handling.  He let her go and let her arm drop to her side, “Wait, you said you didn’t want to get married.  The bridal shop owner who never wanted to marry.  That is what this is all about, it isn’t me, it is the institution of marriage.”

Daisy said nothing in response to hs questions or comments.  Honestly, she didn’t know how to respond, so she decided it was best to just change the subject entirely, “Where are you staying tonight?  Do you need me to drop you off somewhere?”

He was bothered by the fact that she quickly deflected, but he was not going to pursue it.  “I have a rental car, so I can drive.  And as far as where I’m staying, well, I anticipated that I would be staying with and sleeping with my wife.”

Daisy let out an exasperated sigh, “Quit calling me that!  You are not staying at my house and sleeping with me.”

He just kept looking at her, saying nothing but letting those piercing blue eyes stare into her.  He knew he we wearing down her resolve.  “Fuck!”  She said slamming down her foot and then storming off, “Fine, follow me but you are sleeping on the couch.”

Chris smiled, knowing that as quickly as she caved for him to stay in the house, there was no way he was sleeping on the couch tonight.


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