Just a Small Town Girl: 28 – Storm Warning


Daisy began walking toward the front of the store to make sure the door was, in fact, locked and secured.  She pulled down the nightshade and turned on the lights in the display window.  As she started to walk toward the back of the store, she picked up Chris’ bag so she could give it to him.  However, instead of handing it to him, she tossed it at his feet.  She then gathered up her purse and belongings and made a beeline for the back door.  When he didn’t move, she stood there with her hands on her hips, glaring at him and providing the unspoken order to get moving.

He quickly picked up his bag and started moving toward the door.  When he walked out the door, she turned to set the alarm making sure she emphasized the pressing of the buttons.  Once the alarm was set, she slammed the door and locked it.  The entire time Chris was trying to hold back his laughter.  Without speaking, she walked over to her car and threw her purse in the back seat and started to get in, it was then that she noticed he was just standing there.

“Get in, I will drive you around front to your rental car.”

“You know, we could just ride home together,” he offered.

“No, because I’m not bringing you to work with me tomorrow.  You need to go back to the airport and fly home to California.”

Chris took a few steps and opened the passenger door and got in, he just looked at her.  “You know, you are really sexy when you are angry.”

She said nothing but glared at him and then started the car, slamming it in reverse to pull out into the alley and then throwing it into drive and speeding around the corner to pull in front of the shop.  Her anger was manifesting in her driving, and Chris didn’t dare open his mouth to say anything.  But he didn’t have to, the flashing blue and red lights were going to do it for him.

As Daisy pulled up behind Chris’ rental car, the Sheriff’s car pulled up right behind her.  She gripped the wheel and put her head down, her mood was not going to get any better.  As the deputy was approaching, Daisy put her window down, and Chris didn’t move.

“In a hurry Daisy?”

“Hello, Michael, yeah, sorry about that.”

“I see you have a passenger with you, it’s dangerous to drive like that with someone in the car, Daisy.  Come on you should know that, right?”

She was exasperated, and it was showing, she let out a huff, her voice was terse when she responded, “Michael, are you going to give me a ticket or what?  I’m having a bad night, and I just want to go home so can we just get this over with?”

“Now you don’t have to be so testy,” he said as he got out his ticket book and started to write.

It was at this point that it finally dawned on Chris who this was, “Michael?  As in your ex, Michael?”  His voice was low, and his question was directed to Daisy, but he didn’t know if his voice had carried or not.  Daisy slowly nodded her head in response to his question and Chris began to laugh, trying desperately to keep it quiet.

“Is something funny?”  Michael asked.

Chris opened the car door and stepped out, keeping his hands where Michael could easily see them.  “I understand you used to date Daisy, correct?”  Michael shook his head in acknowledgment.  “Hi, I’m Chris.  I want to offer you my apologies.  See, I’m Daisy’s husband and the reason she is so angry this evening; so she is taking her anger at me out on you.”

The look on Michael’s face was absolutely priceless, eyes wide and shock evident.  “Husband?” Chris shook his head, and Michael looked down at Daisy and then back at Chris, “When did this happen because I didn’t know Daisy got married.”

“It happened last week, and I don’t think she has started telling anyone quite yet.  That is one of the reasons we’re arguing; she isn’t sure how she wants to tell everyone, and I am ready to shout it from the rooftops.  So we have a bit of a difference of opinion and because of that, she was a little worked up and driving faster than she should have been.  She was bringing me around to my rental car so we could head to the house.”

Michael looked back at Daisy, she had put her head back on the steering wheel, and she did not look happy.  “I thought you didn’t want to get married, Daisy?  Or was it that you just didn’t want to marry me?”

“Michael, he isn’t telling you the entire story.”

“Save it, Daisy, I don’t want to hear it,” he put his ticket book away and began to walk back to his cruiser.  He was hurt and dejected and suddenly didn’t care about how Daisy had been driving.   He got in the car and sped away, and as his taillights disappeared into the horizon, Daisy’s stomach dropped.  She felt horrible, and her anger at Chris was intensifying.

“Well, looks like you got out of a ticket,” he said proudly.

“You’re an ass!  Get in your car and follow me home before I change my mind.”

He noticed that she wasn’t happy, and he began to realize that maybe he shouldn’t have gotten out of the car, and he shouldn’t have introduced himself.  He thought he was helpful, figured he was making it easier on Daisy; evidently that was not the case.

He followed her to the house but kept a safe distance and did not speed.  He was afraid the deputy might be on the watch for them, and he didn’t want to give him an opportunity to pull him over.  Daisy was not as worried about speed, she was driving with reckless abandon, but he was able to keep up even without driving as fast.  Before he knew it, they were pulling into the driveway.

The house was not really what he had anticipated, but then again he didn’t know what he was expecting.  It was a small, craftsman style home with large steps leading to the porch and front door.  The porch was wide, but she didn’t have any chairs or even a swing; the kind of thing this type of porch screamed for honestly.  The door was a thick and ornate with cut glass windows across the top.  This house had character from the outside, and he couldn’t wait to see the inside.

Daisy was not waiting for him, she had turned off her car and had started walking toward the door.  He hurried to do the same and to catch up.  As he bounded up the steps, he followed her through the door before she could close it on him, afraid if he didn’t get in she wouldn’t open the door to let him in.

Once inside, he wasn’t disappointed.  The house was cozy, and it fit Daisy’s personality; although, not her current mood.  She didn’t slam anything around, but he could tell she was still not very happy.  She went into the kitchen and pulled a beer from the fridge, and it was only after a long pull from the bottle did it occur to her to offer him one.

“Do you want a drink, Chris?”

“No, I’m good,” he answered while watching her carefully, “Daisy do you want to talk about it?  Maybe yell at me a little?  Get it off your chest?”

She stared at him, anger and desire clouding her eyes, “Why in the world would you go and tell him that you were my husband?”  She placed the bottle on the counter and braced herself with one arm and the other arm planted firmly on her hip.

“I figured if I said to him and that you were mad at me that maybe he would go easy on you.”

“So, you thought to tell my ex, the man I wouldn’t marry because I said I didn’t want to get married, that I was now married to you that it would be the best way to get me out of trouble?  Wow, you are a bright one aren’t you?”

“Ok, maybe it wasn’t the most brilliant idea.”

“You think?”  The sarcasm in her voice was thick and was not hard to miss, “Chris, there are less than 10 people who know we are married and only 3 people in town that know.  I wasn’t planning on telling people since we are going to get out of it.  Dude, you just told my ex, who is a sheriff’s deputy and he will end up telling everyone.”

He cringed, while he didn’t care, he didn’t want to get divorced, and he wanted her invested in this relationship, he knew this wouldn’t set well.  “Hey, look on the bright side, at least he didn’t recognize me.”

“Thank God for that, he is a huge Captain America fan by the way,” she took another long drink from the beer bottle.  The stress of the entire night was starting to wear on her.

Chris walked into the kitchen and pulled her into an embrace, she didn’t fight him.  It felt good to be wrapped in his arms, she felt safe, and she hated to admit that.  She closed her eyes and took a deep breath; breathing in his manly scent.  The smell of his sweat from their impromptu sex in her office mixed with his cologne and soap – she loved it.  Lost for a moment, she forgot she was supposed to be mad and that she was not supposed to want him in her house or in her life.

~ * ~

Daisy woke up and found herself naked and entwined with Chris, in her bed.  Shit!  She could not explain it when they were apart they could bicker, and she was fine not being with him.  But when they were in the same room, looking at one another, it was animalistic, and they could not keep their hands off of one another.  There was definitely nothing to complain about in the bedroom department.  And truth be told, the bickering was mainly because she was so damn insistent on ending the marriage.  If she would just shut up and give in, the two of them would be happy, she knew it.

Chris was snuggled into her, his arm draped over her and his legs wrapped around hers.  She could feel his warm breath on her neck, and it was comforting and stimulating at the same time.  There was no denying the fact that she loved him.  She could try and fight this all she wanted but deep down it was not going to do her any good.  Her real reasons for opposing this marriage had more to do with dealing with the fallout from the media and his fans; Daisy was not sure she could handle the spotlight.  Honestly, she had not talked to Chris about this but then again, she had not had a real discussion with Chris about being married since they found out they were married.  Maybe she was unfair but how could she admit that now after she had already filed for an annulment and had the real papers ready to be delivered to his house within the next day or so?

Daisy slowly moved and was able to untangle herself from Chris, she had to get a shower and get ready for work.  She had Kimberly coming into the store today to talk about taking on some regular hours, and she did not want to be late.  As she stood from the bed, turned and noticed that Chris did not stir, he was still asleep and looked so handsome and peaceful.  She did, at least, cover him with a sheet so he was not so exposed.

She quickly showers and gets ready, and when she steps out of the bathroom, she notices he is no longer in the bed.  She walks into the kitchen and finds him, dressed in jeans only with ruffled hair, making coffee.  She takes a moment to admire the view.  He doesn’t notice her immediately so she can watch him uninterrupted.

Finally, she decided to break the silence, “Making yourself at home, I see.”

“I needed coffee, I figured you did, too.  I thought I would be a good man and make it while you were in the shower.”

“So I guess I woke you?  Sorry about that,” Daisy muttered as she brushed passed him to open the fridge and pull out her flavored creamer.  When she turned back around, Chris was leaning against the counter, arms crossed, watching her.  “What?”

“Nothing, just admiring the view.  And no, you didn’t actually wake me but thanks for being concerned.”  She stared at him for a moment and began to smile and then before she could stop herself, began to all out laugh.  He had no idea what she found to be so hysterical.  When her laughter began to subside, he finally asked, “Ok, what is so funny?”

“Your hair!  It is sticking up all over your head, why have I never noticed it before?  I mean, in Vegas I never paid attention to your bed head but today, it is sticking up like a banty rooster,” she again broke into a fit of laughter.

“Is that a Southern thing?  I have never heard that before.”

“I guess, my mom used to say it all the time.  But seriously, I take it you didn’t have as much gel in your hair or something.  Which by the way, if you ask me, which you don’t, I like your hair softer and more natural without all the gel in it.”

“Oh, so the wife has an opinion.  I guess I should ask, this sort of thing is important to know,” he took a drink of his coffee and watched her expression.  He knew she hated it when he referred to her as his wife so he did it as often as he could while he could.

“Are you going back home today?”  She asked, blatantly ignoring his remark.

“Nope, I kinda like it here.”

She walked off, making no further comment, going into the bedroom to finish getting ready.  She returned a moment later, tossing him a keyring, “There is a key to the house if you go anywhere, please make sure to lock up.  I would prefer you stay in the house, but I know it does me no good to say that.  I’ll be back around 6:30 and we can decide what to do for dinner.”

As she made it to the front door, Chris came running after her, “Wait, don’t I get a kiss goodbye?”  He didn’t give her a chance to answer. Instead, he pulled her to him and gave her a panty melting kiss.  When he released her lips and stepped away, her eyes were still closed, and he could tell she was still thinking about it.  “Yeah, think about that all day,” he teased.

She muttered something under her breath and turned and stormed out the front door.



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  1. I’m loving this story so much 😍, will she ever give up and accept the fact that she is married to him ?
    Can’t wait to read more 😁


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