Just a Small Town Girl: 35 – Not So Happy Anniversary

part35The alarm sounded, and Daisy slowly rolled over to turn it off.  She found it was hard to move, her body was stiff, and that meant she had stayed in position all night long.  Amazingly enough, when Melody left, she had fallen asleep rather quickly.  She had anticipated she would toss and turn and have trouble shutting her brain off; however, her eyes were heavy from crying and her heart hurt from his leaving so she guessed that sleep came quickly because of that.

Since she had anticipated spending today with Chris, so she had asked Kimberly to work in the store for her.  This meant she didn’t have to get ready and go in and for once this was a blessing  She didn’t think she could look at a happy bride-to-be and match her enthusiasm like her job dictated.  No, today she would have a hard time looking at bridal gowns and telling a woman that she will make such a lovely bride.  No, today she was cynical and jaded.

Her long tresses were a mess from going to bed with her hair damp.  She quickly ran a brush through her hair and then pulled it up into a ponytail, this immediately made her think back to the morning she left Vegas and how quickly she ran out of the room.  Damn, why did every memory have to lead back to Chris?  She quickly dressed and then went on the search for her phone.  She found it in the living room, Melody had been kind enough to plug it in so it would charge but kept it in the other room so it would not bother her during the night.

She stared at the darkened phone and considered checking it for messages.  She knew there wouldn’t be any, but she wanted to look anyway.  Instead, she sat the phone down and went into the kitchen and started a pot of coffee and made a bowl of cereal.  Tried to focus on it being a typical day.  Unfortunately, curiosity got the better of her, and she ran back into the living room, picking up the phone and swiping it on to confirm there were no messages.  She felt like the knife in her gut was twisting just a little more.

After breakfast and knowing she was able to keep it down and not make herself sick, she decided to call Violet.  She knew that it was Saturday, and her attorney was entitled to a day off, but she had not had a chance to fill her in on the latest information.  She thought maybe she would text her instead of calling, that way if Violet was sleeping in she wouldn’t wake her.  Within two minutes of sending the text, the phone rang.

“Hi, Violet, I didn’t wake you with the text did I?”

“No, I was up.  What’s going on Daisy?”  Violet was uneasy about this call, she was not sure if she cold keep up any charade like Chris wanted.

“Have you sent the divorce papers to Chris yet?  You know, the real ones?”

“Yeah, I sent them out, and they were delivered to his house yesterday,” Violet figured a white lie wouldn’t hurt.  Daisy didn’t need to know that he had them hand delivered yesterday.

“Oh, okay,” the disappointment was very apparent in her voice.

“Is something wrong, Daisy?  I thought that is what you wanted?”

“He was here, in town, he came in after he received the annulment papers.  He was not happy about those, by the way.”

“I didn’t know, I could have brought the documents to you, we could have settled it all with him in town,” she was trying to make it sound as if this was all news to her.

“He wanted to stop it all you know.  He doesn’t want to get divorced, and I just kept arguing with him and wouldn’t stop.”

“Did something happen?  You have me a little worried,” Violet replied.

“He went back to LA, and I realized that I don’t want a divorce after all.  Violet, I’m scared he is going to sign the paperwork, and I don’t want him to, I want to stop this, and I don’t know how.”

She tried to suppress a smile because he knew this would happen when he was in her office yesterday, “You need to call him and tell him that you feel this way.”

“I don’t know if I can do that,” Daisy admitted.

Violet thought this was funny and she could either tell Daisy the truth or she could string this out.  The truth was that even if Chris signed the papers, Daisy had to sign to make them legal and to finalize them; so actually Daisy held the upper hand in this entire scenario.  But Violet didn’t want to tell her that because it would not push her to tell him her feelings; no, it was better to make her believe that everything hinged on Chris’ signature.  “Daisy, you need to determine how bad you want him in your life.  If you can’t live without him, you need to call him and tell him the truth.  If you can get through each day without him, then by all means, let him sign the documents and return them and be done with it.”

Daisy let out an exasperated sigh and thanked Violet for her advice and hung up the phone.  She then got dressed, brushed her teeth, put on some makeup, and quickly checked the balance on her credit card.  She grabbed her keys and her purse and headed out to the car.  Before pulling out of the driveway, she made one quick phone call to Kimberly to make sure she was all set in the store and that there were no issues.  She let her know she was making a trip into the city for a few things and would be unavailable for a while, but she would stop by in the late afternoon.

~ * ~

Melody walked into the bridal store shortly after it opened, approaching Kimberly who was working near the back counter.  “I need your help, but you have to do this quietly, and you have to play dumb when it hits the fan.”

Kimberly looked at her with utter confusion on her face, “Will this get me fired?”

“Probably not but right now we can blame everything on Chris!”  Melody said with a mischevious smile, “There is a dress in the back, it is in a black garment bag, Essense of Australia designer gown, can you go and pull it for me?  It doesn’t have a customer name on it.”

“Oh, you mean the dress that Daisy has been hiding?”

“So you know about that, too?”

“Oh yeah, she swears she isn’t hiding it, but I know she is. She has said that she isn’t but it was on display and now it isn’t.  That dress is gorgeous, #D1606.  She told me no one would come in looking for it and that if anyone did I could sell it but that no one would.”

“Oh this is perfect, give it to me but if she asks for it tell her someone came in to buy it.  We can worry about the money later, but I need that dress to be gone.  I need to hide it at my house, and we need to see how long it takes for her to realize it is gone.”

“Mel, does this have something to do with the guy she has been all worked up about?  I have heard bits and pieces, but I don’t know what is going on.”

“Let’s just say it does and tell you that the less you know, the better off you are.”

Kimberly nodded and went into the back, returning a few minutes later with the garment bag.  Melody almost felt bad for doing this but knew it was the right thing to do; deep down she knew that Daisy would appreciate this one day.

~ * ~

Daisy pulled her car into the parking spot in front of the small building on the outskirts of the city.  The little store looked like a Bavarian store that belonged on the cobbled streets of Germany.  The store was a well-known jewelry store in the area, but it didn’t do a lot of advertising, it didn’t need to.  Their quality and craftsmanship spoke for themselves.  Daisy had actually tried to model her store after this one; in the sense that she wanted a store that people could count on for quality and customer service.

She walked in and began looking through the cases, trying to find exactly what she wanted.  As she found just the right case, she was approached by a clerk asking if he could assist.  Daisy blushed, not sure she could go through with this, but decided that she had nothing to lose; none of these people knew her.

“I am looking to purchase a wedding band for my husband,” she said all too quickly, “Sorry, let me try this again.  My husband and I eloped, and we did not get him a ring.  I would like to surprise him and get him a ring for our anniversary, and I want it to be special.”

The clerk smiled and looked down at her left hand, taking careful notice of her ring, “Your ring is quite lovely, is that platinum?”

Daisy had taken care to put her ring on this morning before leaving the house, knowing that she would get stares if she mentioned she was married but not wearing a ring.  “Thank you, yes it is platinum.  I am not sure if I have to purchase platinum for him or does it matter?  He wears a St. Christopher’s medal, and it is silver, so I only know I want to stay away from yellow gold.”

“Well, we have palladium, titanium, and platinum as options and I would stay away from yellow and white gold.  Do you have a price point that you want to stay within?”

“I would like to see what you have before I give you a price point, but I can say that I cannot afford thousands for the ring.”

“Very well, I understand.  Give me a moment, I have a ring that I think would be a nice price point and would be an excellent companion to your ring,” the clerk stepped down a case and picked out a ring and walked back over to her.  “This ring is palladium, rarer than gold and the epitome of elegance.  This ring is polished with a raised matte center band and is very stylish and classic.”

She took the ring from the clerk and had to admit it was a beautiful ring, and she was almost afraid to ask for the price.  “How am I supposed to know what size ring to get?”

“Does your husband currently wear rings of any sort?”

“No, sadly the only jewelry he wears is the St. Christopher’s medal.”

The clerk asked several questions about Chris’ measurements, including his shoe size, and made an educated guess as to his ring size.  He also told him that should the ring need to be resized, it could be adjusted without a problem.  All she had to do was bring it in along with the receipt, and he could get it sized accordingly.  The price of the ring was a little more than she had anticipated but was still within her price range.

She purchased the ring and placed it in her purse before leaving the store.   She got in the car and began driving back home; she pulled into a parking spot in front of the bridal store and was going to go in and check on Kimberly.  Unfortunately, she couldn’t bring herself to go inside.  She decided to head on home instead and figured she would just call her and check on her later.

She went into the house and put the ring for Chris on the dresser and took her ring off and put it next to his.  She went over and collapsed on the bed and pulled out her phone.  She knew she should not be doing this, but he had been on her mind all day, and she would not forgive herself if she did not do this.  She quickly typed out a message and hit send before she could stop herself.

I wanted to send you a message and tell you Happy Anniversary – not sure what the appropriate gift is for making it through an entire week.

She wasn’t anticipating that he would respond, but within five minutes she had a chime that he had sent a text back to her.  The text, however, was not playful or fun.

I got your gift, the divorce papers – spending the evening reading them and will give to my lawyer next week

She elected not to respond; she wasn’t going to dive into the mud and get into an argument with him.  He was baiting her, and she was not going to fall for it; at least not tonight.   She called her mother and told her that she had changed her mind about coming to dinner and had decided to stay at home.  Her mother asked if she could do anything and Daisy said no, she just wanted some time alone for now.

~ * ~

Scott had been at his brother’s house all day trying to keep him occupied and hoping to keep him from dwelling on how everything had changed in the last two days.  Chris wanted no part of it, he preferred to stay on the couch and mindlessly flip through the TV channels.

“Just pick up the phone and call her, that is what you want to do, so do it,” Scott finally said to break the monotony.

“No, I told you I’m not calling her.”

“So, instead, you’re going to drive me insane with your sad little mood?”

“You can leave, I’m not holding you hostage here.”

Chris bolted upright when he heard his phone chime, he had a message, and he wanted to get to it immediately.  Scott noticed how his eyes lit up so he figured the message had to be from Daisy.

“What did she say, Chris?”

He didn’t respond right away, but he typed a response and hit send.  He tossed the phone over to Scott to let him read the message because he wasn’t sure he could read it out loud.

As Scott read the message the anger started to boil inside of him; now he was mad at his brother.  “You’re an ass!  She was sweet to say Happy Anniversary, and you had to be an ass with your response back?  You fucking mope around here because you want her to come back to you and when it looks like maybe she is coming around you have to be rude.”

Scott threw the phone back at Chris as he got up and started to walk towards the back door.  “Where are you going, Scott?”

“I’m going to call my sister-in-law to see how she is doing because my brother is an idiot and I’m pretty sure she is upset right now.”

“Don’t tell her you know what I said,” Chris was stern in his response to his brother, “And for the record, I don’t like what I did.”

This made Scott turn around, “Then why did you do it?”

“I had to, I have to make her think I am not coming back, and I can’t achieve what I want after one day.”

“You are acting like this is some movie script, and you already know the ending.”

“I do know the ending, Scott because I’m the one writing the script.”

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

“It means I’ve practically got her entire hometown working on her.  Don’t worry little brother, I’ve got this.  Now, you have to help me with mom.”

“You are playing with fire, you know that, right?”

“Yeah, and I realize this could blow up in my face, but I need that wall of her’s to crumble and after a day, it is only starting to crack.”



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