Just a Small Town Girl: 40 – Someday My Prince Will Come


As Daisy stood on the bridge to the castle, she was having a hard time believing what was going on.  Ten minutes earlier she was being told she was on her way to meet a tour guide for a late night in the Magic Kingdom.  When in fact it was all a ruse, and she was standing face to face with Chris, the man of her dreams and her estranged husband.

“What are you doing here?”  Was all she could choke out.  She turned and looked at Melody, who had backed away to give them some privacy.  “You knew about this didn’t you?”

Melody nodded and began walking back towards her, “Yeah, sweetie, I did.  I was never planning on staying down here with you and Tangie isn’t coming.  I just had to do what I could to get you to Florida.”

“So you lied to me?”

“No, I stretched the truth to get you on a plane,” she turned and looked at Chris, “You need to take it from here.  I need to get to my hotel and sleep.”

Chris stepped forward and gave her a hug, “Thank you, I appreciate it, and I think she will too after she gets over being angry.”

Daisy embraced Mel and whispered, “I hate you so much,” in her ear.

Mel responded with, “I know, sweetie.  But you need to tell him everything, and you need to give him the ring.  Keep him, Daisy, you deserve him, and he loves you.   Allow yourself to be happy.”

A Disney staff member came to escort Melody back to the car so that she could get to the hotel.  Leaving Chris and Daisy on the bridge.  She just stared at him for a minute and then finally asked, “What is with the ridiculous white suit?”

“Well, Prince Charming always wears white, right?  I couldn’t come out here on a horse, and I couldn’t wear one of those real military suits like Charming wears in the movies.  So, a white suit was the best I could do,” he said, flashing that brilliant, mega-watt smile.  “At least I broke it up with a light blue shirt, couldn’t do all white.”

“So, you planned all of this?  And Melody was helping you?”

He stepped forward and reached up to tuck a piece of her hair that had fallen back behind her ear.  Keeping his hand on the side of her face and keeping his eyes locked with hers.  He took just another step closer, so there was hardly any space between them, raising his other hand to her face, and lowering his lips to hers.  The kiss was soft and sweet, he didn’t want to push it, but he noticed she wasn’t resisting.

“I did have help, yes.  Is that what you asked?”  She slowly nodded her head, lost in that moment.  He leaned forward and kissed her again, this time grazing his tongue across her lips to ask for access.  She gave it willingly and allowed him to deepen the kiss.  Her arms instinctively moved around his neck, and she pressed her body against his.

She broke the kiss and stared up into his ocean blue eyes, she could totally get lost staring into them.  “Are you not worried about anyone seeing us out here?”

“It’s dark, and the park isn’t that busy, but we can go inside if it makes you feel better?”

“Inside?  Inside the castle, are you serious?”

“I am Princess, we’re spending the next two nights in Cinderella’s Castle.  You don’t think Prince Charming is making you stay in just some regular hotel room, do you?”

“You are totally loving this Prince Charming thing aren’t you?”

“Have I swept you off your feet yet?”

She looked down and then back up at him, “Nope, still standing.”  With a swift motion, Chris literally swept her up and began carrying her into the castle.  She started to giggle, and he knew that things were at least going in the right direction.  “Now you have swept me off my feet.”

He carried her across the bridge and through the entryway, into the castle where she finally asked that he put her down.  “As you wish,” he replied.  He could not quit staring at her as she was in awe of her surroundings.  She walked around, looking at all of the details as if she could not believe where she was and what was going on.

“How in the world did you pull this off?”  She finally managed to ask.

“Well, I do know one or two people that I could call,” he said with a cocky grin, “I might now a person or two with Disney.  I’ve been planning this for a while.  But to be honest, your little stunt with going missing and scaring the hell out of me pushed the timeframe up a little.”

She spun back around to look at him, “You’ve been planning this all along?  I’m confused, you left me and went home to LA.  I thought you were going to sign the divorce papers.”

Chris moved towards here and snaked his hands around her waist, looking down into her eyes he told her, “I needed to give you space, and I needed to think.  You needed to see if you wanted me in your life and I needed to find a way to show you that I wanted you back.  I thought maybe a romantic honeymoon would work.”

“And you wanted to prove that Prince Charming exists?”

“I don’t care if he exists for other women, I just want to be that for you,” he said as he kissed the tip of her nose, “I don’t want you to keep looking over your shoulder for someone else.  I want to be all you want or need; I love you, and I do mean that.”

“I know,” she said quietly, not sure if she was ready to say it in return although her heart was about to burst.

“I tell you what, let’s go up to our room and let me draw you a nice hot bath.  There is a spectacular bathtub, and I am sure after all the traveling you would like to relax.  Let me pamper you a little.”

It was going to be hard to wipe the smile of Daisy’s face, “That sounds fantastic, but you better watch it, I might get used to being pampered and expect it all the time.”

Chris gave her another kiss, this time with a little more passion and heat since they were inside and out of the view of the public.  His hands moved up her body and to the sides of her face.  He broke the kiss and held her face, looking into her eyes and telling her, “I have no problem pampering you all you want if it means I get to keep you.”

Chris took her hand and walked her over to a large oak door and knocked.  A woman opened the door and greeted him, her name tag indicated that she was Gretchen.  She was the concierge, and she welcomed them in and led them to the private elevator that would take them to their suite.  Chris had been in the room earlier, so he knew what to expect, but it was fun to watch it all through Daisy’s eyes.

As the elevator doors opened and they stepped out onto the large mosaic of the carriage, Daisy’s eyes went wide.  She was drawn immediately to the case where she saw the glass slipper and the tiara, along with a few glass pumpkins.  He stood back and laughed as she took it all in.

“This is so magical,” she commented as she began walking through the rooms.

Chris opened the bathroom door and started to run the water in the oversized jetted bathtub.  He filled the tub about a quarter of the way full and then went to get Daisy, “I want to fill the rest when you are in the tub, that way I can get the water as hot as you can stand it.  And I know how high to fill the tub.”

Daisy entered the bathroom and slowly began to undress, she was not trying to be sexy about it, but Chris could not take his eyes off of her.  “Do you want to join me?” She asked playfully.

“No, this is all about you,” he said as he took her hand and helped her step into the tub.  He admired her body and felt the twitch in his pants.  Oh, how he missed her; he would just need to take care of her when she was out of the tub, that is all there was to it.  Once she was in the tub, he turned the water back on, adjusting the temperature appropriately and playing with her hair that spilled over the side of the tub.

As the tub is filled, he turned the jets on and turned the water off.  Kissing her head, he turned the main lights off and turned on the auxiliary lights.  These lit up the stained glass panels around the tub and illuminated the stars in the ceiling, giving the room a romantic and peaceful glow.  He leaned over and kissed her head, “Enjoy this for a bit, I’m going to get you unpacked and get the bed ready, okay?”

Daisy nodded her head and softly whispered, “okay” as he walked out of the room.

Chris went back into the bathroom a few minutes later and noticed that Daisy had dozed off.  He turned the jets off and gently shook her shoulder to wake her, “Hey, come on sleepy head, let’s get out of the water before you turn into a prune.”

Daisy yawned and blinked a few times as if to reconcile where she was.  When she saw Chris, her face broke into a broad smile, and it all came back to her.  He offered his hand to help her stand, she took it willingly and got to her feet.  She was so relaxed, but the hot water had turned her body to jelly.  He quickly took a large fluffy towel and began to dry her off.

“Here,” he said pointing to the counter, “I brought you something to put on.  I’ll be out in the bedroom waiting for you.”  He seemed almost embarrassed as he began to turn and walk away.

Daisy reached for his hand, “Wait!  You suddenly want to leave me to dress when you have seen me without clothes in the tub and drying me off?  Are you suddenly embarrassed?”

“Just giving you some privacy, I figure you deserve it since I’ve been staring at you all night.  Plus, it doesn’t take two people to put your lingerie on,” he walked out of the room and finished changing his clothes.  He had already shed the jacket and blue shirt in exchange for a well-worn t-shirt.  This time, he swapped the white pants for a pair of navy pajama pants and took off the t-shirt.  He had just put the clothes on the dresser when Daisy exited the bathroom.

Chris walked over and took her hand, guiding her to the wooden chest at the end of the bed.  He sat down and had her sit down next to him, then pulled her legs over his.  “I was kind of hoping we could talk for a little bit, I have a few things I need to say, and I have a request of you.”

He could feel Daisy’s body tense, “Okay, I’m willing to talk.  I agree, we need to, and I promise I won’t run off in the middle of the conversation this time.”

He smiled, knowing she was referring to the pizza delivery at the most inopportune time.  “I didn’t want to leave you.  It was probably the hardest thing I’ve had to do.  And honestly, I wanted to pick up the phone almost daily to call you; but, I felt like I would never get you to make a true decision about us if I did.  You wanted me out of your life, so I felt like you needed to know what it was like without me.”

“So, it was a test?”

“Yeah, a little.  I’ve been very honest with you about how much I love you, but I don’t think you believe me.  I was willing to walk away, but I have to admit it hurt like hell.  I had no intention of signing the divorce papers, though, and I told Jaws that.”

“Jaws?  Who is Jaws?”

“Sorry, Violet,  your divorce attorney.”

“You saw Violet?  When?  And why do you call her Jaws?”

“Jaws, because she is a freaking shark and she was out for blood – it seems fitting.  But I have to say, I liked her, she was nice and didn’t kick me out of her office.  But yeah, I saw her before I left for LA.  She hand-delivered he divorce papers and I told her I would not sign them.”

“She didn’t tell me she saw you; matter of fact, she told me she mailed the documents to you.”

“Don’t be mad at her, I told her not to tell you that I stopped by, and I told her not to tell you that I got the papers.  But I did tell her that I wasn’t going to quit fighting for you, and I was going to do my damnedest to get you back,”  Chris laced his fingers with Daisy’s and paused before continuing.  “I wasn’t going to make this trip yet, I wasn’t ready to give in – it’s only been two weeks, and I felt like you needed more time.  After all, you hadn’t tried reaching out to me again, so you weren’t ready.”

“What made you change your mind?”

“You went missing, and I got scared that I wouldn’t have an opportunity to ever say the things to you that I wanted to say.  So, when I knew you were safe and that you were home, I put this plan in motion because I had to see you and have you in my arms again.”

“You were that worried?”

“Yeah, I was.  I finished putting this together and told Melody to make it happen immediately,”  Chris looked up at Daisy, and she was pretty sure his eyes were glistening.  “I want this trip to be an opportunity for us to reconnect to what we have together – the electric spark that you know we can’t deny.  And I want you to wear my ring, be my wife, have a honeymoon with me and see what our life could be like.  Give us a real chance that is all I ask.”

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