Just a Small Town Girl: 42 – I Just Wanted a Fairytale

WARNING:  This chapter is 18+ and NSFW as it contains sexual situations.  If you are offended by the subject matter, please do not read this chapter.


Daisy had to admit that he was right, she would not have felt as moved if this video would have been played for her when he first came to see her after she filed the annulment papers.  She needed to wait until she had lost him and made the decision that she needed him in her life before the video would mean something.  She thought this was the right time to come clean with him about her reasons for pushing him away.  He said he wouldn’t make fun of her, so now was the time to test him on that.

“You’re probably right, I needed to see this when I was ready, but I’ve been holding something back all along,” she took a deep breath and held it for a few seconds, hoping it would calm the excessive beating of her heart.  “My resistance to our marriage never had anything to do with whether I loved you or not.  Deep down, I’ve always loved you.  I loved you the minute I laid eyes on you, but I’ve been upset about the idea of us being married.”

“Yeah, that’s been pretty evident.  Are you ready to tell me why?”

“Are you willing to promise that you won’t laugh at my reason?  Because I know, you will think it sounds ridiculous.”

“I promise,” Chris took his finger and made a gesture on his chest, “Cross my heart, baby.”

“I always dreamed that if I got married I would wear a big gown and my dad would walk me down the aisle.  My groom would lovingly watch me walk towards him, and we would pledge our love for one another in front of all of our family and friends,” she stopped to see if he had any reaction; he was listening intently.  “We would have a reception where we would have a romantic first dance, and I would have pictures to remember the day and how blissfully happy we were.  Instead, we have none of that.”

“So, you are upset because we didn’t have a ‘real’ wedding and you missed out on all of that?”  Daisy couldn’t make eye contact with him but slowly nodded. “And you think I would laugh at you for that?  For wanting your fairytale?”  Again, she nodded in response.  Chris lifted her chin so she could look into his eyes, “All you had to do was tell me, I would have given it to you.  I know you love the romance, which is why I know your store has always meant so much to you.”

Daisy nodded, she couldn’t look at him.  While he wasn’t laughing, after all, he had promised, she couldn’t help but worry that he was at least judging.  “You don’t think I’m crazy or stupid?”

“No, I believe you want what you want, and I can’t blame you for that.  What I can blame you for is not telling me and putting the two of us through the emotional wringer over something that could have easily been resolved weeks ago.”

“So, you are mad?”

“No, Princess, I’m not mad, and I don’t think you’re crazy or insane.  Can we just agree that going forward we agree to stop finding ways to fight and instead find ways to stay together?’

Daisy released the sheet that she had been clutching so tight and crawled over to where Chris was sitting.  She pushed him back against the headboard and straddled his hips and sat on his lap.  This time, she made his signature move of cupping his face in her hands and kissing him.  The kisses grew heated and ravenous, and she could feel his erection pressing into her ass.  He was aroused and ready, and Daisy was more than willing.

Chris watched as she placed her hands on his shoulders for support as she positioned herself over his shaft.  She slowly lowered herself, taking him into her slick wet folds slowly; she watched his face and could tell she was torturing him, but he was not asking her to stop.  His gasps and moans let her know that he was more than enjoying it.  Once he was completely enveloped, Daisy remained still so she could adjust to him being there.  She loved having him inside her, and she had to admit that she missed this and wanted to savor this feeling.

Her head was back, and her eyes were closed, and he wanted her to move, he was aching and while he could appreciate the sensation he had a desire that wasn’t going to wait.  He started to reach for her, and her senses kicked in, “No touching, you will just have to watch and wait, for now.”

“Daisy, you…can’t….do,” his voice was ragged, “Please…God…please.”  He was desperate to buck his hips and pump in and out of her, but she kept her weight even, and he could not move, not even a little.

Slowly she started to rock, and when she did, her hands moved up her body, and she began to massage her breasts.  Cupping them and playing with her nipples; all the while keeping her head back and her eyes closed.  He begged to let him do that, and she denied him.  The more she played, the faster she rocked, eventually moving one hand down her body to begin pleasuring herself.  As she began to play with her clit, her body began to spasm, and the sensation was more than he could take, his hands shot up to grab her hips.

“I didn’t tell you to do that,” she scolded, as she looked at him and opened her eyes.

“Yeah, well, I’ve had enough punishment,” he spat out as he began to bounce her up and down; their movements becoming more frenzied.

Daisy had to reach out and hold onto his shoulders again for support, “Oh, God…I’m gonna cum…Oh….Chris…”

This made him move faster and made her grind her hips harder with every pump of his hips.  Within moments, she was tumbling over the edge of ecstasy, and he was falling right behind her.  She didn’t stop grinding on him, she knew that he had an orgasm and was probably spent, but she wanted to see if she could get him to cum again.  She knew he could, and she wanted it, needed it, had to have it.

He was well aware of what she was doing, and he was not complaining.  He was aching and more than willing to push through but he wanted to drive into her deeper and her on top was not going to do it.  In a swift motion, he flipped her over onto her back,  lifting her legs up and then holding them together while he pumped in and out of her.  Her breathing was ragged, and her orgasm came so quick she didn’t have time to warn him, which was fine because he met her on the way over.

He quickly pulled out and collapsed next to her, both of them unable to move.  Sweat beading on their bodies but neither one of them concerned.  The only movement either one of them could muster was to reach out and lace their fingers together.  Both of them ended up drifting off to sleep.

~ * ~

Daisy’s eyes fluttered open, and it took a minute to realize where she was.  She was under a sheet and curled up in bed, but she was alone.  She was a little sore, and her body was sticky, the aftermath of the most recent events with Chris.  She moved to get off of the bed when he came back into the room, fully dressed and carrying a tray.

“Hey, Princess, how about some coffee or juice?  It was a little late, so I didn’t want to do breakfast.”

“Coffee sounds good.  How long have you been up?  You are all dressed and chipper.”

“Not as long as you might think, you wore my ass out.  But, I have big plans for us tonight, and I did not want to spend all day in bed.  Although that does sound tempting.”

“You want to give me a hint?”

“Absolutely not!  It is a surprise, but I promise, you will like it.  So, do you want to hang out at the Magic Kingdom or go to one of the other parks?  All I can tell you about tonight is that our dinner reservations are for 8 pm.”

“How about EPCOT?  That way our ‘honeymoon’ as you called it can be spent visiting different countries.”

“Ok, that works for me.  Now get that beautiful ass of yours out of bed and take a shower so we can go play.”

Daisy showered and got ready for their day in the park.  Chris donned his trademark sunglasses and switched things up with a Disney hat instead of the Maple Leafs hat he usually wore.  They two of them snuck out of their room and made their way over to EPCOT, spending the day going from country to country.  They did not shy away from holding hands or putting their arms around each other.  This was not something Daisy was willing to do when they were in Anaheim a few weeks earlier; but today, she did not mind.  To her astonishment, no one had approached them and asked for autographs or pictures.  She had not noticed anyone following them and snapping photos or even just stalking them.  She was sure that they would end up online later that night, and Chris would get a call from his publicist; but he kept telling her to quit worrying about it and for once, she was listening to him.

They headed back to the Magic Kingdom around 6:30 so they could start getting ready for dinner.  Daisy had insisted that she wanted to take another shower and fix her hair and makeup for dinner.  Chris thought she was crazy but was not going to deny her.  But when she started to get dressed he stopped her.

“Um, just put on jeans and a t-shirt, you’ll change at the restaurant,” he offered with a smile.

She was intrigued and confused, “Why would I change clothes at a restaurant?  And what am I supposed to take to change into?”

“Actually, your outfit is already there, and we are going to a particular restaurant so just relax and enjoy.”

At 7:30 they set out from the Castle for the short walk through the park to the restaurant.  Chris stopped right in front of the stone entrance with the sign that said, “Be Our Guest.”

“Chris,” she said with a quizzical look, “You’re bringing me to eat at a themed restaurant in the park?”

His smile spread across his face and lit up his eyes, “Yeah, I know it’s great isn’t it?”

“You’ve got to be kidding me?”

“Nope!  Just go with it because it isn’t what you expect.”

She shook her head, thinking this was the dumbest idea he had ever come up with.  But, she didn’t want to hurt his feelings; he was evidently quite excited.  They walked down the long stone entryway toward the large wooden doors that were made to mimic the entrance to the castle that belonged to the Beast in the classic movie.  Chris opened the doors, and they entered the grand foyer to be greeted by a hostess who recognized Chris immediately.

“Mr. Evans, welcome to Be Our Guest.  If you would like to follow me, I can take you to where you can change and where you will be dining.”

“Is everything ready?” He asked, purposefully being vague.

“Oh, yes sir.  Everything is prepared for your arrival.”

She walked them down a corridor, and Daisy noticed that the doors to a dining room called “The Ballroom” were closed.  She thought that was odd since the restaurant was packed and figured they needed the space.  She could tell the other two dining rooms were doing a big business this evening, and Belle and The Beast were visiting with the guests.  She thought it was cute at how the kids were so excited to see them.

She leaned over to whisper in Chris’ ear, “They are excited for Belle and The Beast, imagine how excited they would be to eat with Captain America.”

“Yeah, well that is not going to happen.  At least not tonight!”

The hostess stopped in front of two doors, “Here is a dressing room for each of you.  Daisy, you will be on the right and Chris you will be on the left.  Once you have changed, there is a door that will lead you directly into your dining room.  You can leave your belongings in this dressing room, just make sure you have locked the door into this hallway so that your items are safe.  Any questions?”  Neither one of them had a question; the hostess excused herself, and each of them stepped into their dressing room to change.

Daisy stepped into the large room and noticed the garment bag hanging on the hook on the wall.  As she unzipped it, she was stunned by the gown.  It was apparently inspired by Belle, but it was not a replica of her dress; it was yellow with a beaded bodice and cinched waist with a full satin and tulle skirt.  There was no petticoat or hoop so it made it easier to walk in and it would be more comfortable to sit in.  She was not sure how Chris knew what size dress to get or how he pulled this off, but he never ceased to amaze her.

She put the dress on and slipped into the stunning pumps that were purchased to match the gown.  She actually felt like a princess in this dress.  Once she felt as if she was tucked and zipped and ready, she opened the door and felt all of the breath rush from her lungs.

The doors opened into the ballroom dining area; the room had been cleared of all tables except one that was situated in the middle of the room.  Standing next to that table was Chris, in a stunning blue suit with a yellow waistcoat that matched the color of her dress.  He wasn’t wearing a tie, and she didn’t care, the suit and the waistcoat more than made up for it.  As she began to walk toward him, he walked to meet her, carrying a single red rose.

“You really went all out on this didn’t you?”  She said as he handed her the rose and kissed her hand.

“Well, I wanted you to have a night to remember,” he said, looking around the room, “How am I doing?”

She took a step forward, wrapping her arms around his neck and giving him a kiss, “Knocking it out of the park so far slugger.”

He walked her over to the table, held out the chair for her and proceeded to have dinner.  They made small talk and following dinner, the soft music that had been playing in the background began to get a little louder.  That was Chris’ cue to take her hand and start to dance.  She was apprehensive at first, after all, he had been dancing his entire life, and he knew what do to.  Daisy let him lead, resting her head on his chest, moving slowly to the music and feeling as if there was nowhere else she would rather be at that moment.

They danced in silence for what seemed like only minutes, when he began to speak, “Daisy, I’ve been thinking a lot about what you said, and I want to give you whatever it takes to make you happy.  I want to be your husband, and I want you to be my wife – for the rest of our lives,” He stopped dancing, took her hands in his and dropped to one knee, “Please marry me again, Daisy Ann Proctor.  I’ll give you the wedding you have always dreamed of.  I’ll keep our marriage secret, or I’ll shout it from the rooftops, whatever you want me to do.  I’ll move you to LA or Boston, or I will live in your hometown forever, you tell me – I just want to be with you and love you and have you love me back.”

Daisy was shaking at this point and could not say anything, instead, she just kept shaking her head.  Finally, she managed to say, “Just kiss me.”

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