Just a Small Town Girl: 43 – Starting Over

WARNING:  This chapter is 18+ and NSFW as it contains sexual situations.  If you are offended by the subject matter, please do not read this chapter.


Daisy had declared for him to stop talking and to kiss her; he was more than willing to honor that request.  He stood up and reached for her, putting one arm around her waist and one hand on the back of her head, pulling her close and giving her a kiss that stopped time yet made the room spin.  When their tongues touched the spark that ignited was undeniable.  They broke the kiss to catch their breath, and Daisy hoped her heart would begin beating again.

Chris took a minute to steady his breathing, resting his forehead on hers, “Princess, you didn’t answer my question.  Will you marry me again?  Can we have a real wedding and can I keep you as my wife, forever?”

A single tear rolled down her cheek, “Yes, I will marry you again, in a real wedding and be your wife, forever.”

Chris once again leaned into her for a kiss and not wanting to break away, but breathing sort of required it.  “So, if you are going to marry me and we are going to live happily ever after…you’re going to call off Jaws, right?”  He asked with a raised eyebrow and a smirk, “Because, I like her, and all but I don’t want her circling me for the kill or anything.”

“Jaws, er, Violet has not been circling you and waiting for the kill!  But yes, I will call her off,” Daisy said and playfully hit him in the chest.  “Did she know about your plan?”

“I plead the fifth on that.  But I will admit that your parents, Melody, and Kimberly all knew about it.”

“Chris!  Are you kidding?”

“No,” he said while in a fit of laughter, “I think the two people who knew the most were Melody and your dad.   I knew you slammed the door and stormed into the house after you hung up on me the other day when the car was delivered.  Your dad texted me after you blew past him.”

“So, in other words, I am the last one in on the plan?  Well, isn’t that just rich!” She said, unable to hold back her own laughter.

“I had to let him in on it, I had professed to your parents how much I loved you and would take care of you and then the next day I left.  I needed them to know that nothing had changed on my end, but I needed to see if you really wanted me back.”

“Yeah, well they realized pretty quick that I wanted you back.”

“But you couldn’t tell me, eh?”  He said, lifting her chin so she was looking into his eyes.

“You aren’t going to let me live this down are you?”

He kissed her again, “No, probably not.”

The two danced through another song and made the decision to stroll through the park and then go back to the Castle.  They stepped back into their dressing rooms to change; Daisy did not want to draw attention by walking through the park in what amounted to a prom dress.  While she felt beautiful wearing it and loved looking at Chris in his suit, the idea of them drawing stares was too much to consider.

They met back up in the hallway with their garment bags and held hands as they exited the restaurant.  What Daisy didn’t realize was the park was ready to close when they left to head back, and there were very few people around.  They strolled down the pathways, and the soft lights cast the perfect glow; it was romantic, and she felt as if she was in a different world.

“I guess it pays to be married to a guy with Disney connections,” she said as she snuggled closer to Chris.  “I know you wanted us to spend a week down here for a honeymoon, and I just want to know if that can be up for discussion?”

Chris stopped, confused by her question and a little concerned.  He thought things were going well, she just agreed to have a big wedding and make it totally official and then she makes a comment like this.  He decided not to freak out, but to listen to what she had to say.  “Well, yeah, I mean we can talk about it.  We have to move from the Castle tomorrow anyway so what did you have in mind?”

“I hear it in your voice, you are freaking out but don’t, I promise I am not changing my mind.  But I would rather go home and tell everyone the news,” she said with excitement in her voice.  “And maybe if we went back and told everyone we could go ahead and start planning this wedding because I would rather have it sooner than later.”

He could not contain his smile, that was probably the second best thing he had heard all night.  “So, you want to hurry up and have your big wedding, is that what I’m hearing?”

She nodded her head fervently, “Absolutely!”

“Would you be willing to go to Boston first?  I want you to meet my Ma and my sisters,” bringing his lips to hers.  “They’ve heard all about you now, I promise.”

“Only the good stuff, right?”

“Oh, yeah, right.  I left all the crazy stories out, but I’m sure Scott filled them in,” he said, giving her one more kiss, while he thought he could get away with it.

“Great, well there goes my attempt to impress,” she said, throwing her hands in the air as if she was upset.  She was playing, and Chris clearly got the joke, he was laughing and clutching his chest.  “I hope she doesn’t think I am too much of a flake.”

He walked over and pulled her into an embrace, kissing the top of her head, “She will think you are beautiful.  She knows how worried I was about you and she knows how hard I was fighting to get you back.  She also knows, if I have to choose, I choose you.”

~ * ~

The light was shining in the stained glass window of the Castle room; it didn’t shine directly on their bed and for that, Daisy was thankful.  She slowly untangled herself from Chris and the covers, deciding to head to the bathroom to take her shower and prepare for their day.  As she walked to the bathroom door, she turned and looked back at Chris all peaceful and beautiful in the bed.  She was sure housekeeping would not be happy with them when they came to take care of the room later in the morning.  The sheets had been entirely pulled off the bed, and the bedspread was in a pile on the floor.  Honestly, she didn’t care how upset housekeeping might be; it was worth it to see Chris on his stomach, his right arm bent and tucked under the pillow, and his left stretched across the bed where she had just been lying.  The covers low on his back, barely covering the stretch of his body from the small of his back to the middle of his thighs.  It was not lost on her that she could clearly see three of his tattoos from the way he was positioned.

She finally had to turn away, if she didn’t, well she couldn’t trust herself if she didn’t.  She started the shower and let the water run for a moment, letting it get as hot as she could stand it.    She stepped in and let the water cascade over her.  She was so lost in the heat of the water and her thoughts of Chris in the bed that she did not hear him come into the bathroom or open the shower door.  So she was startled when he stepped behind her, wrapping one arm around her chest and one arm around her waist and buried his head into her neck and began kissing and nipping at the curve of her neck and shoulder.

“I’m sorry, did I make too much noise and wake you,” she questioned while moving her neck to allow him to have better access.  She was in heaven with what he was doing.

He pulled his lips from her neck and moved to her ear where he breathlessly growled, “I began to wake up the minute I felt you move away from me in the bed.”

“Likely story, I watched you from the doorway, and you never moved,” she teased back.

“That doesn’t mean I wasn’t aware that you were gone,” and he started kissing her again, making her lose track of what she might want to say in response.

His hand moved from her waist to between her legs, exploring her slick folds with his fingers.  His arm across her chest held her close to him when her body would buck and react to his touch.  He gently slid a finger inside and allowed his thumb to gently rub her clit while his finger moved in and out of her, gently and in a steady rhythm.

“You…have…to…stop,” she could barely form the words or get them out, her body was beginning to tremble, and he held her tighter with each spasm.  “I…feel you…in my back…”

“You can tell I like this, is that it?”  He had to finish her though for her since she was having trouble conveying her message.  He knew she was close, but he was not going to let her cum; not right now at least.

She shook her head as best she could; the feelings were intense, and she was not sure she could take sudden movements.  “Oh….please…Chris…”

He pulled his hand away and could tell she was disappointed.  He turned her so she was facing him and he pulled her close, devouring her mouth with his, proving her no time to protest the fact that he was no longer playing with her.  He hands immediately wrapped around him, cupping his ass and pulling him as close to her as possible.  She hitched her leg against his hip, giving him the signal that she wanted more.

Chris turned slightly, figuring the closest wall was the side wall of the shower.  This would allow a firm surface for Daisy’s back and would allow them both to still get hit with the warm water from the showerhead.  He gently eased her against the wall, not wanting her to hit hard or bounce her head against the tile.  He never took his lips from hers as they moved into position against the  Disney emblazoned tile; he should probably feel guilty for this, but it was a little too late for that now.

He parted his legs slightly to make sure he had a firm stance; he was strong, but he had to make sure he didn’t slide, and he had to support her as well.  He grabbed her right leg, the one that she had hitched on his hip and pulled it up to his shoulder, “Does that feel okay, baby,” he asked, the concern evident in his voice.

She didn’t verbalize a response, she just shook her head and bit her lip; she knew what this meant, and she wanted it so much.  She reached down between their wet bodies and found his hard cock; holding it firmly she began to guide it towards her opening.  She knew he was trying to steady her and hold up her leg, so she was more than willing to help get this moving.  He slowly entered her, the sensation was new because she was standing and the position of her leg; he was able to penetrate deeper, and it was incredible.

She let him know she liked it, with each thrust she would gasp a little louder and bite her lip.  She was trying to maintain composure and was struggling to do so; she wasn’t ready to climax.  While she had been so close just a short time earlier, she was enjoying this too much and didn’t want to risk her orgasm setting him off.  No, she wanted this to last, this felt too damn good to stop.

“You like that, Princess?”

She couldn’t respond, but she did shake her head.  She reached up to grab his shoulders, her nails beginning to dig into his skin, “Chris…more….please…oh…don’t stop…faster…”

“Come on, Princess, cum for me,” he growled, and that was all it took.  Her walls spasmed around him, and he continued to pump in and out of her until he couldn’t hold back any longer.  He made sure that as he came, he looked directly into her eyes and he got out the words, “I love you, Princess.”

His body stilled and he held her against the wall; unable to move.  It had taken a moment before he had his bearings, his orgasm was mind blowing.  There was something about the fact that he made love to his wife; it was still odd to think that.  His wife, when would it cease to be weird to say those words?  He slowly stepped back and put Daisy’s leg down and then moved to kiss her.

“Sorry baby, are you okay?”  He asked gently.

“Yeah,” she responded softly, “I think I’m better than okay.  You?”

“Much better than okay,” he said as he dipped to kiss her again.

“Shit, Chris,” she pulled back, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do that.”  She was feverishly rubbing on his shoulders where she had left indentations from her nails.

“Did you draw blood?” He asked with a chuckle.

“No, I don’t think so,” her voice still pained with worry.

“Then they won’t leave any permanent damage; and if they did, well it is war wound I’m proud to wear.”

~ * ~

Daisy and Chris finished packing their things and rode the elevator down to the concierge room.  They were checking out of Cinderella’s Castle and heading to the airport for a flight to Boston.  The Marvel travel office had been able to switch their tickets to get them out of Orlando early, just like Daisy had requested.  Although now she was nervous at the prospect of meeting her mother in law because all of the clothes she packed were for a vacation not for a first-time introduction to her husband’s mother.

They were given a special escort out of the building and an exit route to limit their exposure to the crowds.  They got into their waiting car, and when they were alone, Daisy finally felt like she could breathe.  “So, please tell me we aren’t staying at your mom’s house.  You have your own house, right?”

“Correction, we have our own house, and that is where we will stay.  I just stayed at mom’s on the last visit because I was telling her about you and then you went missing.  But I have no intention of sleeping with my wife under my ma’s roof.”

“Ok, so when we get to Boston I can change and freshen up before I meet her, right?”

He reached over and put his arm around her and pulled her toward him, “You look beautiful, and ma will love you.  Don’t worry, but if it makes you feel better, then yes, we can go home, and you can freshen up before you meet her.”  Chris had to admit that it was sweet that his wife was so worried about meeting his mother; Daisy didn’t really believe him when he said that he would choose her first, but he would.  She was now the most important woman in his life, and he would do whatever it took to make her understand that.


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