Just a Small Town Girl: 46 – It’s All About to Change


Chris woke to the sound of rain dancing on the rooftop and the low roll of thunder in the air;  Daisy was sound asleep against him.  When they had arrived home from the airport, she had been too tired to go out to her parent’s house, and she was not feeling all that great.  Once again she was starting to feel sick and was positive that something in Orlando had upset her stomach.  He was getting a little worried but figured he would hold off playing the role of the doting husband for a few days.

He watched her sleep for a few moments before he decided to ease out of the bed and go into the kitchen.  He gently pulled the door shut behind him, not wanting to make noise and wake her.  He knew that with her stomach bothering her, coffee was not a good idea, so instead he put on the kettle to make her some hot tea.  He made coffee for himself, tea was not going to cut it for him.

As the water was about to boil, he heard shuffling from the bedroom, evidently Daisy was up.  He started to make her tea but when she didn’t come out of the bedroom he stopped and went to check on her.  As he opened the bedroom door, he realized she was in the bathroom, and once again, she was getting sick.  A minute later she exited the bathroom and saw him leaning against the bedroom door, arms crossed, and a concerned look on his face.

“So, I was going to hold off being that guy but I just can’t.  I’m worried about you being sick all of a sudden – you weren’t sick in Orlando, and you weren’t sick before we went so what is going on?”

“I told you, I think all the stress of the last few weeks has caught up with me that’s all.  Or maybe I got food poisoning down there.  I’m fine, really, don’t worry,” she said trying to ease his mind.  She went to the dresser and pulled out some clothes, “I’m going to take a shower, that should help and then we can go to mom and dads.  I promise, Chris, I’m okay.”

“If this continues past today, you promise me you will go to the doctor, okay?”

“I promise,” she said with a mock salute.

Chris watched her disappear into the bathroom; he was not convinced that everything was okay.  He went into the kitchen and listened to his voicemail from Meghan.

“Chris, I got your email, and I was going to call you anyway.  The clerk’s office in Vegas ended up finding your marriage certificate.  The clerk isn’t sure if any of the other women in the office found it or leaked it but you need to be prepared just in case.  Do you want to introduce Daisy to everyone?  Do you want to do it on a show, Ellen would be good.  Or do you want to do a magazine article or what?  I need to work on it, but you need to call me.   Matter of fact, call me the minute you get this!”

He picked up the phone and began to dial, not paying attention that out in California it was buttcrack dawn.  But Meghan did say call the minute he got the message.  The phone rang twice and then the call connected, and he heard her groggy voice, “Hey, morning, sorry to wake you.”

She sat straight up, “Chris!  Thank God, I was afraid you weren’t going to call me back.”

“Sorry, I just had a few things I was dealing with, so what are we dealing with?  Does TMZ or anyone know about it yet?”

“No, at least not yet.  The call from the clerk’s office came to me three days ago, and I think if they knew it would have been on Twitter or their websites by now.  I believe that we dodged the bullet, but I feel we need to jump ahead of it. You told me Zach has a video, are there any photos?”

“No!  No photos to my knowledge and I have a copy of the video and so does Zach.”

“Any chance he has shown it to anyone else or done anything with a copy?”

“Nope, not a chance.  Meghan, I just asked Daisy yesterday about whether she wanted to go public or not and she hasn’t answered me yet.  What’s your gut on this?”

“My gut is you go pubic.  Look you’re private and I get it and respect it but if anyone catches wind that you got married it can blow up, and that could be worse.  And if you two have kids, well that would be a bigger deal if baby news comes out before anyone thought you were married.  Like it or not, you have the Cap image to worry about.”

“Okay, write a release, I was just on Ellen for Civil War, and I’m not going back on to announce I’m married when I just told her I was single.”

“Technically, you told her you weren’t dating Lizzie, but you didn’t say you were single,”  Meghan stated matter of factly, “But I get your point.  We can do an article with People, or you can do an interview with your friend Maria.”

“I don’t care, just write up the release and let me see it.  I’m not parading her around though because she is already worried about fan backlash.  I’m not setting her up to be skewered, she doesn’t deserve it.”

“I hear you, I’ll make sure the press release is clear about her privacy,” Meghan assured him and disconnected the call.

Chris ran his fingers through his hair; he tried to keep his relationships private but from time to time things didn’t stay that way.  He was worried about telling Daisy that it would have to go public; she wasn’t really going to have a choice.  Meghan was right, it was going to be better to get in front of this versus having it get out, and it looks like he was hiding it.  Although, frankly he had a right to keep it quiet; the fans didn’t need to be in his bedroom.

When Daisy came out of the bedroom she found him at the dining room table, head down and fingers weaved through his hair; he looked distraught.  She slowly walked towards him, “Hey, what’s wrong?”  She said as she gently tugged at his arm and pulled him towards her.

He looked up at her, smiled and shook his head, “Nothing, Princess, everything is fine.  How are you feeling?”

“I feel great, now quit lying to me and tell me what’s wrong.”

“Meghan said the clerk in Vegas found the marriage certificate, and she isn’t sure if anyone else saw it or released it,” he took a deep breath and then swallowed the lump in his throat.  “She thinks we should go public with our relationship.  She said it would be better to get out in front of it versus being behind it.  I have to agree with her.”

“Okay, then let’s do it,” she responded in an upbeat tone that not only surprised him but surprised herself as well.

“Are you sure you are feeling okay?  I figured this would totally freak you out.”

“Yeah, I’ll admit I’m freaked out a little, but I knew it would have to come out sooner or later.  So, we get it over with and move on.”

Chris took her in his arms, kissed her gently and said, “This is why I love you.  You never cease to amaze me.  Now, let’s go tell your parents about our wedding news!”

~ * ~

For once, Chris was the nervous one as they drove out to her parent’s house.  He was scared he would accidently leak his plans.  He pulled the new SUV up in front of the house and walked around to help Daisy out of the car.  He held her hand as they ascended the stairs of the porch and before they could reach the top step, the door opened, and Martha and Thomas came out to greet them.

“Daisy!” Her mother exclaimed as she ran towards her, “I’m so happy you’re home.”

“Mom, I’ve been gone a few days, not a few years,” she sneered at her.  The reaction from her mother was a little puzzling.

“Good to see you, Chris,” Thomas said as he extended his hand for a handshake.

“Thank you, sir,” Chris responded, “Nice to be back in town.”

“Think you can stay out of jail this time?”  Martha smirked.

“Oh, be nice, mom,” Daisy said playfully, “Chris and I have some news!”  She moved to wrap her arm around his waist, and she was positively glowing; a fact that did not go unnoticed by her parents. “We’ve worked things out, and I’ve called off the divorce.  I’m going to stay Mrs. Evans.”

Her mother immediately pulled her into an embrace, “Oh, Daisy, I am so happy that the two of you fixed this.  You deserve to be happy.  Thomas, tell her how happy you are.”

Before he could say anything, Chris spoke up, “I’ve actually asked Daisy to marry me, again.  I’d like the opportunity to marry her in front of her friends and family.”

“He’s going to let me have my big romantic wedding, the one I didn’t get to have in Vegas.”

“Oh, that is so sweet,” Martha turned and wiped a tear from her eye, “Have you decided on a date or a location yet?”

“Well, Chris just got offered a project, and it won’t be until right before he goes to do the next Avengers movie.  So, what did you say, we can do September?”

Chris swallowed hard, he really hated doing this to her, “Yeah, September will probably be the best time because I’ll have to be in Atlanta in October.”

“Ok, well where are you going to get married?  Here in town or in your hometown, Chris?”

“We haven’t discussed that,” she looked at him with a little bit of fear in her eyes.  It never dawned on her that she wouldn’t get married here.

“Don’t worry, I wasn’t going to make you come to Boston to get married.  I figured you would want to get married here at home.  I can make my family travel,” he said with a wink.

It was as if he could see the weight lift off of Daisy’s shoulders.  He knew she would stress about that, and he wasn’t going to add that to any list of items she might be harboring concerns about.

Everyone moved into the house, and they cooked dinner and had general conversation.  Nothing out of the ordinary or earth shattering; Daisy recounted how Melody got her to Disney and how Chris surprised her.  She shared the story of the Cinderella suite and the perfect proposal.  She even shared how nervous she was to meet Chris’ family and how wonderful they all were.

Thomas and Martha asked about the project that Chris had coming up but he told them it was still being ironed out, and he couldn’t discuss it.  He kept with the story that he used in Boston though, the filming would be out of the country, and that is why they would not be able to do the wedding until filming was over. When dinner was over, Thomas asked Chris to go out to the winery with him.  Martha asked Daisy to help clean up the dinner dishes, and then they could start talking about wedding plans.

As they were clearing the table, Martha decided to cut to the chase with her daughter, “What’s really going on with you and Chris?”

Daisy was confused, “What are you talking about?”

“Well, he is overly protective today; I can’t put my finger on it, but it is like he is anxious about something.  So, what is going on?”

“He’s a little worried about me, that’as all.  I’ve been sick and fatigued, and he is concerned, afraid something is wrong.”

“Sick?  Sick how?  When did it start?”  Now her mother was starting to worry.

“It’s nothing, I think it is the stress from realizing I was married and then filing for divorce.  The constant arguments between the two of us and the undeniable chemistry and then throw in the whole situation with being stranded and then him buying me a new car.  Just so much has been going on and I think it caught up with me.  Once he proposed and we were happy, I started to get sick.  I think I could have gotten food poisoning, honestly.”

Daisy just stared at her mother in the hopes that this line of questioning would stop.  “Well, before you left for Orlando, weren’t you having an issue with being ravenous or not eating at all?”

“Yeah, but that’s just nerves and the stress of everything.”

Martha dried her hands and walked around the kitchen counter and took a seat at the table, “Daisy, you’ve had an issue with your temper and your emotions as well.”

“Mom, of course, I have, I’ve been going through a divorce, and that is common.  What are you getting at?”

She kicked the chair out that was next to her and motioned for her daughter to sit down, “I know this is going to sound like an odd question coming from your mother, but give me some latitude.  When you first went to Vegas with Chris, I am sure you two, well, you know, um…had carnal relations.”

“Oh my God!  Mom, are you wanting to know if I had sex with Chris when we went to Vegas?”  Martha nodded sheepishly at her daughter.  “I am so glad that daddy isn’t in here.  Yeah, we did, but I think since we are adults there is no problem with that.”

“Did you use protection?”

“Um, well…I’m on the pill, but he didn’t use anything.  So I don’t think that’s an issue.”

“You were sick right before you went to Vegas and were on an antibiotic.  Daisy that renders your birth control pills useless, sweetie.  I think the sickness, the mood swings, and the hunger issues are because you are pregnant.  You need to take a test.”

Daisy had not let the prospect of being pregnant enter her mind.  Seriously, the idea of having a baby right now was not something she remotely wanted to consider.  The relationship with Chris was hard enough but to toss in the idea of a child; well, that was going to be too much to take.  Why in the world had she not even considered this?  And Chris, he had not considered it either.

It was the end of May, and that meant she was probably five weeks at best.  But if they were going to get married in September she would be closer to five months and would be showing.  She did not want to be showing in her wedding pictures; pictures that would be shown to the press.  Not to mention, she was not sure if her dream gown would even fit.  She didn’t want to tell Chris yet; no, she needed to go and buy a test and see what it said first.  Oh, this would change everything.

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  1. Baby Evans is on the way 😳😳 ?! Yaaay 😍😍. Can’t wait for the next chapter 💃🏻💃🏻.
    By the way, I got the same problem with my Tumblr and this time I don’t know when will I get it back 🙈. But I’ll keep reading in here.


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