Just a Small Town Girl: 48 – The News is Out



~ One week later ~

The press release had been written and Chris and Daisy and given it their blessing.  Meghan released it to the media, no interviews were given, although every news outlet had asked.  Quietly it announced that Chris Evans had married his girlfriend in a private ceremony in April following the following the conclusion of the international press tour.  The article mentioned that his wife’s name was Daisy, but it did not mention her hometown or how long they had been dating.

The social media reaction was varied; a good portion of Chris’ fans had been supportive that he had found happiness and wished the two of them well.  As expected, there had also been a contingency of fans who did not like the idea that he was married and took every opportunity to say hateful and vile things about a woman they knew nothing about.  Scott, who generally kept quiet about Chris’ personal life, took the opportunity on his social media posts to congratulate his brother openly and welcome Daisy to the family.  The responses to his posts were generally positive and those that were not, well he deleted and blocked those folks.

Daisy didn’t want to see what was being said, but it was like a car wreck on the highway, she just couldn’t turn away.  She had turned on a google alert and read every article that popped up.  She followed the rants on Twitter and Tumblr and, against her better judgment, even read the discussions on the IMDB message boards.  She would get worked up, and Chris would calm her down.  He would tell her to turn the computer off and she would, for about five minutes, and then she would be right back at it.  After a few days, the vitriol died down, and Daisy came to accept that she would always be the ‘bad guy’ for stealing Chris’ heart away from the fans.  She finally decided to wear it like a badge and be proud versus letting it upset her.

As Chris was preparing to leave for his personal appearance, he knew that his marriage would be a topic that he would have to deal with, but he was ready.  At first, he was angry that Meghan put the press release out so close to the appearance.  She knew that he already had concerns about these things, and he didn’t need the added pressure of dealing with the publicity of the marriage on top of it.  However, he finally came to terms with it and decided it was for the best; it meant that some of the fans in the photo ops would be a little more reserved in their staged picture requests.  He wanted to do pictures that would make his fans happy and give them a good experience for what they were paying for; however, sometimes he was a tad bit uncomfortable with their requests.  They might be more respectful of him being a married man.

When it was time to leave, Daisy drove Chris to the airport, but she decided not to walk in with him.  While no one knew he was there, at least she didn’t think there was paparazzi there, she didn’t want to take a chance.  The whereabouts of the newlyweds was still a closely held secret, but other people in the airport could recognize him, and they would naturally figure out who she was.  Pictures would be snapped and would be immediately splashed everywhere; the first official photos of Chris and his bride.  The cover would be blown, and everyone would know where he has been hiding out.  Right now, they were happy with the anonymity.

They were living in wedded bliss at the moment even though each of them was keeping a secret from the other.

~ * ~

Before leaving, Chris had been working with the party planner and had everything set for next weekend.  The weather was supposed to be beautiful, and if that held true, the ceremony would be held outside with the reception inside the barn.  However, the barn was large enough that if the sky was threatening, they could move the ceremony inside as well.  They could even have Daisy get ready in the loft and descend the stairs so she didn’t have to walk in the rain.

His mom had arranged for the photographer from Boston to fly in to take the pictures.  He was thankful for this as it meant Daisy could have a wedding album that she could always look back on to remember the day.  His mom had also told him that Zach and Josh would be joining Scott, Carly, Ryan, and Shanna in the set up for the wedding.  They would be arriving in town on Wednesday and Chris had arranged for everyone to stay with Thomas and Martha.  There was plenty of room out at their house, and he could keep Daisy away.  Chris would be able to see them during the day while Daisy was at work but at night they would be on their own; they would understand, but he hated it.

The theme for the event was simple elegance, and the set up was going to be relatively easy.  The hardest part would be the catering because the barn didn’t have a kitchen.  Getting the catering trucks down to the barn without being seen was the challenge.  Thomas said he had a few ideas and Chris was leaving that in his hands.  Martha was working with Greg on the flowers; Chris wanted daisies for the wedding because they were her namesake and because it is commonly thought of as the flower of innocence.  This just gave him the perfect picture of this wedding and for his fairytale – damn, he really was a girl!  Greg advised them that daisies did have other variations and colors, and it might be fun to use some of them in the arrangments; give some pops of color.  Martha agreed, and Chris said he would leave that decision to them.

By the time he got on the plane to leave, he felt as if the planning was in place and everything was set.  When he arrived at the convention center for the public appearance, he put his phone on mute and tried to block out anything that was wedding related.  He needed to focus on the fans, but it was hard.  Of course, his friends and costars had to give him a hard time about the press release regarding his surprise wedding to Daisy.

“Dude, why am I not surprised?”  Anthony Mackie said as he smacked Chris on the back when they met up in the green room.

“There was a definite spark that night.  I had no idea that you two were hooking up, though, that is fantastic, really happy for you!”  Sebastian chimed in.

“Thanks, yeah it has been a whirlwind for sure.  Listen, please, I beg of you, don’t mention her during the panel.”

“Why not man?  This is fairytale shit right here,” Anthony loved this entire scenario for Chris.  He knew that his friend was happy, he could see it written all over his face, and he wanted to have everyone share in his joy.

“Yeah, I know but I don’t want everyone to that we haven’t been together that long.  She is super sensitive to the fans, and I am sure that the fans would freak out to find out that we have known each other for not even two months, and we are married.  Hell, it is hard for the two of us to wrap our brains around.”

“No, I get it.  We got your back, man.  Are you happy?”  Anthony asked, already knowing the answer to the question before he asked.

“Ridiculously happy; probably shouldn’t be this happy but I can’t help it.  We had some bumps, and I’ll admit we tried to live without one another, but I never wanna do that again.”

“No worries, we don’t need the details, Chris.  Just know that we won’t bring her up or give you any grief about it,” Sebastian said, and he gripped Chris’s shoulder; the same gesture that Cap did to Bucky in Civil War.  “I will tell you, though, I am jealous that you just looked at her that night and knew right away that she was the one.  You were laser focused on her that night.”

~ * ~

The weekend was a great success.  During the panel the questions centered around the movie and the friendship between the guys and their characters.  Luckily, no one brought up Daisy or the wedding.  During the autograph sessions, several people did bring it up, but it was all positive.  A few fans offered wedding gifts in addition to gifts for his upcoming birthday; he thought the gestures were sweet, and he offered his thanks.  Everything was boxed up so he could take it home with him.

While he appreciated his fans and their dedication, he was utterly exhausted.  His weekend was full of autograph sessions and photo ops and being shuttled from one room to another.  The lines were long, and the parade of people was never ending; it was tedious, and he had to keep his smile plastered on and his energy level up.  He wanted a nap!  His weekend finally ended around 5 pm on Sunday, and he could not wait to catch a flight and head home.

His plane landed around 9:30 Sunday night and Daisy was waiting for him at the airport.  She had texted him with her location so he could exit the plane and come straight to her.  She didn’t want to wait at the gate and have the two of them end up making a scene.  He didn’t get asked for any photos on the plane, and he didn’t remember any paparazzi at the airport when he boarded; he felt pretty sure that he was safe getting off the plane and walking through the airport to go find Daisy.  But he understood that he had to be careful; he didn’t want to blow their cover or their hiding place.

He exited the doors into the parking garage and saw Daisy next to the SUV, she was staring off in the other direction, distracted by something.  She was beautiful, and he could not help but just stare at her for a minute.  The way the lights in the parking garage caught the highlights in her hair and framed her silhouette; he swore she had a few more curves than she had when he left, and he was not complaining.  He was pulled out of his trance when she turned and caught his eye.  Her face broke into a broad smile, and they began moving towards one another.  Chris dropped his bag and immediately their arms went around each other’s waist, and their lips met in a kiss that defined their relationship; soft and sweet with the passion and heat that told one another how much love they had.

“Damn, I missed you,” he said breathlessly as he rested his forehead against hers.

“I missed you, too and I realized I am not excited for you to go off and make a movie.  I don’t know that I want to be a stay at home wife,” she laughed.

Chris pulled her closer and nuzzled her neck and softly kissed up her neck and gently tugged on her earlobe, “I never said you had to stay at home.”

~ * ~

The next morning, as Daisy and Chris were lying in bed, tangled in the sheets and wrapped around one another, Daisy decided to bring up the topic of the store and the reality of their married life.   She was careful how she brought this up, mainly because she wasn’t ready to tell Chris about the pregnancy yet and couldn’t bring that up as part of the conversation.  She knew she couldn’t keep that secret for long but right now she was still trying to digest everything the doctor had told her and she didn’t think she was ready to tell him until she had come to terms with it.

“Chris, are you awake?” She asked as she gently ran her fingers through his chest hair.  She had to admit she loved that, she could appreciate the waxed look in the first Captain America movie, but she loved the fact that his hair had grown back, and it was the right amount in the right places.

He raised his hand to cover hers, “Yeah, baby, I’m awake,” his voice was groggy, and there was a growl to it that she found so sexy.

“I got another call from Connor Barrett, he wants to know my answer about selling the shop,” she let the words linger.

“What do you want to do?  I mean this had to be your decision.  I thought you said when were in Orlando that you weren’t feeling the romance any longer, and you wanted out?”

“Well, my faith in romance might have been restored,” a slight laugh letting him know that all of his efforts had worked.

“So, I was the reason you were going to sell?”

Daisy moved her head from his chest and propped herself up on her elbow.  He shifted so he could look her in the eye and she did not turn her gaze, “Ok, well maybe you were the reason; when you left, I was not interested in going to work and didn’t want to own or run the shop.  I loved the idea of selling and moving on.  In Orlando, my faith in romance was restored, and I thought selling the store might not be the answer.”

“I sense that there is a ‘but’ coming,” he said without breaking his gaze.

“Well, we haven’t talked about starting a family or where we will live.  We haven’t even talked about whether you want me to go on location with you or just stay locked up here.  I guess I don’t know what you want or what to expect so I’m not sure if I hold on or let it go.”

Chris took a deep breath and exhaled loudly, “I guess the idea of going on location is up to you.  I’m okay if you want to come with me but wouldn’t that get boring after a while?  I mean being here and having the shop would keep your mind occupied.”

“And what about a family?”

“Daisy, sweetie, isn’t it a little early to talk about having a family?  I mean let’s get the wedding behind us and get a few months under our belt and then we can worry about it.  We don’t have to be in a rush.  But if your question is if I want kids, the answer is a resounding yes!”

Daisy cast her eyes downward. Obviously, today was not the day to tell him about being pregnant.  She would hold on to that bit of news a little longer.  “Do you want me to move to Boston or LA?”

Chris sat up, he could tell there was more to her questioning than she was letting on.  “Princess, what is this all about, really?”

“We just need to make decisions, and it impacts what I do with the shop, that’s all.  We have been living a fantasy, and we need to be realistic now that your fans know about me, and we are planning a big wedding.”

“Ok, if I am completely honest, I want you to keep the shop and see if Kimberly will run it or if you can find someone else who will.  I think you will need something to keep you occupied or somewhere to escape to when the pressures of what I do get to be too much.  It’s not that I don’t think you can handle it, I just believe that you will need something to get away to, and the shop will be it.”

“Okay, so what do I do the rest of the time?”

“That is your decision.  I want you to come with me, but if you want to do something else, then I will encourage that as well.  But I don’t want you to be in LA without me.  I hate it out there, and I don’t want you there all alone.  You could move to Boston, but it is a matter of if you would be more comfortable with my family or here with yours.”

“You are leaving this up to me, Chris and that isn’t fair.  What if I make the wrong decision?”

He pulled her close to him, “You won’t make the wrong decision if you are making it for the right reasons.  Look, here you have a haven, and we are sheltered.  None of the paparazzi know who you are and where you live, so you have peace and solitude.  I’m not making you move to Boston; besides, I kinda like it here, and I do love your parents.”


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