Just a Small Town Girl: 50 – The Wedding


~ Saturday Morning ~

Chris was up with the sun, unable to sleep and nervous.  He was not sure why he was so nervous, after all, he was already married to the beautiful woman who was sleeping next to him.  Over the last few days, they had been running around like crazy; she was working in the shop and getting things straightened out with Kimberly.  All while he spent the time preparing for the wedding.  Daisy thought he was helping with the wine launch and that had been the perfect cover story to allow for the work to be done and no questions to be asked.

Chris realized he was nervous because this could be an epic fail.  What if she didn’t like what he had done?  What if she had wanted to pick everything out and be the ultimate bridezilla and he robbed her of that?  What if it was more than just the idea of having a romantic setting and having the man she loved professing his love for her in front of the people that meant the most to her?  His mom was right, this could get really ugly, really fast.  Her parents felt confident in his plans, as did Melody and they all knew Daisy the best.  But there was that creeping fear that this could backfire and he would have completely messed up everything he worked so hard to restore.  He could feel his body temperature rising, he had to get out of bed before she could sense the heat he was giving off.

He eased out of bed and walked out into the living room and began to pace frantically.  Everything began to race in his mind; the brain noise he spoke about so often was so loud he couldn’t think.  He stood in front of the large picture window, looking out across the front yard and closed his eyes, trying to focus on his breathing and to calm himself down.  Long and slow breaths, in and out and he began to meditate.  He began to center and felt as if he was getting back to a place of calm when it dawned on him, Daisy had not yet asked him about the project that he was supposed to go and work on.

He had told her he was going to come back from the personal appearance and then go to work on a project that would take him out of the country.  This project would be the obstacle that would keep them from getting married until September, right before he would have to go off and film the next Avenger movies.  And those movies would keep him away for nine months.  He figured she was still trying to come to grips with everything, and that is why she had not mentioned the project or his departure date.  She was afraid of his answer.

He would be happy when this wedding was over, and the secrets could stop.  He knew that keeping secrets would be the downfall of a relationship, and he didn’t want that for him and Daisy.  He was aware that they had already kept too many things from one another, and they needed to be completely open with each other.  He wasn’t deceptive in a malicious or hurtful way, but that was beside the point.  He just knew that they couldn’t afford to have secrets after today.

He made coffee and poured a cup, walking back towards the bedroom door.  Propping himself in the doorway, he drank his coffee and just watched Daisy as she slept.  His mind went back to his conversation with Anthony and Sebastian; how was it that he took one look at her and just knew that she was the one for him?  How did he fall so hard so fast?  He was aware that it defied logic and that most fans would never understand it, but somehow it worked, and he was not letting her go.

He glanced at the clock and noticed that he should get her up; Melody would be there soon for them to go to the day spa.  He put his cup down on the nightstand and crawled onto the bed.  He began to place soft kisses across her shoulders and down her exposed back, her body was responding.

“Wake up, Princess, you need to get ready because Melody will be here soon.”

“I don’t wanna get up.  Can’t you just stay in bed with me all day?”

“Nope, I need to go help your dad set up for tonight, and you need to go get pampered.”

She stuck out her bottom lip in a pout and then crawled out of bed and headed towards the bathroom.  She came back out a few minutes later in sweatpants and a t-shirt.

“Do you have a dress for tonight?” Chris asked.

“Melody has a dress for me to wear.  I’ve gained a few pounds, and she said she has a dress that will fit me, so she is bringing it for me.”

Chris walked over to her and pulled her to him, “You’re gorgeous, I don’t care if you’ve gained a few pounds.  I like your curves, and I might just have to show you how much later tonight.”

~ Saturday Afternoon ~

The pampering at the day spa had been nice, but Daisy had to admit it was also a bit odd.  Everything was ‘normal’ while they had their massage and their manicure and pedicure but it took a step towards the obscure when it came time for the two of them to get their hair and makeup done.  Daisy was conservative, very reserved and hardly wore makeup.  Melody was asking that they give Daisy dramatic eyes and that her look was natural but that she was dramatic enough to stand out in pictures.

“Pictures?  Melody what in the hell are you talking about?”

Melody froze, for an instant she realized she might have just blown Chris’ surprise.  She took a deep breath and carefully formulated her response, “Your dad asked that some pictures be taken tonight to commemorate the launch of the new wine.  He thought it would be a nice touch, especially since Chris will be there.  You know, big family event and all.”

“Oh, yeah, okay, that makes sense I guess.”

Melody turned and walked away, exhaling and thanking God that she was able to get out of that without blowing it.  While her makeup was being done, Melody went to find the girl that would be doing Daisy’s hair.  She showed her a picture of a hair style and asked her to do that to Daisy; she didn’t want to give Daisy a choice.  The style was a low curly bun with loose tendrils on the side that would frame her face beautifully.  With her brunette tresses and the makeup that was being applied, it would compliment her dress perfectly and make her a completely stunning bride.  Chris would be blown away when she walked down the aisle.

As soon as that was handled, Melody sat in the chair for her makeup and hair to be done.  She sent off a quick text message to Chris to let him know how things were going and that so far, Daisy was unsuspecting of anything.  One more text would be sent when they left and were on their way to the house.

~ * ~

As Melody pulled the car into the drive, Daisy glanced at the clock and realized it was already 5 pm.  The party wasn’t supposed to start until 5:30 but the parking lot for the Orchard and Winery was already full; she thought that was odd.  When she walked up the steps toward the front door she saw her dad in the hall if he had guests in the barn, why was he in the house?  And why in the world was he in a tuxedo?  She knew that he said this was a formal affair, but his previous launches were never this formal.

As she walked through the hall into the family room, she passed her mother, but it was the appearance of the Evans family that shocked her the most.  Standing against the far wall, she saw Chris’ mom and dad as well as his brother and sisters, the look of confusion registered on her face and before she could question why they were there, she felt a tap on her shoulder.

She turned to see Chris, standing before her dressed in gray dress pants, a white oxford shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and a gray vest; he was absolutely stunning.  He leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers in the most perfect kiss, “Hey Princess, surprise.”

“Hey, handsome.  What is going on, what am I missing?”

Chris took her by the hand and led her to the large picture window that looked out over the orchard and the lake.  The window provided the perfect view of the barn; allowing her to see the soft lights in the trees, the pathway from the house that led to the aisle and the chairs set up with the arbor for them to say their vows under.  The doors of the barn were open, and the tables and chairs were visible.

Daisy’s hands flew to her face, she was in complete shock, “Oh my God, Chris!”

“I knew you couldn’t wait until September to get married and honestly, neither could I.  So, I hope you don’t mind that I decided to go ahead and make it happen.”

She turned around and wrapped her arms around his neck and crushed her lips to his.  He could taste the salt of her tears as they fell down her cheeks.  He pulled back and reached up to wipe them away, “Hey, don’t cry Princess, you don’t want to mess up your makeup.”

“You really did all this for me?”

“Yeah, I did,”  he looked around at the family and friends who were gathered in the room, “Well they all helped of course.”

Daisy began to look around and noticed that there wasn’t a dry eye around her, “Thank you all so much,” it was just about this time that it seemed to dawn on her, though, “Daddy, what about your wine launch?”

Thomas Proctor let out a loud belly laugh, “There was no such thing, it was all a set up to get you to the day spa with Melody and then out here tonight.  It was Chris’ idea, every bit of it.”

She playfully slapped his chest, “You are so evil, but I absolutely love you.”

Melody walked over to her, “Come on, Daisy Ann,  you need to get upstairs and get dressed.  This man is going to expect you to walk down the aisle in a wedding dress and not sweatpants.”

“I don’t have a dress picked out,” Daisy said, her head hung and the disappointment evident on her face.

“We have you covered,” Kimberly said from the top of the staircase, “I promise, you won’t be disappointed.”

Chris gave her one more kiss, “I will see you at the barn when you are ready.”

He walked out the back door, and his family followed, each one giving her a hug and kiss as they exited the house.  Martha and Melody walked Daisy up the stairs, and when she walked into the master bedroom, she started to cry.  Hanging on the closet door was the dress, her dress, the one she thought was lost forever.

“Your dress wasn’t sold, Daisy,” Melody began, “Kimberly and I knew you had been hiding it yet you swore you weren’t.  We decided to move it and hide it elsewhere, and I didn’t know that it would upset you so much.  I actually felt bad about it, but when I knew that Chris was going to surprise you with the wedding, I felt it was only right to surprise you with the dress, too.”

“I don’t know if I can fit into it,” Daisy whispered.   She turned to her mom, “What am I going to do if I can’t fit into this dress I have nothing to wear to walk down that aisle.”

“I have a few dresses in the car,” Kimberly admitted, “I brought some backups in case because I didn’t know what size that dress was or when you tried it on last.”

“Why wouldn’t you fit into it?”  Melody asked, she was confused and apparently wasn’t paying much attention.

“You didn’t tell her?”  Martha questioned.

Daisy shook her head slowly, “I haven’t told anyone, not even Chris.  Heck, mom, I haven’t even confirmed with you, but you figured it out,”  Daisy looked over at Melody and Kimberly, “I’m pregnant and what no one knows, not even mom, is that I’m pregnant with twins.”  Daisy was sure that everyone in the barn could hear the screams.

~ * ~

Martha Proctor walked down the aisle and took her seat.  Followed a moment later by Kimberly and then Melody.  When the music started, Thomas began to walk his daughter down the path toward the barn.  He looped her arm through his and patted her hand.

“I can’t believe I’m about to walk you down the aisle,” her dad’s voice began to crack, “you are beautiful, and I want you to know that no matter what, you are always my little girl and I love you.”  He leaned over and kissed her temple and she could tell he was crying.

Daisy had to hold back her own tears, “I love you, too, daddy and that won’t change, I promise.”

They slowly began to walk towards the barn, where Chris was waiting for her.  He wasn’t looking up, he wanted to wait until she got closer.  He couldn’t explain why he was nervous, he was already married, but there was something about doing this the formal way, in front of friends and family, that made it more revered and humbling.

As she reached the back row of chairs, Scott nudged his brother’s arm, Chris raised his head to take her in.  Daisy was stunning in a champagne-colored ball gown with a strapless sweetheart bodice and beaded illusion jacket.  He was pretty sure he quit breathing for a minute; Scott must have thought so as well because he smacked him on the back to force air into his lungs.  The one thing he was sure of, were the tears pricking the corners of his eyes.  This woman was his, and he was so happy that she had agreed to keep him.

When she reached the front of the aisle, and her dad was standing next to him, he could see that she had been crying as well.  It was clear they were both emotional people.  The Reverend even made a joke about that, or at least Chris though he did, his heart was so full of joy he wasn’t really able to comprehend anything that was being said.  It finally dawned on him that Thomas was officially handing Daisy off to him, he took her hand and kissed her temple, whispering ‘I love you’ as he did.  He didn’t care if it wasn’t traditional, after all, what part of this entire scenario was?

As the Reverend spoke, Daisy and Chris faced one another and held hands, staring into each other’s eyes.  The Reverend asked if the two of them would like to say anything to one another and they both took the opportunity to share their feelings.

“Chris, I never anticipated that one movie premiere would change my life so dramatically.  You have loved me more than I could have ever imagined or ever thought I deserved.  And I never thought I had the capacity to love someone the way I love you,” she began to tear up and had to take a deep breath to calm herself down.  “Thank you for being my real life Prince Charming and proving to me that true love actually exists.”

Chris leaned forward and kissed the tip of her nose.  He could not hold back his smile, her words were unprepared but so sweet and heartfelt.  He could hear sniffles in the crowd and was pretty sure that both his mom and her mom were both crying.  He knew if they had a hard time with her words, they might not make it through his.

“Daisy, all my life I’ve wanted my own Princess.  My mom always told me they didn’t exist, and I believed her.  And then I saw you at the movie premiere, I remember telling Sebastian that night that you were special.  Scott even picked up on it the next day when we were together.  There was never a doubt in my mind that you were the woman I wanted to be with forever.  You captivate me, Daisy  Ann Proctor.  You challenge me and most of all, you love me.  Thank you for helping me prove to my mom that my Princess was out there waiting for me.”

The sniffles and the sobs in the crowd were a little louder, just like he had expected they would be.  He was always fairly sure that Scott was crying behind him, but he was not about to turn around and look.  He did, however, reach up and gently wipe the tears that were glistening on Daisy’s cheeks.  She mouthed the words “I love you” to him, and he said them back to her.

The Reverend cleared his throat and then began to speak, “Since Chris and Daisy are already wearing their wedding rings, due to that other ceremony that they had a few weeks ago,” he said with a raised eyebrow and a smile, “We won’t have to do anything with rings today.  But I do want them to pledge themselves to one another.  So, here we go.  Do you, Daisy Ann, take this man, Christopher Robert to be your wedded husband, to have and to hold, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer, till death do you part?”

Daisy looked into Chris’ eyes, smiled and with a steady voice proclaimed, “I do!”

The Reverend then turned to Chris and asked, “Do you, Christopher Robert, take this woman, Daisy Ann, to be your wedded wife, to have and to hold, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer, till death do you part?”

“I do!”  Chris did not even hesitate to answer, barely letting the Reverend finish his sentence.

“Then, by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you, man and wife.  Chris, please kiss your beautiful bride.”

Chris took a step forward, without hesitation and did just that.

~ * ~

After the ceremony, everyone had gathered in the barn for the reception while Chris and Daisy had pictures taken by the lake.  The two of them could not wipe their smiles off their faces.  Several of the guests, including Sebastian, Anthony, Frank, and Violet, stood to the side of the barn door to watch the two of them.

About half an hour later, Chris and Daisy began to walk towards the barn, the soft lights in the trees providing the perfectly illuminated path for them to walk along.  They held hands and walked, and the photographer followed them without them being aware of it; the shots she took were amazing, and she knew they would be happy with them.

As the two of them got to the barn, Chris looked at his friends, “Were you all spying on us?”

“Just wanting to soak in all that true love,” Sebastian answered.

Chris smiled and patted his friends on the shoulders as he walked his bride into the barn and to their table at the front of the reception.  As they took their seats, he noticed Martha walking towards them with a bottle.  He thought it was odd since there was already a bottle of champagne chilling right next to the table.

“Daisy, I have this for you,” Martha said as she sat the bottle of sparkling apple cider on the table.  “I’ve already opened it for you, so you don’t have to worry about that.”

“Thanks, mom, I appreciate it.”

Chris just watched the two women, still not sure what was going on.  He finally leaned over to ask after Martha walked away, “Daisy, since when do you not drink champagne?  What is going on?”

She stood up and took his hand, leading him towards the stairs to her loft space.  She looked to see if anyone was paying attention and when she felt the coast was clear, she pulled him up the steps and quickly closed the door behind her.  “I’ve been trying to find a way to talk to you about this for the last week or so.  I tried to bring it up, and you didn’t want to discuss it so I dropped it.”

“Didn’t want to discuss what, Princess?”

“I mentioned the idea of family to you the other morning for a reason,” as she said this his eyes began to grow wide, the realization of what she was about to say was starting to hit him.  “We’re pregnant, Chris.”

He was speechless, staring at her for a moment as if he did not truly register what she had said.  A moment went by, then two, “Pregnant?  A baby?  We’re going to have a baby?”  She was afraid he was going to hyperventilate.  He seemed excited but scared and nervous at the same time.  “Wait, I thought you were on the pill and had it under control?”

“Yeah, well I was sick before Vegas and was on an antibiotic – I didn’t realize it rendered my pills useless.”

“Shit!” He said as he ran his fingers through his hair, “I honestly didn’t think we would do this so quickly.”

Daisy’s heart sank, she was afraid this would happen.  He wasn’t excited, he was upset, and here she had ruined their perfect day.  “I’m sorry, I honestly wasn’t trying to trap you or anything.”

“Oh, Daisy, that never entered my mind!  I’ve wanted to be a dad for a long time, and I am actually thrilled, I am just shell shocked, that’s all, I swear baby,” he moved to embrace her and to reassure her that he was not upset with this news.

She broke from his hug and guided him backward, wanting him to be near the couch when she gave him the rest of the news.  “Chris, there is something else I need to tell you,” as the words left her lips, he looked at her warily, “It seems that we’re having twins!”

Chris collapsed onto the couch, at first she thought he had passed out, but when he immediately leaned forward, she realized he had just not been able to continue to stand.  He just started shaking his head back and forth, tears welling in his eyes.  He jumped from the couch and softly pressed his lips to hers.  He deepened the kiss and pulled her body as close to his as he could, as he broke the kiss, she could taste the salt from his tears on her lips.

~ * ~

Chris and Daisy had spent time alone in the loft and finally descended the stairs to return to the reception.  As they reached the bottom step, they ran into Scott, who could not help but comment on their absence.  “So, you two just couldn’t help yourself, eh?  Had to rush off for a quickie?”

Daisy started to laugh, “No, you goof, but we did need to talk – that is all it was, talking!”

“Are you sure about that?  I swear you two are glowing, and you don’t glow from talking.  And girl, you wear that dress so well, I mean seriously, you look fantastic.”

Daisy began to blush, she knew that she had gained weight because of the babies and had developed curves that she did not have previously.  Chris had referenced them but didn’t realize why she had them, and evidently Scott didn’t either.  Boys, they were a little dim sometimes.

Chris punched his brother in the shoulder, “Ow!  Man, what was that for?”

“Quit ogling my wife.  I’ve warned you about that before, bro.”

“Dude, she’s smokin’ hot, and I can’t help but point that out, even if she’s not my type.”

“Boys, stop it!”  At those words both Chris and Scott stood up straight, mom’s voice had that effect on them even at their age, “Daisy, you are going to have your hands full when these two get together, you know that, right?”

“Yes ma’am, I’m definitely beginning to understand that.  I think I might just need to turn the hose on them.”

Chris stepped behind her, wrapping his arms around her and gently cradling her stomach; a gesture that his mother definitely took notice of.  He placed his chin on her shoulder and rested his head against her’s, “I’m sorry, I’ll behave, I promise.”

Daisy broke into a wide grin, “Guilt, it always works to get him in line.”

“I actually came looking for you two because it is time for your first dance,” Scott said, “Although I’m not sure if everyone can handle all this sickening sweetness.”

“Scott, be nice,” Lisa chastised, “They’re happy and in love.  Let them enjoy it for heaven’s sake.”

Chris moved to her side and grabbed her hand, “Are you ready for this?”  She nodded, and they walked toward the dance floor as Scott ran for the DJ table.  He whispered something in the ear of the DJ, and the song began to play.  Chris immediately stopped and glared at his brother, the song playing was the theme from Beauty and the Beast.  Scott thought it was hysterical and was laughing like a hyena, but Chris just continued to glare at him.  Daisy thought it was funny as well, but she knew better than to join in with Scott’s laughter.

Evidently Chris had picked out a song and was adamant that it get played.  The glare worked, and Scott had the song changed to the Frank Sinatra version of It Had To Be You.

Chris pulled Daisy in tight, her head resting on his chest, “This song is perfect for us and judging by the way everyone is watching us, I think they agree.”

She looked up into those sparkling blue eyes, still twinkling from earlier, “How long did it take you to find this song?”

“No time at all,” he said as he leaned down to kiss her full, plump lips, “I really did know it had to be you the minute I met you.  I know you think I am making that up, but I’m not.”

As the song ended, the DJ announced that it was time for the traditional dance between the bride and her father.  Thomas Proctor began walking toward the two of them.  “Are you going to tell him?”  Chris asked as he led her towards her father.

“I think I should, mom already knows, and I suspect you want to tell your mom.  I just hope he can hold it together,” she winked, and Chris handed his wife over to his father in law.

As Chris walked away, it suddenly hit him that if they had a daughter, he could be doing the exact same thing years from now; dancing with his daughter at her wedding.  He could feel his chest tighten, and he needed to sit down; Daisy could see the panic on his face, but she couldn’t go to him, the music had started.   Chris took a deep breath and moved to find a chair, and he began to calm down, at least for the moment.

Thomas had selected the song for his dance with Daisy; being a fan of country music he chose You Look So Good in Love by George Strait.  “I felt like this song was so fitting, Daisy.   Since you met Chris, even when you two were pretending to fight, you have never been happier.  He’s been so good for you.”

“Dad, are you crying already?”

“No, just allergies, you know the fresh air and all,” he was trying to sound tough and not let on how much it meant to see his little girl all grown up.  His baby girl now belonged to another man and he knew that when she needed something, he wasn’t the first person she would call anymore.  “I guess he’s going to move you to Boston or LA now, I’m never gonna see you.”

“Oh, you aren’t getting rid of me so easy.  We like the privacy we have here, and Chris really likes you and mom,”  Daisy cleared her throat and tried to think of the best way to give him the news.  “Besides, I’m going to want to the twins to grow up playing in the orchard and running around with grandpa, and that can’t do that if we live in Boston.”

It took a minute for her words to register, “Twins?  Daisy, did you say twins?  Honey, are you serious?”  He had stopped dancing and stepped back to look at her; she was nodding her head furiously.  He pulled her into a tight squeeze, and she could tell he was sobbing.

“We’re due at the first of the year and I only just told Chris tonight.  But we aren’t telling all of the guests; just our parents, that’s all.”

“Oh, sweetheart, I’m so happy for you.   Are you happy?  I mean are you okay with this?”

“Well, we didn’t plan this and birth control failed, but yeah, I think we are good with it.”

“What was Chris’ reaction?”

She let out a small chuckle, “Same at yours, he cried.  I think he was shocked, and it took a minute to settle in, but he is excited.  You know it’s what he’s wanted for a long time, he’s wanted kids for a while.  So, now he’s getting them.”

“I guess we can’t tell anyone that Captain America cried?”  Thomas laughed at the absurdity of it.

“Absolutely not,”  As the song came to an end and Daisy walked her dad to the edge of the dance floor, Martha Proctor hugged her husband.  Most of the guests would just think he was emotional for the dance with his daughter, but Daisy and Chris knew otherwise.

Daisy approached Chris, “He was definitely moved.  Are you ready to tell your mom?”

“I’m nervous, but it shouldn’t be that big of a deal for her, right?  I mean she had three grandbabies already so this is nothing.”

“It is a big deal because these are your grandbabies; her oldest boy’s babies.  Plus face it, you are her favorite.”

“Oh shit, you’ve been listening to Scott again.”

It was then that the DJ announced it was time for the groom to dance with his mother, he took her hand and walked her to the center of the dance floor as My Life by The Beatles began to play.

“Thank you for picking a Beatles song, Chris.  You know they are one of my favorites.”

“I thought the song was fitting.  You know you’ve always been there for me, and I’ve appreciated it.”

“I love you, son, that is what moms do.  So tell me, are you going to make me cry like Daisy made her dad cry?”

“Yeah, possibly,” he said with a confident grin, “Daisy and I were upstairs earlier because she had some news to tell me.”

“She’s pregnant, right?”

He gave her a puzzled look, “Um, how in the world did you know?”

“When she got sick when you brought her home and you started telling me things about her.  It made sense, but you seemed so oblivious to it, frankly you both did.  I thought you said the two of you were being careful?”

“She was on the pill, we thought we were careful.  The only problem was, she had been sick before going to Vegas and didn’t realize her antibiotic made her birth control useless.  Are you not happy about this?”

“Oh, no, I’m happy, and I’m sorry if I don’t seem that way.  I was just not expecting it that is all.”

“Well, there’s more, and you need to control yourself and not scream.  We’re having twins!”

“Oh my God, are you kidding?”  The shock was finally registering on her face, her eyes had gone wide.  “You’re serious aren’t you?”

He nodded, “Yeah, I’m serious.  We’ve decided to tell just the parents tonight; I’ve got to tell dad next.  But we aren’t telling anyone else.  I mean you can tell Carly, Scott and Shanna but not here – we don’t want to tell the other guests.  We just want to keep it to ourselves for a little longer.”

“I just thought you two would wait and be married longer; please tell me she isn’t trapping you into this marriage.”

“Ma, please don’t be that way.  We most likely got pregnant before we got married anyway and no, she isn’t that type of girl, and you know that.  Please, just be happy for us.”  Lisa nodded her head and decided to go with her son on this, if he trusted Daisy, then she would do the same.

The song ended, and Chris walked his mom back to the edge of the dance floor.  She immediately embraced Daisy, “Congratulations, dear.  Chris told me the news, and I am happy for you both.  Or should I say all four of you?  I’ll stay quiet for now, but you have to know I want to share this good news.”

“Thank you, Lisa.  I promise you can start telling people soon, just not tonight.”

“You better go find your father, Christopher.  He should be told tonight since you’ve told everyone else.”

Chris gave his mom one more hug and then took Daisy’s hand, “Ok, we’re off to find him, and we’ll be back in a little bit.”

They weaved their way through the barn and found Robert Evans conversing with Scott and Carly near the front of the barn.  As they approached, Robert held out his arms and pulled Daisy into a warm hug, “Welcome to the Evans family my dear.  You look so stunning in that dress, and you are absolutely glowing.”

“See, I said that, too,” Scott chimed in.

“Dad, can Daisy, and I talk to you for a few minutes?”

“Scott, that is our cue to get lost,” Carly announced.  She gave her younger brother a kiss on the cheek, “You look handsome and Daisy you do look beautiful.”

Daisy and Chris watched as they walked away and then turned their attention back towards Robert.  “We’ve told her parents and mom, during our dances…but, um…Daisy and I are pregnant and are going to have twins at the end of the year.”

“Wow, really?”  Robert clutched his son’s shoulder, “Chris that’s fantastic news, and that totally explains why Daisy is glowing.”  He moved to embrace her one more time, “I’m completely flabbergasted, and I am sure that is a fair statement about your mother as well.”

“Yeah, she was shocked, to say the least.”

“Well, I’m happy for you and really excited to have two more grandbabies.  Are you two going to move to Boston now?”

Chris and Daisy filled him on their plans.  During her visit to Boston, she had not had an opportunity to meet Robert Evans, she had spoken to him on the phone once or twice,  though.  This was her first opportunity to get to know her father in law and she was taking advantage of it.  She could tell that there was a little strain on the relationship between Chris and his dad, but she hoped that now that he was going to have children of his own, Chris could mend that relationship.

Twenty minutes passed and as they wrapped up their conversation with Robert, they decided to step outside and get some fresh air.  Their reception was moving along nicely without them; everyone was really just wanting to party, and they weren’t needed for that.  Part of the decoration had been for hay bales to be set up for seating in the orchard.  Chris and Daisy decided to take advantage of that and sat down; Chris sat down with Daisy sitting in front of him leaning back into his chest and his arms wrapped around her.

As they stared up at the sky, he said, “You know, that is one thing you don’t really see in the city, the stars are lost in the night sky.”

“You know, I would sit out here at night and stare up at the stars and wait for a shooting star so I could make a wish.”

“Did you make very many wishes?”

“I made the same one over and over again, I always asked for my Prince Charming to find me; I guess those wishes do come true.”

~ The End


    1. I might be writing an epilogue for the birth of the babies – I have the names picked out and that had been the plan all along. I am not sold on the idea of a sequel, I have several other stories I need to write. But it is something I might consider if I have the right storyline to build upon.


  1. OH MY GOD 😍😍😍 I’m so in love 😍😍😍this was brilliant as usual 😍😍😍 And the babies 😍😍😍 I felt so happy about the ending 😊 but also felt sad that it ended 😔 I know you are not really into writing a sequel, but I really hope you reconsider it 😁 I really would love to see them with the babies 😍😍😍 how they handle things together, and how they treat the babies and become parents 😊

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  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this! It was wonderful and fulfilled all my little fangirl desires 😛 I understand if you don’t want to write a sequel, but know that if you do, you already have an eager reader. I love your writing style and the detailed stories you tell. Thank you so much for sharing them with all of us!


    1. Oh, thank you so much for your kind note. I must admit that the last chapter was hard to write for several reasons. I swore I was not going to write the epilogue that I had originally planned but I have been reconsidering it and even wrote out a brief outline last night. I think it is only fair that I announce the birth of the twins to the loyal readers of this story. I worry about sequels unless I can come up with a strong story line – I do not want to just tell the mundane stories of everyday life (cutting grass, washing dishes, etc.) I want there to be some meat to a story. If do promise that if something comes to mind, I will give a sequel some consideration.

      Thank you again, your feedback means so much.

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