A Close Call: Just a Small Town Girl Story


Daisy Evans fluttered around the house trying to de-clutter her home and determine what was important to keep and what she could be comfortable with throwing away.  Her craftsman home was the perfect size for her, and would have been the perfect size for married life with her new husband, Chris.  The problem was, the house was not going to be big enough for the addition of the twins they were expecting at the end of the year.  In the two months since they had renewed their vows at the barn on her parents’ property, they had been trying to settle into a normal, domestic life.  Well, as normal as it can be when your husband is a movie star superhero, and you’re getting wider by the moment thanks to the aforementioned babies.

The baby bombshell had been dropped on Chris at the wedding reception; she had the confirmation a few weeks earlier and had kept it quiet.  Looking back, the symptoms were there all along, and the two of them apparently ignored them; thinking it was never a possibility.  She needed some time to accept what the doctor had told her, two babies, not what she had ever anticipated!  Chris struggled with the news, they had to stay in the loft for him to compose himself before they could go back downstairs.  Once they did return to their party, he was ready to tell everyone.  She reigned him in, and they agreed to only tell their parents; well, his mother wanted to share the news with his brother and sisters.

The remaining party guests were kept in the dark; they partied into the wee hours and never appeared the wiser that a secret was being kept. Two weeks after the ceremony, when the thank you notes were being written, baby announcements were included in the envelopes.  Knowing that the announcement could “leak” to the tabloids, Meghan was asked to write a press release and send it to the media outlets a few days after the thank you notes were mailed.  This way, they could cut off the opportunity for someone wanting to cash in on the news.  Plus, sending it out a few days after the original mailing helped to ensure that they didn’t put it the paper before their friends heard the news from them personally.

Chris didn’t want to do interviews about the wedding, the babies, or why he was so private about all of it; thankfully, his next project was pushed for a release date in the spring of 2017.  This meant he would have no tours or interviews for the remainder of the year; the timing of everything had worked out great.  He was barraged with tweets, texts, and emails from his friends offering their congratulations.  He took the time to respond, although privately in most cases.  He did have to admit that his favorite comments were from RDJ and the jokes about ‘super serum sperm’ causing the twins.  He had to take the time to remind RDJ that there was a difference between him and his character; he didn’t get the super serum that was only make believe.

While Chris didn’t want to talk to the media about the babies, he could not quit talking about them to everyone else.  He was so very excited to be a dad, and it was just hard for him to wrap his head around the idea that he was getting two at one time.  He was not really sure he was ready for that.  It was not helping that they would be arriving in the middle of him filming the Infinity War movies.  He wanted to be as prepared as possible, which was being hampered because Daisy did not want to find out the genders ahead of time.  No, she wanted to be surprised and said they would just decorate in neutral colors.  He decided not to argue with her, he knew he would not win.

The biggest issue was where they were going to decorate.  The craftsman wasn’t big enough for them, at least not as a long-term solution.  The other concern for Chris was the fact that in this location, he would be on display for anyone in town who wanted to see Captain America being a normal guy, doing normal things.  Thomas Proctor had the solution, he had enough land where he could clear a section of trees to allow them to build a home.  They could have their own private drive, enabling them to come and go as they needed without Martha and Thomas tracking their movements.  The biggest perk, however, was that it would allow for the twins to grow up on the farm that meant so much to Daisy and they could spend time with their grandpa.

The two of them had not only jumped at the chance, but Chris agreed to help Thomas actually build the house.  Chris had initially offered to have a contractor do all of the work since money wasn’t an issue.  Not to mention, the house would have been done by now.  Thomas wanted to be able to say he built his daughter’s home, and there was no way that Chris could allow his father-in-law to do all of the work.   While they knew they weren’t staying in the craftsman, Daisy was decluttering because she had no clue as to when they might get to move into their new home.  At the rate they were going, the twins would be in high school before they moved in.

Chris was sweating, the temperature was high, but the humidity was higher.  He was regretting his decision to help build the house but was not about to say a thing to Daisy or to Thomas.  He was taking a break in the shade and rehydrating when his cellphone began to vibrate in his pocket.

As he reached for it, Thomas quipped, “Tell Daisy you will be home around 5, and she needs to keep her panties on!”

Chris had to laugh, he had made the off-handed joke the other day about how frisky Daisy had been lately.  Probably not the comment he should have made to her father, but one he made nonetheless.  He checked the caller ID and realized it was Marvel Studios, “Hello, this is Chris.”

“Chris, this is Kevin Feige, how are you doing today?  I’m not catching you at a bad time, am I?”

“No sir, I’m taking a break at the moment, so you are good.  What can I do for you?”

“I need to have you come to LA next week for a conference, can you be here on Tuesday and Wednesday?  I’d like to discuss your Marvel contract and then we are going to have a logistical meeting regarding the filming of the Avengers 3 and 4 movies with the primary cast members.”

“Sure, that won’t be a problem.  I’ll make the arrangements to be there, thanks for calling.”  He hung up the phone and looked at Thomas, “It appears Daisy and I are going to LA next week.  Marvel wants to talk about my contract and the next Avenger movies.  Why don’t you let me just hire a contractor to finish up the house while I’m gone so you aren’t doing this alone?”

“No, I won’t hear of it.  I can’t get some additional help, you and Daisy go and take care of the movie business.  I am sure she will love the idea of getting away for a few days.”

“We’ll see, she has been saying she wants to see the house out there, so I guess this is the opportunity for that.  Although, I am sure inside of five minutes in she will begin designing a nursery for the twins,” he couldn’t help but laugh, and Thomas joined right in, knowing that Chris was right.

~ * ~

Daisy had been excited about the trip to LA, just as Chris had anticipated but when they got to the airport that all seemed to change.  They made their way through security quite quickly and got to the gate, they were there forty minutes before their flight.  Chris had suggested they hang out in a lounge or restaurant to privacy, but Daisy insisted on staying at the gate.  Chris found a spot, near the window where he could avoid the mass of people walking through the airport.  Daisy didn’t sit. Instead, she paced around the seating area like a caged animal.  Flying had never bothered her before, but for some reason, she was uncharacteristically nervous about this flight.

“Babe, will you please come over here and sit down?  You are starting to make me nervous,” she turned and stared at her husband for a moment and then walked over and took the seat next to him.  “Why are you so worked up?  What’s wrong?”

“Are we sure it is safe for me to fly?  I mean the doctor said when we go to Atlanta that I have to drive because it isn’t safe to fly.  So, should I be flying now?  I mean, do I need to worry?”  Her voice was steadily going up an octave.

Chris put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her towards him.  He kissed her temple, “Honey, the doctor didn’t want you to fly to Atlanta because it will be late in the pregnancy.  You are safe right now, he even said so at your appointment,” once again he kissed her temple.

“I know, but I can’t help bit worry about it,” she said sheepishly.

“Well, you have to stop worrying.  The doctor warned you about that, too.  You keep finding things to worry about and freak out about, it isn’t healthy.  I promise everything is okay.”

~ * ~

Daisy quickly fell in love with the house in the Hollywood Hills; it was nestled in the hills with a security gate and wall to keep the unwanted visitors out.  Or at least that is what she hoped!  The house also set far enough back off the road that the “star” map tours didn’t both with listing it. Besides, the bougainvillea helped to hide part of the front of the house.  The ranch style home was beautiful, but Daisy was not a fan of the big picture windows in the front of the house; the ones in the back that provided a few of the city were great, though.  The ones in the front, they just gave her the creeps, especially at night.

Just as Chris has predicted, she had picked which of the 2 remaining bedrooms should be used for the nursery and wanted to “nest” while he was meeting with Marvel.  He gently reminded her that they would not be spending that much time in this house with the babies and that maybe she should hold off on redecorating the house.  She nodded her head in acknowledgment, but he knew that she would go shopping anyway.  He loved this woman, heaven help him, he really did.

His first day of meetings went well, there was the talk of extending his contract.  He was actually thrilled with this news; he had grown to love the role of Captain America, and while he knew he was being typecast, the role was meatier than most people had imagined and he had worked hard at making it look so easy.  Marvel had not expected it to be as big of a hit as it had become and frankly, Chris had become more bankable than even they had imagined.

The second day of meetings, well this is the one that Daisy was not looking forward to.  “Are you sure you can’t come home for a little while during the day?”  She knew she was whining, but she didn’t care.

Chris was pouring a cup of coffee and staring over the kitchen island at Daisy, she was sitting on the couch with her feet propped up on the coffee table.  “Babe, we talked about this.  There is so much to cover for the Atlanta trip, two movies back to back, it’s a big project.  I’ll be home as soon as I can, I won’t stay any longer than I have to.”

“Fine,” she was pouting, “But, I have needs you know?”

“Oh, I know!”

Daisy glared at him, “So now it’s a problem?”

“Oh, babe, I didn’t say it’s a problem.  I just said that I’m aware you have needs,” his grin was evident as he quickly took a sip from his coffee cup.

“I don’t like being here alone at night.  I know you think I am nuts, but it creeps me out.  Maybe because it is LA and I am not used to it out here, but I just don’t like being alone at night.”

“I have the alarm system, you’ll be okay.  But, if you want, I could ask Scott if he could come up here to stay with you.”

“Oh, because I need a babysitter?”

“No, because you just said you hate being alone and if I can’t be here, you can hang with your brother-in-law!  Wow, you are a little feisty this morning, aren’t you?”

“I guess, I just don’t want you to go,” she rested her hands on her protruding belly and stuck out her bottom lip in the pout that she knew he couldn’t resist.

Chris sat his coffee mug down, walked around the island took a seat on the couch next to his wife.  He laced his fingers with hers and lifted her hand to his lips, kissing her it gently.  “I promise to make this up to you.  But you know, when we get to Atlanta, you’re going to be alone at night?”

“Yeah, I know, and maybe that won’t bother me, but something about being up here in these hills creeps me out, I keep thinking I hear voices.”

“It is probably just the wind in the trees.  You’ve got the alarm, and you’ve got Dodger, and if you want, I’ll call Scott.  He adores you, he’ll jump at the chance to spend the evening with you if he doesn’t have a date.”

Chris stayed on the couch with Daisy for as long as possible before getting ready to go to the Marvel offices.  He finally left around noon, and Daisy left shortly after to run some errands.  She got back to the house around four and pulled the car into the garage, and walked into the house, placing her bags on the counter and doing a cursory check of every room with Dodger by her side.  While Chris had rescued him during his filming in Savannah last year, Dodger had taken to Daisy immediately when they met.  He followed her around wherever she went and had become fiercely protective of her.  At night, he would cuddle on the couch with her and many times, would ignore Chris and respond to Daisy first.  Of course, she never let Chris forget this.

She fixed a light dinner and had opened the back doors to enjoy the evening air.  As the night wore on, she began to feel uneasy and felt as if it was best that she lock up and retreat to the bedroom.  As she pulled the back doors closed and locked them, she could swear she heard the hushed tone of male voices.  Dodger was right by her side, and he was starting to growl, she was sure he heard them too.  She checked the locks on all of the doors and set the alarm.

As she entered the bedroom, the voices were a bit more distinct.  Since the back bedroom wall was nothing but sliding doors that led out to the backyard, this was a little worrisome.  She checked the locks again and pulled down some of the blinds.  She pulled out her phone and dialed Chris’ number.

In a hushed tone, he finally answered after four rings, “I can’t talk, Daisy, I promise I’ll be home as soon as I can.  I love you, but you can’t call me while I’m in this meeting.”

“Chris I hear voices, I think someone is in the backyard.”

“I told you, it’s the wind.  Set the alarm, you’re fine.  I’ll talk to you later,” he hung up the phone, and she could tell he was agitated.

She crawled into bed and tried to put it out of her mind.  He was probably right, she was working herself up nothing was wrong; it was just the wind.  She tried to sleep but could not get comfortable.  She tried pulling Chris’ pillow close to her, inhaling his scent in the hopes it would calm her down.  Dodger was curled up behind her knees, and that was comforting, after all, if something was going on and scary, he would alert her and let her know.  Right now he was calm and sleeping, so there was nothing to worry about.  Evidently, she believed that and fell into a sense of contentment and dozed off but not for long.

She heard rattling and suddenly Dodger was up and barking loudly and growling.  She again heard voices and this time they were louder and clear.  One of them made a remark about the dog barking, she was definitely not imagining this.  She heard the rattle again and what sounded like something being jiggled into the lock.  She knew the alarm would only sound if there were a complete breach, she guessed that is why they didn’t break the window.  Figuring if they got in the house and got to her, she could turn off the alarm.  You can make it look like you didn’t break in if you came in through the door, but not if you broke the window.

She again dialed Chris’s number, it was only 8 pm; he ignored her call.  She ran into their large walk in closet and pulled the door shut bracing it with the chair from the vanity.  She dialed 911 and told them what was going on, they were sending cars immediately, they told her not to move. She hung up and called Scott.

“I need you to come to the house, hurry!”  Her voice was panicked, and he picked up on it immediately.

“What’s going on, Daisy?  What’s wrong?”

“The police are on their way, someone is trying to break-in, and I’m hiding in the closet.  I won’t come out unless I know it is you or Chris that is here.  I’m scared, and I have Dodger with me.”

“Where is Chris?”  Scott was running to his car, keys in hand.

“Marvel Studios, he won’t take my call, he thinks I’m crazy.”

“Fuck!  I’m on my way, Daisy.  It’ll be okay, I promise, I’m on my way,” Scott’s car roared to life, and he threw it in reverse and pulled out of his driveway, not paying attention to who or what might be in the way.  He slammed it into drive and took off, and immediately began dialing Chris’ number.

As his phone began to vibrate, Chris ignored it.  Only when the text message appeared from Scott that said ‘911’ did he excuse himself from the room and dial his brother back.  “This better be a goddamn emergency because I am in a fucking meeting about my next movie, Scott!”  He was quite angry and more than agitated.

“Did you ignore a call from Daisy about 15 minutes ago?”

“Yes, she wants me to come home, and I told her earlier that I can’t.  She knew this was going to be a late night.  Let me guess, she wanted you to call to see when I am coming home?”  The sarcasm and venom were evident in his voice.

“No, she was calling you because someone’s trying to break into the house!  I’m on the way there right now, she’s called the police, and she’s locked in the closet!”  Suddenly Chris began to hyperventilate, and Scott could tell he was on the verge of a panic attack.  “Chris, it’s okay, breathe, she’s going to be okay, and the babies are going to be fine.  Dodger warned her something was wrong, she called 911 when you wouldn’t talk to her, she’s fine.”

Scott’s words echoed in his head, ‘when you wouldn’t talk to her.’  He wouldn’t talk to his own wife when she needed him the most.  “Fuck, I didn’t answer her call, I didn’t protect her, Scott.  Oh God!”

“Hey, nothing happened to her, she’s fine.  Let me guess, you thought your nympho wife wanted you to come home, right?”  Scott started laughing, trying to make light of it in the hopes that it would help his brother deal with this, “She said you probably thought that, and that is why you didn’t answer.  She’s not mad at you so stop beating yourself up.  But it might be an excellent idea to tell Feige that your wife is a bit terrified, and you need to go home.”

Chris said nothing and disconnected the call, he slowly opened the door and walked back into the conference room.  All eyes immediately turned to him, and they could all see that he was visibly shaken and upset.  The first person on their feet was RDJ, he was at Chris’ side with his hand on his back.

“Are you okay, is something wrong with Daisy?”

“Guys, I really hate to do this, but I need to go.  Um, that was my brother, evidently the police are on the way to my house, someone tried to break into the house, and Daisy is a terrified, she’s been locked in the closet and won’t come out until I get there, or Scott gets there.  Um, she called me earlier, and I ignored her call, thinking it was just her wanting me to come home.”

In unison, everyone started saying some variation of ‘go home’ or ‘get out of here.’  It was when Kevin Feige stood up though that Chris began to worry, that was his boss after all.  “Chris, family is important.  Go home and take care of her, you’ve been her all night and know most of what you need.  We can fill you in on what you miss.  Please just let us know that she’s okay and that there’s no issue with the babies.”

“Thanks for understanding, guys, really, I mean it,” Chris grabbed his keys and his water bottle and took off for his car.  The drive home should generally take 35 minutes, and he made it in less than 15.  He was sure he broke every traffic law in the city, but he didn’t care.  Actually, it wasn’t until he pulled into his driveway that he realized he had a cop behind him.  When the officer saw the cars at the house, he realized the driver was on his way to an emergency and decided to let it go.

Scott met him in the driveway, “They won’t let me go in because I’m not the husband.  So, go get your wife, she refuses to come out of the closet.”

Chris walked toward an officer and a plain clothes detective near the front door, “Gentlemen, I’m Chris Evans, and this is my home.  I understand my wife is a little hesitant in coming out of the closet?”

The detective smiled, “You could say that.  Says she can’t trust who is on the other side of the door, won’t come out until Scott or Chris is here.  I take it that guy over there is Scott?”

Chris turned to see that the officer was, indeed, pointing at his brother.  “Yeah, that’s my brother.  She called him right after she called the police.”  Chris started to walk into the house, the door was opened, and the alarm was off, he guessed Scott did that.  There was no broken glass and didn’t appear anyone had gotten in.  He walked into the master bedroom and over to the closet door, he gently knocked, “Babe, I’m here, can you please open the door and come on out?  The officers want to talk to you, and I need to make sure that you and the babies are okay.”

The detective turned to look at the other officer and mouthed, “babies?”  That is when the hear the sound of the chair screeching and could tell something was being moved from in front of the door.  They heard the soft click of the door being opened and saw the flash of brown fur as Dodger came running out at full speed.  It was then that they saw Daisy waddle out and throw her arms around Chris’ neck.

“Babe, I’m sorry I didn’t take your call, I didn’t realize that someone trying to get into the house.  I would never have left you to go through that alone, I swear,” he was fighting back tears as he held her tight, not wanting to let her go.

“Mrs. Evans, I hate to interrupt, but we have a few questions for you,” the detective said as he cleared his throat.

She broke from Chris’ embrace and walked with the detectives out into the living room.  Deciding it would be more comfortable to sit in there to talk.  She walked through the entire evening with them, and Chris kept himself out of the way, propped up against the wall, arms crossed and listening intently.  As she finished, the detectives let her know that they arrived on site and caught the guys, it was three young men, and they had no idea who the house belonged to.  They just figured it was someone with money; they knew she was inside, but they didn’t want to hurt her and hoped she would be sleeping.  When Dodger barked, the one guy tried to talk the other two out of it but they said since they didn’t see the dog, they thought it was just a sound machine.

They let Chris know that Scott had opened the door and turned off the alarm, no one had made it inside the house, and the house is secure.  They would keep an extra patrol out tonight, but they felt like the threat was contained.  The boys had jumped the fence at the low part by the neighbor’s embankment, Chris might want to see about building that up.  Chris thanked the officers and walked them out.

Scott walked over to Daisy and pulled her into an extra tight hug, “They wouldn’t let me in, I tried to get in here you know.”

“I know, but thank you!  And thank you for calling him, how mad was he?”

Scott pulled back and looked her in the eyes, “He was furious until he realized what was going on and then he fell apart.  He is kicking himself on this one Daisy.”

“It isn’t his fault, if anything it is mine for being so damn needy lately.”

“You better not blame yourself for his,” Chris’ voice boomed as he walked back in the house, “Scott, thanks for calling me and rushing over here.  I hate to do this but would you mind going home and letting me have some time with my wife?”

“Nope, don’t mind at all,” he leaned over and kissed her on the cheek and whispered in her ear, “Let him feel bad, it’ll be good for him.”  He turned and patted is brother on the shoulder and walked out the door, pulling it closed behind him.

Chris wrapped Daisy in his arms, “I’m sorry I doubted you and didn’t listen to you.  You can believe I won’t do that again,” he stepped back and put his hand on her belly, “The three of you mean the most to me, and if something had happened to you, I would have never forgiven myself.  So do me a favor, come up with a nympho code so we don’t go through this again!”


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