Text Messages


WARNING:   This story is 18+ and NSFW as it contains sexual situations.  If you are offended by the subject matter, please do not read.  While I do have text messages involved, there is sexual innuendo, no graphic images.

Corinne quietly closed the bedroom door closed as she left the room. Her boyfriend, Chris, was sound asleep, and she did not want to wake him as she continued to get ready for work. He had been in Europe wrapping up his latest project and had taken the red-eye flight to get home. He had walked in the door a little after 2 am, exhausted and ready to go to bed. Of course, she had wanted to give him a proper welcome home, it had been three months since she had seen him; unfortunately, he wasn’t even able to stay awake for it. She had to admit she was disappointed, but she totally understood. This movie had drained him mentally and physically, and he was so ready to come home that he took the first flight when filming wrapped. The director yelled, “it’s a wrap” and Chris went immediately to the airport.

Corinne had taken her shower in the en-suite bathroom and tried to be quiet when she got ready. She even dried her hair in the closet just so she could have that extra door to close to block out the sound. It appeared to work, stepping out of the bathroom into the bedroom, he was still out like a light. She held her shoes in her hand, gingerly walking out of the bedroom, closing the door and walking lightly to the kitchen before putting on her high heels. Careful to not let the clicking on the hardwood echo down the hall wake her sleeping prince.

Grabbing her keys, she left the house to head to the office. This day was going to drag on, and she knew it. She wanted to stay home with Chris, but this merger she was working on had a deadline and staying home wasn’t an option. That, and the fact that he had actually come back a few days earlier than anticipated. Based on the schedule he had given her, this deal would be wrapped up, and she had planned a few days off just for him. But she was not complaining that he was home early, the time off would just have to wait.

Corinne poured a cup of coffee and then walked into the first meeting of the morning; it was not yet 7 am. She turned the ringer off on her cell phone but kept it nearby in case of an emergency. The meeting was intense, she was fully engaged until she noticed the incoming text message around 9 am.


She could not believe he was awake and then to see that Dodger woke him up; she began to panic. How did he get back in the room with Chris? She thought he had followed her out of the bedroom. Crap! Did that mean she didn’t shut the bedroom door tight? Her mind was now racing, she had been trying to be so careful to let him sleep, and that cute fluffy dog ruined it.

She hated the idea of texting him while in this meeting, but to be honest, everyone was doing it. Carl was texting his girlfriend, everyone in the office knew it; Corinne was pretty sure the only person oblivious was his wife. Alex from accounting was most likely texting his bookie, there was sure to be some game or event somewhere that he was trying to get action on. So, she wasn’t going to feel guilty about trying to help her boyfriend find some way to keep from being bored or to put himself back to sleep until she could get home.


She was not happy to see that he had woken up shortly after she had left the house; now she felt bad. Her fears that she was the reason Dodger had gotten him up were washing over her again. What was worse, was that he had obviously been doing all he could to find something to keep him occupied or to put him back to sleep and nothing was working. She wasn’t sure what else she could do.

She decided that she was not going to respond to his text message, at least not at the moment. She was going to try and focus on the meeting, catch up with the presentation and try to get some work done. The problem was, the phone was taunting her. His messages were staring back at her, and all she could think of was Chris at home, bored and wanting to talk. Despite her better judgment, she picked up the phone and sent him another message.


Shit! That is not what she had expected him to say! She quickly reached for her phone, flipped it over before the person next to her could read or see the message. Plus, she could not take those words staring back at her. The flipping over of her phone made a loud thud, and several of her coworkers turned to stare at her. She apologized and sheepishly went back to looking at her laptop, acting as if nothing had happened. She could feel her face flush and knew that people were still watching her. The meeting lasted another ten minutes; when it was over, she grabbed her phone, darting back to her office in record speed.

She knew she could easily pick up the phone and call Chris, bringing this entire situation to an end once and for all. But, there was something naughty about exchanging the text messages, and she wanted to see just how far he was going to go with them. So, instead of calling, she sent him a message back.


When he doesn’t respond right away, she figured he was checking it out. If he were able to find something to watch, he wouldn’t text back. Most likely it would keep him ‘busy’ for a while and by the time he was bored again, she would be close to leaving the office. She moved on to her next meeting, once again sitting the phone next to her laptop. Sure enough, a message popped up just as the meeting was starting to get underway.


She couldn’t take it any longer, she excused herself from the room and walked down to an empty office. She wanted to be angry that she was being distracted from the meetings and work that she was supposed to be focused on. But she could not deny that she was also turned on; there was something naughty and erotic about the fact that her boyfriend was home and could only think about having her come home to play.

She hit the call button, the phone didn’t even complete one ring before he answered, “Hey, sexy, come home so I can play with you.” His voice was low and gravelly, which only turned Corinne on more.

“Chris, I’m working, and you’ve got to stop with the text messages. You’re making it so I can’t concentrate, and I’ve got to get this merger done.”

“I know, baby, I’m sorry, but I’m bored and add to that, I’m horny. I’ve missed you, I’m awake, and I just want to see you; I need you.”

She had to admit that it was incredible to hear him say he needed her, but the fact was, she had to work. She let out a deep sigh, she could only imagine how tired and worn out he was from the travel, “Have you tried going back to bed? I mean, I’m sure you’re jet lagged and exhausted, right?”

“Yeah, tried that earlier, can’t go back to sleep. And before you suggest anything else, I’ve already unpacked and done my laundry.”

Now she was feeling sorry for him, “I think you are so exhausted you can’t sleep. Maybe you just need physical exercise to wear yourself out.”

“That’s what I’m trying to tell you, come home, I’ll get my exercise, and I’m sure I’ll go right to sleep,” she was certain he was raising his eyebrows in that flirty and sexy way that drove her wild. He was wearing down her resolve, but she had to stand firm.

“No, not that type of exercise, Chris. You need to do more swimming or lift weights. Hell, I’d even tell you to go running as long as you stay near the house. I don’t want you to get tired and pass out while you are away from home.”

“You are absolutely no fun,” she could tell he was pouting, it was in his voice. He was quiet for a moment, which also scared her, there was no telling what he was going to say next, but she got her answer quickly, “So, can we at least have phone sex?”

She groaned, “NO! Not while I’m in the office. Look, I have to go, I need to get this merger done.”

“Well, I have a merger of my own that needs to get done, and you aren’t helping me.”

“Chris, I’m hanging up the phone, I’ve got to go back to my meeting.”

“Corinne, didn’t you miss me? Don’t you want to come home and be with me?”

She could visualize that his bottom lip was stuck out, he was pouting. “Damn it, Chris. You are acting like you are five instead of thirty-five. So, here’s what I’ll tell you, if you promise to be a good boy for the rest of the day, you’ll get a treat when I get home, okay?” She used a mommy voice, hoping he was taking in her sarcasm.

“You promise?” He asked, not so sure of what she was saying.

“Yes, I promise.”

“I’m holding you to it, Corinne,” he replied as he ended the call. He wasn’t happy that she decided to shut him down, especially since hearing her voice wasn’t helping his situation at all.

She let out a sigh, shaking her head in disbelief at what had just transpired on that call. She pulled herself together and walked back down the hall, quietly opened the door to the conference room and made her way back to her seat. She opened her laptop and had just caught up to the presentation, she had been in the room for five minutes when the text alert popped up.


She hung her head in defeat, the man just did not give up. She had to give him an ‘A’ for effort, that’s for sure. He was not going to let this go, and she had a feeling that her productivity for the remainder of the day was going to go to hell in a handbasket. He might be tired, but being horny evidently trumps everything else!

She had responsibilities, surely he had to respect that. She wasn’t able to come and visit him on set and ask him to drop everything to take care of her when she needed him. And she had tried that before. He had actually gotten angry when she tried it – made a point to remind her that a movie set was not for games like that, and she had to respect his workplace. She needed to throw that back at him because that was now lost on him when the roles were reversed.

There was no way she could have him in the office. For one, there was absolutely no privacy, even if they had the door shut, everyone would know he was in there and begin gossipping about what they were or were not doing. And if he did to her what he normally did, and there was no reason to think he wouldn’t, there was no way she was going to be quiet about it. And the entire office would then know for sure what was going on in her office!

She could only imagine that he was at home laughing while he was sending these messages. He was most likely enjoying the fact that he was getting her worked up over something so silly; he just wanted to push her buttons because he knew he could. He also knew that when he got her worked up, the sex was more intense. He also commented she was tighter and gripped his dick like a vice – he wanted that tonight, so he was making sure the foreplay during the day got him what he wanted for that night. Damn him!

What happened next was not what she had anticipated. A minute or so passed and the screen on her phone indicated she had an incoming photo. She moved her cell to make sure no one else could see the phone screen, and it was a good thing she did, the picture that appeared was a naked selfie – a dick pic, showing him fully aroused. She almost choked on the drink of water that she had taken right as the photo appeared. Then he followed it up with a text.


Her breathing became ragged, and she had to shift in her seat. She was turned on and was beginning to ache for him, she had a sudden urge to touch herself, and it was killing her that she was in a room full of people. She was pulled out of her fantasy when a question was directed her way. She tried to snap back to the reality of the merger and fumbled to get on point and act as if she had been paying attention all along. She answered the question, took a deep breath and composed a text response.


He didn’t respond, there were no dots to show that he was typing; the conversation was over. The meeting continued uninterrupted. Corinne was actually able to go on to her next meeting without hearing from him either. She checked her watch, it was almost noon. She considered calling him to go to lunch but was afraid everything would start back up again. Or, he would want to have sex in the back of his car while they sat in the parking lot. That was a no go in her mind, she was sure they would get caught!

Corinne was invited to a lunch meeting, and she went, pushing Chris and his hijinks out of her mind. While she absolutely adored him, he was pushing the limits with her today, and she was not going to be able to maintain her composure much longer. Her lunch meeting lasted a little more than an hour, and Chris never texted during that time. She was beginning to wonder if he might have fallen asleep. She hoped so because she was going to do her best to wear him out when she got home and he best not fall asleep in the middle of it!

When she got back to her office, she found a large bouquet of roses on her desk. There was at least two dozen of them in the vase, and they were all different colors. She plucked the card out of the holder and read it, “I’m sorry for all of the messages babe, I do miss you, though. I can’t wait to see you tonight. I love you, C.”

Damn him, he can be so sweet and sincere. He knew he was getting her worked up, in more ways than one and that if he wasn’t careful, he could cross that line that could cause a problem. She had to send him a message letting him know she got them. She realized she was taking a big chance in sending a text message, but he had to know that she appreciated him sending the flowers. It was such a sweet gesture, and it meant so much to her.

She pulled out her phone, hovering over the keys for a few minutes. Finally, she tapped out a message and hit send.


This time, when Corrine went to her meeting, she left her phone on her desk. The distractions were too much, and she thought if she didn’t take the phone with her, she would be able to concentrate. She was wrong, the entire meeting her brain was worrying about what he might be texting and doing. How frustrated he might be getting because she wasn’t responding. What he might attempt to do because she wasn’t responded. She felt her temperature rise and could swear she was sweating.

She glanced at the clock above the conference room door, it was 3:30. She had one meeting left that was supposed to last until 5:30, there was no way she was going to survive. She typed out a quick email to the meeting organizer, letting her know that she wasn’t feeling well and that she was going to go home. She would read the meeting notes later and circle back with any action items.

Corrine made a beeline for her office and picked up her phone, she noticed the string of text messages that had been sent while she was away.


Instead of taking the time to answer him, she decided to just grab her stuff and head out. The element of surprise would be on her side this way. She tossed her file folders and laptop into her bag and grabbed her purse and keys. She closed her office door and took out of the side door, heading straight for her car. Luckily, the office was only a twenty-minute drive from the house, and she could take side streets so traffic was never an issue.

She pulled into the gated drive, straight into the garage. As the garage door was closing, Corrine began to unbutton her blouse, figuring if she had taken the time to quit work and come home, she was ready to play. She stepped into the kitchen, removed her shoes and began walking towards the living room.

Chris was not there. Corinne walked to the back sliding door to see if he was out on the patio or by the pool. No sign of him there, either. Actually, there was no sign of Dodger, either. She walked back to the door that led to the garage. She had been so focused on getting into the house and getting undressed, she had not even paid attention as to whether his car was there. As she opened the door, she saw that his black Lexus was indeed in the garage. That meant he was home. Unless someone had come over and picked him up. But that didn’t explain why Dodger wasn’t around.

She went ahead and took off her blouse, tossing it on top of the washer, since she was right there at the door to the laundry room. Hell, she might as well lose the skirt, too. She unzipped it and shimmied out of it, tossing it on top of the blouse. Standing in her lace panties and matching bra, she began walking back down the hall.

“Chris, where are you?” She called out as she made her way past the living room and down the hall, “Are you here, baby? I came home from work early, just like you wanted.”

No answer, she was actually starting to get worried. She had finally made it to their bedroom door. As she gently pushed the door open, she said, “Hey baby, are you ready for me?”

As the door opened, she got her response. Chris was splayed across the bed, curled up with Dodger, both of them sound asleep and softly snoring.

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