How Does Your Garden Grow: Just a Small Town Girl Story


He had not been this nervous in months; he was on the verge of wearing a permanent path in the carpet in front of the fireplace if he didn’t stop pacing. Checking his watch every few minutes, starting to wonder if the battery was dead because the hands weren’t moving. Either that or he wasn’t giving them enough time to inch forward. Since when did he get to be so impatient? They had dinner reservations, but if his wife did not hurry they would be late.

His ears perked when we heard footfalls on the hardwood in the hallway. He moved toward the center of the room, hoping to see his wife walking toward him. He could not hide the disappointment when he realized it was not; his shoulders dropped, and he sighed heavily. He turned and resumed his pacing as his mother entered the room.

“Well, I am sorry to have disappointed you, Christopher,” Lisa Evans let out a small chuckle as she approached her son, “You’re going to ruin the carpet with all that pacing. Just sit down and be patient,” she scolded.

He turned and looked at her, his eyebrow raised, a concerned look on his face, “M, how long does it take to get ready? We’re gonna be late.”

“Oh, stop your whining! You’ve got plenty of time before dinner, the restaurant is not that far away,” she began smoothing out her son’s suit coat and fixing his tie to make sure it was nice and straight. “She’s having a hard time leaving the girls. She’s dressed and ready, she looks lovely by the way, in case you’re wondering.”

“She’s always lovely, Ma,” he quipped back at her, the smile quickly spreading across his face. “But we’re going to dinner, we’ll be gone a few hours at the most, it isn’t like we’re leaving them for the weekend!”

“How old are you? My goodness, you are whining like you did when you were a little boy,” she admonished him, but she had to admit it was cute.

“I know, I’m sorry. It’s just, this is our first date since the girls were born, our first time to be alone and it’s Valentine’s Day. Actually, it’s our first Valentine’s Day, so it’s a big deal!”

“Wow, hard to believe so much has happened for the two of you, and it hasn’t even been a year yet.”

The sound of footsteps coming down the hall stopped their conversation, Chris knew this meant Daisy was finally ready. The problem was, he wasn’t sure he was actually prepared to see her. In the three months since the girls were born, Daisy had stayed around the house wearing jeans and t-shirts. So, it had been a while since he had seen her all dressed up; that was probably some of his nervous energy, he was not just excited to take her to dinner, he couldn’t wait to see her dressed up. She had not left the house unless she absolutely had to; taking the girls to the doctor or going to her own doctor visits were the only exception. With the steady stream of family and friends that were visiting, she had people who could do the grocery shopping or run errands. Plus, the markets close by had the delivery service, so she took full advantage of that. Because when Chris was home at night and on the weekends, he wanted to spend the time with his girls and he never wanted to leave the house either.

~ * ~
Chris liked his new routine, but it came so much quicker than either of them had anticipated. They had moved to Atlanta in late September; renting a spec home in a gated community that was close to the studio. The arrangement was that Chris could rent the home for the nine or ten months that he would be in Atlanta, the home builder could then advertise that Chris had lived in the house when he went to sell it later. Chris and Daisy furnished the house, figuring they would move everything into their new house back home when filming was complete.

They figured they had time to get settled, the twins weren’t due until the week between Christmas and New Years. However, most twin pregnancies don’t go full-term, and this one was no exception. Chris had just started filming the new Avenger movies, and the Russo brothers had told him they would make arrangements for him to be with Daisy during delivery. Every member of the cast and crew was excited for the arrival of the Evans twins. There was actually a pool for the sex of the twins and the names; Chris and Daisy had elected not to find out the gender and would not share with anyone the names they were considering. They only said they had two boys and two girls names picked out and left it at that. They had not even shared the name selections with their families or close friends.

To be fair, Chris wanted to know what they were having, it was Daisy who put her foot down and said no. She told him that this was the last real surprise you could have, and it was the only surprise she wanted or would allow. This coming from the girl who still searched for Christmas presents and wanted to know what was under the tree!

On November 10th, six weeks early, Daisy went into labor. She had a Doctor’s visit that morning and her water actually broke while she was waiting to go in for her appointment. That is when she began to freak out, but she didn’t call Chris. She was rushed back, given a quick exam and sent downstairs to be admitted. She was lucky that her doctor’s office was at the Women’s Hospital, she didn’t have to drive or go by ambulance to another location. She was not dilated enough to worry about calling Chris, there was time. She did call her mom and his mom, figuring they could go ahead and start traveling to Atlanta. She was remarkably calm, for the moment.

It was late in the day, when the contractions were getting worse, labor was progressing rather quickly, and she was alone. She decided it was time to call Chris; he appeared to be calm when she talked to him, but she found out later he was anything but. She heard he hung up the phone and went into high anxiety mode, RDJ and Hemsworth were both trying to calm him down. He was able to change and get to the hospital just in time for Daisy’s epidural to kick in and her pain to become manageable, and for her labor to come to a screeching halt.

Daisy was getting tired and wasn’t sure she could take it any longer. Chris was trying to be supportive, but he was at a loss as to what to do. Luckily, Lisa Evans and Martha Proctor both showed up about the same time and were able to provide the emotional support they both needed. On the afternoon of November 11th, Daisy finally delivered two precious little girls. They were tiny, and each one had ten fingers and ten toes, and Chris thought they were the most beautiful babies he had ever seen.

Unfortunately, the girls had to be whisked away to the NICU, and they were unable to hold them. The tears of joy were mixed with tears of sorrow for not being able to hold and cuddle their little bundles. Chris kissed his wife and let her know how much he adored her and how proud he was of her. As she was being tended to by the doctor, he went out to the waiting room to tell the grandmas the good news.

As he walked out to the waiting room, Lisa and Martha both stood up and came walking toward him, “We have girls,” he immediately broke into tears again, “I’ve got girls, Ma, two beautiful little girls.” Lisa Evans embraced her son and held him as he sobbed.

“Is Daisy alright?” Martha asked tentatively.

Chris stepped back from his mother and embraced Martha, “She is Martha, she is. I am so proud of her, I know this was hard for her, but she did so good,” he then stepped back and looked at both ladies at once. “The girls were taken to the NICU, and we didn’t get to hold them. Come on in the room and we will tell you their names and give you all the vitals for them.”

Later that evening, Chris sent out a text message to the cast and crew. He wasn’t ready to send out a public announcement via Twitter.

You win if you guessed 2 girls – I have a garden, Daisy, Poppy and Petal. Not releasing to public yet

Almost immediately after sending the text, the congratulations came rolling in. Chris was over the moon and spent the next two days at the hospital with Daisy. She was able to go home on Sunday afternoon, but the girls had to stay in the hospital. Daisy would go and visit them daily, Chris would go as often as he could, but the shooting schedule didn’t allow for it as often as he would have liked. The girls got to come home when they were four weeks old, they weighed almost six pounds each and were progressing nicely.

Chris finally allowed the press release to be sent out announcing their birth. He wasn’t willing to go on any shows to talk about them, and he didn’t want to release pictures, either. The press release only stated that Chris and his wife Daisy welcomed two healthy little girls, Poppy Belle and Petal Blossom, into their family. It did not give details on when they were born or that they had to stay in the NICU for several weeks. Preferring to keep it all positive. Every news outlet picked it up, giving it plenty of coverage.

When the girls were home, the revolving door of family and friends began. They came down to help Daisy get accustomed to having the girls and dealing with being a parent. More importantly, dealing with what felt like being a single parent since Chris was working all the time. It also helped that everyone was around for the holidays, there was no way Daisy could take care of the girls and prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

~ * ~
Chris watched Daisy walked down the hall, she was wearing a gorgeous full skirt and oxford shirt. She still had curves in all the right places, he didn’t care, she was beautiful, and he desired her more now than when he married her the first time if that was even possible. She came into the living room, heaving a woeful sigh as she approached Chris and wrapped her arms around him.

“Hey, are you alright,” he asked as he kissed her head and held her a little tighter, “We’re just going to dinner, Daisy, the girls will be with Ma, we won’t be gone long, I promise.” He was doing all he could to reassure her, he hoped it was working.

She let out a soft sob, “I know, I’m just overly emotional. I’ve just not been away from them for an evening, and I’m having separation anxiety.”

Chris smiled over at his mom, she was watching intently from the couch. He pulled back from the embrace, looking into his wife’s eyes. He held her face with his hands, using his thumbs to wipe away the gentle tears that were falling down her cheeks, “Would you rather stay home? Do you want me to cancel the reservation?”

She thought about it for a minute; she wanted to say yes, but she knew how excited he was to go out to dinner. And he was wearing the gray suit he had worn for the Hollywood Foreign Press Grants Banquet back in August; he looked so handsome, she kind of wanted to show him off. She shook her head, “No, I don’t want to cancel, I need to be okay with leaving them. And you’re right, it’s just for a few hours, they’ll be fine with Ma, I know it.”

“Are you ready then?” He asked as he took her hands in his, “Let’s go before we both change our minds.”

“You two have fun, don’t worry about anything here, I’ve got it covered,” Lisa called after them as they walked out the front door. She was happy they decided to go, it would do them some good to get out of the house. She could tell the production schedule was taking its toll on her son.

As Chris opened the door of the car for Daisy, he couldn’t help but notice how truly beautiful and radiant she was in her dress; she filled it out perfectly. His mind drifted back to their conversations over the past few weeks, how she has been beating herself up over not being able to drop the baby weight. She snuggles up to him at night and berates herself for being fat and how he has to be embarrassed to be married to her. Every night he pulls her closer, kisses her head and tells her the same thing, “You’re too hard on yourself. You just had two beautiful little princesses for goodness sake. And besides, I think you are sexy just the way you are, I love you no matter what.”

Chris didn’t lie to his wife, he meant what he said to her every night. He wasn’t sure if he believed her, but he wasn’t going to quit saying it. But tonight, hell, tonight it drove the point home for sure, she was sexy in this dress. The way it hugged her hips and stretched across her chest, he loved every inch of her body and didn’t care if she ever lost the weight. He had to make a point to tell her that tonight, in the right context of course.

After shutting the door for her, he scrambled to his side of the car, sliding into the driver’s seat. He started the engine, backed out of the drive and pointed the car in the direction of the restaurant where they had dinner reservations. Chris reached over, taking Daisy’s hand in his, “Are you okay? Your mind seems so far away, are you just thinking about the girls?” He raised her hand to his lips, placing a gentle kiss on her hand.

“I have several things on my mind, the girls are one of them,” she admitted quietly, “I’ll wait until we get to the restaurant, though, I think you need a drink first.”

Chris let out a laugh, “That bad, eh? Well, you’re in luck because we’re here,” he sounded like the little girl from Poltergeist as he pulled into a parking spot. He laughed, although he noticed Daisy did not; she hated horror movies so he knew his joke was falling flat. He walked over and helped her out of the car, sliding his arm around her waist and leading her into the front of the restaurant.

Their reservations were not for a private dining room, he was not going to hide her away. He was proud to show off his wife, and even more to so to show her off after the birth of the twins. They were led to their table, which was at least private in the main dining area. They were greeted by their waiter almost immediately. Apparently, they wanted to make a good impression for their Hollywood guests.

Daisy ordered water, she politely refused wine for the evening. Chris decided on something a little stronger, he ordered bourbon; Daisy was glad, she knew he would need it. She watched as the waiter sat the drinks in front of them, Chris took a small drink, careful not to drink too much at one time.

“I am sorry for dragging you out of the house tonight,” Chris sat forward in his seat, folding his arms on the table, “I guess I should have stayed home and enjoyed a romantic evening at home with my wife and daughters. But since I have not had a real night out with you in months, I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity.”

Daisy smiled, staring into her husband’s brilliant blue eyes; she could still get lost in them. “I’m not complaining, really, I’m not. I just underestimated how hard it would be to leave them. They are so tiny and no matter how tired I am, and believe me, I’m exhausted, I just love the smell of baby shampoo and baby powder,” as she said the words she felt tears start to spill from her eyes and roll down her cheeks.

“Aww, honey, come on don’t cry,” Chris reached over and softly brushed the tears away, “I realize that I am failing horribly as a husband and a father. I wish I could be home with you and the girls more. It kills me that you have to do so much on your own. I know you didn’t intend on being a single mom of twin girls.”

Daisy raised her hand, gently taking Chris’s hand from her face, squeezing his hand tight. She shook her head, “You are not a horrible husband or father, and you are not failing at anything. The production schedule keeps you from being home, that’s all. You are doing the best you can, and you make the most of the time when you’re home,” she paused and looked down at her lap for a minute, “Believe me, you get the most out of it.” It was with those words that she started to cry just a little harder.

“Oh, what? Why are you crying again? Tell me what’s going on, sweetie.”

She sniffed, took a deep breath, looking up at him with puffy red eyes and said the two words he did not expect to hear, “I’m pregnant!”

He pulled his hand back from hers as if she were on fire. Reached for his glass of bourbon, downing it in one gulp. He then flagged the waiter down, holding his glass up, the international sign for needing another drink! He said nothing, just stared at his wife for a minute, unable to comprehend the words she just spoke.

“Are you going to say something?” She asked nervously, she knew from the downing of the drink and the request for another that he had heard what she said. Instead, he stared at her, a blank expression on his face, she had no idea what was going on in his head. “Chris, please say something, you’re scaring me.”

It was at that moment that the waiter delivered the fresh glass of bourbon, Chris took it from him, promptly telling him to bring him another one. He downed the drink, giving the empty glass back to the waiter almost immediately.

Chris leaned forward, crossing his arms on the table, “Are you absolutely sure? This isn’t a joke, right?”

“No, this is not a joke, yes, I’m absolutely sure. I had a doctor’s appointment the day before yesterday, remember? Now I know why I can’t lose the baby weight because it is a baby,” she said with a hint of disgust. It was at this moment, Chris realized she wasn’t happy about this news. There was no joy or emotion in her voice, she was giving him details in a matter-of-fact way. “I think you are done with this movie in July, this baby is due in September. So, it’d be nice if you took a break to spend time with your kids.”

And there it was, bitterness and rancor. He knew it was because she was emotional, hormones from the last pregnancy and obviously from this one, he deserved it. He wasn’t going to take the bait, he wasn’t going to argue because he wouldn’t win!. The truth was, he was excited she was pregnant, and he wasn’t going to apologize for it. He knew he had no right to be excited, this was hell on Daisy’s body, and she surely hated him right now.

A smile began to form on Chris’ lips, one he could not suppress even if he tried. “So, Fertile Myrtle, I’ve got a pretty good idea of when this little seed was planted,” he raised his eyebrows and began to chuckle softly, hoping she would start to laugh right along with him.

Before she could come back with a snotty remark, the waiter returned with Chris’ bourbon. As he sat it on the table, he asked, “Should I go ahead and bring another, sir?”

Daisy interjected, “No, he won’t need another one. Go ahead and bring him a glass of water the next time you come by. And we’re going to need a few minutes before we order dinner if you don’t mind.” The young man nodded and backed away from the table. He knew better than to ask questions or to argue with the lady.

“Hey, I might have wanted another drink,” Chris responded when the waiter was out of earshot.

“I need you sober for this conversation and for the drive home, so no more drinks!” The look on her face was stern, Chris thought she had the mommy face down pat, but he wasn’t about to comment on it. “Fertile Myrtle? Really? Yeah, I know exactly when the seed was planted, too. Right about the time you couldn’t keep your hands off of me when the sex ban was lifted after the girls were born,” she kept her voice hushed as she tossed those words out, there was no sense in drawing attention to them if she could help it. Chris started to laugh, looking around to see if anyone was watching, “I know you think this is funny, but I’m not sure if I can do this, Chris. The girls just turned three months old for God’s sake; these kids will be eleven months apart! We weren’t thinking about the consequences, we just weren’t.” She was doing all she could to keep from starting to cry again.

“Okay, look, I’m trying to make light of it, Daisy. You’re right, we weren’t thinking about it, I honestly didn’t believe that we’d get pregnant again so quickly. We have to look at this as a blessing because we know it is,” he stood up, moved his chair to her side of the table, sat down and wrapped his arm around her, pulling her toward him. “How about if we order dinner to go, send mom to her room, and we snuggle up and spend the evening at home? I have a late call tomorrow so I will be able to stay around the house with you and the girls for a while in the morning.”

“No, let’s eat here so I don’t have to clean up the mess,” she said with a laugh, “It is more romantic to not have to clean up a mess. But I am all for going home and snuggling and you spending time with us in the morning,” She stayed quiet for a moment, not sure if she should tell him what else was weighing on her mind. “Chris, I don’t know if I can handle having another baby, I’m barely holding it together with the twins.”

He knew it was hard for her to admit that, she never liked to admit that she was challenged with anything. He also knew it was harder for her since they were in Atlanta and friends and family were so far away. While everyone had come in and out to visit and help, there had not been steady support for extended periods of time. Only a week here or a few days there. He thought he might offer a solution in the hopes that it would help.

“Daisy, let’s get a nanny, I know we said no when the idea was suggested to us previously, but I think the situation has changed, and you need the help. We start looking right away and make the position a live-in or at least work enough hours that allow you to get the rest you need. Maybe we can ask Jaws to write a contract for us? I mean, I know she’s a divorce attorney but we trust her, she’s a good friend, I think she’d help us out.”

Daisy looked up at Chris, “You’re serious, you’d hire a nanny?”

“Absolutely, you need help, I know I can’t be around as much as you need me to be, especially over the next few months. Unless your mom wants to come down or my mom wants to stay. But if we have a nanny, it helps me because I need you to maintain your sanity and energy level.”

She turned around, giving her husband an odd look, “Wait a minute, Evans. Don’t go getting some crazy idea that we’re hiring a nanny so you can turn me into a baby making factory!” She playfully slapped him on the chest before snuggling back into him.

“Oh, come on, Daisy, isn’t it at least up for discussion?” He said in a laughing and whining tone, he had no real intention of doing that to her, but it was good to tease with her and keep her from crying. “I’d like to at least have a baseball team, maybe go for a football team.”

“Oh no, no way, I’m not having between 9 and 12 kids. You are out of your damn mind!”

“Alright, fine, I’ll have to settle for a smaller number I guess. Would you go for six?

Once again she sat up and looked at him, “Are you serious, Chris? You want six kids?”

“I like the idea of a big family, look there were four of us, and then we had foster kids around so we always had a full house. A big house full of love and we are all still close. Now, I have two younger sisters and a younger brother. Granted, they are closer to the ages of my nephew, Ethan, but still. I’m just wanting us to have kids that experience that,” he leaned down kissing Daisy’s full, pouty lips, “Besides, think of all the kids who could take care of us as we get old.”

She closed her eyes and shook her head, “Oh, you are such a dreamer, you know those kids would just take our money and run off somewhere.”

“Yeah, probably, that would be our luck.” He pulled her a little closer, noticing the waiter was slowly approaching the table. He quickly opened the menu, picked out what he wanted and helped Daisy make her selection. They ordered their dinner and continued sitting side by side while they waited for their meal to be prepared.

“I don’t think I could do six kids, that is a lot. How about four?”


“Three? That is my final offer,” Daisy said with a smile.

“I reserve the right to renegotiate the deal,” Chris kissed her to seal the agreement.

The two of them made one more deal for the evening, they would not discuss the new baby or the hiring of a nanny. The subject of the new baby was off limits for Ma, too. Daisy wanted to keep this quiet, the first trimester would be over towards the end of March, she wanted to keep it under wraps until then. Instead, they elected to talk about the new house, the production of the movie, or any mundane event that did not revolve around babies.

When dinner was over, Chris walked wife out to the car, helping her inside, taking, even more, care than he had when they arrived at the restaurant hours earlier. When they walked into the house, Ma was sound asleep on the couch. Chris agreed to wake her and get her to her room, while Daisy went down the hall to check on Poppy and Petal. They were sleeping peacefully, Daisy watching over them when Chris walked in behind her. Slipping his arms around her waist, resting his chin on her shoulder.

He whispered softly in her ear, “They are so sweet and precious. Ma said she just changed them about twenty minutes ago and fed them, so we have a few hours. Let’s go to bed, momma needs some rest.”

~ * ~ April, several months later ~ * ~

To say that their friends and family were shocked with the pregnancy announcement was a bit of an understatement. Of course, Scott asked if they needed to be reminded as to what causes pregnancy so they could work to avoid it in the future. Daisy’s parents were very excited, as was Chris’ mother; grandbabies were precious gifts that were perfect for spoiling and then sending back to mommy and daddy.

Chris’ friends, especially those on the cast and crew he was working with, gave him an enormous amount of grief over getting Daisy pregnant again. RDJ reminded him that he married Daisy which meant that he had many years to impregnate her, it wasn’t necessary to do it one after the other right after marriage. Anthony reminded him that keeping his wife pregnant meant less sex, so he should really think this through more. Sebastian, taking a cue from Chris’ brother, bought Chris a giant box of condoms and told him he should keep those handy so he didn’t have to worry about this again.

Daisy was coming to terms with the pregnancy, although she was not happy with the fact that she was gaining weight so quickly. She was packing on the pounds and bumping like she did when she was pregnant with the girls. She had a doctor’s appointment and, unfortunately, due to the production schedule, Chris wasn’t able to go. They had tried getting it scheduled so he could go, but it wasn’t working in their favor.

Daisy told him she would get the pictures from the ultrasound and bring them to the set that afternoon. Her mom was in town and would have the girls; she no longer had anxiety about leaving them like she did just a few short months ago. Chris had once again been bugging her to find out the sex of the baby, she had been steadfast in saying no. But, she had started to cave. Thinking she would go ahead and find out and surprise him when she took the ultrasound picture to him.

She pulled into the parking lot of the doctor’s office, took a deep breath and headed inside. Luckily the office ran on schedule, and she was able to get in for her appointment without an extended waiting period. The doctor provided news she was expecting along with news she was not. She got her ultrasound and photos, the baby gender information and quietly walked back to her car. She was not sure how to react or what to say; frankly, she wanted to cry, but that wouldn’t be a good reaction, not when she had a thirty-minute drive out to the production set.

She started the car and began the drive to the set. She made a quick call to Josh to make sure that Chris was still filming and hadn’t gone home unexpectantly. Josh confirmed that Chris was shooting and would probably still be doing so when she arrived. She then dialed her mom, to check on the girls and to see how things were going.

“Hi Daisy, what did the doctor say? Is everything alright?”

“Hi mom, yeah, everything is good. Hey, I wanted you to know I am on my way to see Chris so I will be home later. I just didn’t want you to worry or anything.”

“So, are you going to tell me? Boy or girl?”

“Nope, I want to tell Chris first.”

“You don’t sound all that happy, Daisy. Are you sure everything is okay? I’m your mom, you can tell me.”

Daisy let out a heavy sigh, confirming to her mother that there was something on her mind. “I don’t really want to talk about it while I’m driving and I really need to speak to Chris about it first. But, I promise, I’ll tell you all about it when I get home.”

“Okay, Daisy, I’ll hold you to it.”

“How are the girls? They being good?”

“They are perfect angels, sleeping right now in the swing.”

“Okay, thanks again for keeping them. I’ll see you soon,” Daisy disconnected the call and prepared herself for the visit with Chris. She was not quite sure how this would go.

She pulled up to the security gate, the guard staring at her for a rather long time, making her a tad uncomfortable. He finally asked her name and for identification, when she gave her name and produced her license, his eyes went wide, and he quickly let the gate up and provided directions on where she should drive her vehicle. Apparently, her name was on the list next to both Chris, Robert, the Russo Brothers, Sebastian, Anthony, and Hemsworth; she was popular and well connected.

She drove her vehicle to the designated area, parked and found that Josh was waiting for her. The guard had given him a heads up, evidently. Josh filled her in that there was a break, and Chris was sitting with Anthony, Seb, Robert, and Hemsworth right now, and she had impeccable timing. As the two of them approached the group, Chris jumped up and ran to her, giving her a kiss and a hug, not missing out on an opportunity to rub her belly.

Everyone in the group gave her a hug and kiss on the cheek, they were so excited to see her. She was offered a seat, but politely refused, “I can’t stay guys, I really wanted to come by and give Chris the pictures from today’s ultrasound.”

Chris’ eyes went wide, “Shit, I forgot that was today! So, did the doctor say everything was okay? Man, I hate that I missed the appointment,” he plopped back down on the bench of the picnic table where they were all gathered before Daisy’s arrival.

“Yeah, the doctor said everything is good. So, here I’m going to give you these, and I’m going to go ahead and head back to the house. Mom is with Poppy and Petal, she is going to turn them into hippies if I leave her alone with them for too long. I’ll let you look at them, sweetie, see if you can figure out what they say,” she had an evil glint in her eye.

She started to walk away, and Chris pulled the images out of the envelope. He took a quick look, his buddies were looking over his shoulder. He immediately caught something and yelled at Daisy, “Hey, you gave me the ultrasound pictures for Poppy and Petal.”

Daisy stopped and turned around to look at him, she began shaking her head, “No, I didn’t, Chris.”

“Sure you did, these are ultrasound pictures of twins, and we have those at home.  Where are the pictures from today?”

“Oh, those are the pictures from today.  And if you look at them really closely, you can tell they wouldn’t be from the girls, because those two HAVE STEMS, CHRIS!!!”  She spun back on her heels and started walking back toward the car.

The realization was hitting Chris as he looked down at the pictures; his friends, they were all breaking out into hysterical fits of laughter.


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