Structural Damage – Chapter 21

WARNING:  This chapter is NSFW and marked as 18+ since it has adult content.  If you are offended by sexual material, please skip this chapter.

Special Agent Cherie Coleman had been reading through the transcripts provided by the device worn by Kyle Chapman over the last few days. He had been called out on several jobs for Saldonna, and as requested, had worn the wire that Coleman had provided. It was a micro recording device that he snapped on the back of his watch, it looked just like the battery backing, so no one was the wiser. No wires, and if anyone patted him down, they saw nothing out of place.

As she read through the transcripts, Coleman came to realize something, Chapman forgot very quickly that he was wearing it. Not only that, the man was very comfortable with lying. She didn’t like him when his file had been placed on her desk, but after reading these transcripts, she really hated him.

The only positive she had from what she was being forced to read was the fact that there was a big deal coming up over the weekend. It could be what she needed to finally put Saldonna away, once and for all. She just prayed Chapman could deliver.

~ * ~
The clock on the wall was moving entirely too slow. Of course, Sabrina was staring at it, so that wasn’t helping. For a minute she thought it had actually stopped moving altogether; she thought maybe the batteries had died. Checking her watch, she realized the clock was working; time was just not moving as fast as she would like. It was Friday afternoon, Chris would be arriving in eight hours. There was no way she could concentrate, her mind was on him and what she wanted to do when he got home.

Alice entered her office, knocking gently as she walked in, “Ma’am, I’ve got Mr. Iber on the phone, he would like to speak with you regarding the Hawaiian deal. He also has a new project to discuss. Should I get Mr. Tate for you?”

“What line is the call on, Alice?”

“Line 4, ma’am.”

“Great, I’ll grab the call, please go ahead and send George this way,” she sincerely hoped that by taking the call, her mind would be occupied enough that it would keep her from dwelling on Chris. It worked, the call lasted a little more than two hours and set her off on a tangent that kept her busy for some time.

When she finally looked at the clock again, she was elated to realize it was after six and Chris would be home in a little more than four hours. She began to pack up her things to head home, but she realized she had not finalized her plans to meet up with Kyle. As much as she hated to do it, she needed to send him an email. Her personal laptop was still open, so she started to type.


I realize this email is late, and for that, I do apologize. We failed to confirm our arrangements for tomorrow evening and our exchange. The gala event starts at 7:00 pm and I will step out to meet you in front of the events center at 8:30 for the trade. I will, as promised, make the electronic transfer once I receive the card with the digital library and your notarized document.

Let me know if there is an issue with this arrangement.

With regards,

She closed the laptop, not waiting for a reply. She had asked her driver, on the way home, to go to the airport that evening to pick up Chris. Sabrina let him know she was leaving an envelope in the backseat for him, making sure the driver didn’t accidently remove it from the car after she exited. She gave him the flight information once he pulled into the parking garage, as well as a generous tip for the additional pickup. Thanking him, she stepped out of the car and moved toward the elevator to take her to her apartment.

As she entered the apartment, she immediately moved to close all of the blinds. She turned the night lights on in the kitchen so Chris could see when he came home. The envelope she left in the car had a key to the apartment as well as a key for the elevator. She knew that he would be coming in through the parking garage so he wouldn’t have to worry about the security desk or anyone seeing him in the lobby. The note in the envelope would explain all of that. She was careful for him, this was not about hiding him because of embarrassment, but working to keep them as private as possible, for their own benefit.

As Sabrina moved upstairs, she closed the blinds in the bedroom and turned the bedside lamp on low, then turned down the covers on the bed. She entered the bathroom and changed into a baby doll nightgown. She thought she would lie down and take a brief nap, figuring she would wake up on time and be ready for him when arrived home. Unfortunately, she forgot to set the alarm on her cell before her head hit the pillow, she was out like a light.

Chris quietly opened the door to the apartment, he checked his watch, it was 11:15. He had not tried to call Sabrina, he figured she would have fallen asleep. The stillness of the apartment let him know he was right. He carried his bag up the steps, and as he got to the bedroom door, his heart stopped. He sat his bag down, crossed his arms and leaned against the door jamb, just watching Sabrina as she slept. She looked so peaceful and beautiful curled up on the bed, her hands together as if she was praying but resting under her head. He pulled out his phone and snapped a picture of her, he couldn’t resist.

Chris slid his phone back into his jeans pocket, picked up his bag and entered the bedroom. He walked over to the chair in the corner, toeing off his shoes, he then undressed and folded his clothes, placing them on the chair. He grabbed his phone out of his pocket, heading back towards the bed, sliding in beside Sabrina, being careful not to disturb her. He placed his phone on the nightstand then turned the light off, plunging the room into darkness. He pulled the covers up, then moved so he was close to Sabrina. He could see her face thanks to the filtered moonlight through the blinds. He gently kissed her lips, then closed his eyes to attempt to sleep. He felt the bed shift, Sabrina had cuddled up to him, snaking her arms around him and putting her leg up on his hip to push her body as close to him as possible.

She began kissing up his neck and across his jawline, “Hi, baby,” she whispered, her voice heavy with sleep.

Chris moved his hands up under her nightgown, feeling her soft skin. Her body was burning with his touch, he couldn’t get enough. He finally lifted the nightgown over her head, tossing it to the floor, pressing her bare chest against his. He missed this, their lips came together, their tongues wrestling one another; lavishing each other with deep, wet, and sensual kisses. His hands, moving up her legs, cupping her ass, pulling her closer to him. Each of them moaning with pleasure through their kisses.

They broke the kiss only to breathe; catching their breath was difficult. Chris took control, carefully flipping Sabrina onto her back. He looked down at her, taking in her gorgeous eyes, the love that he could see looking back at him. “I missed you so much,” he murmured as he dipped his head to nibble at her ear and begin trailing kissing down her neck.

Her back arched, pushing her chest up into his, her hands trailing up and down the muscles of his back. “I missed you, too. I missed this,” her voice breathless with anticipation, “I need you, please, Chris.” He continued to place a trail of wet kissed down her body.He caressed her breasts, her nipples pebbling, and aching for attention. Chris didn’t disappoint. But her entire body was aching for him now, she wasn’t willing to wait any longer. “Chris, I need you inside me, right now,” she pleaded and tried pulling him up so she could kiss him.

He acquiesced, and she parted her legs without him having to prompt her to do so. He thrust himself into her at the same he crushed his lips against hers. She moaned into the kiss, it had taken her by surprise, but it was everything she had asked for. He didn’t move right away, she was tight, and he was enjoying the feeling. When he began to pull out and push back in, he made sure his strokes were slow and steady. He wanted to experience this for as long as possible; he had no desire to climax quickly and fall asleep. He had waited too long for this, just like she had, and by God, it was going to last.

Sabrina, however, wanted to fuck. She wanted to have him thrust into her quickly and hard. She enjoyed slow and loving, it had it’s own place and time. Right now, she had a carnal need for him. She pulled her legs up, wrapping them around his waist, moving her hands toward his lower back, “Chris, faster. I need you fuck me, please.”

His eyes snapped to hers, she was talking dirty, and it was a turn on. If it was possible, he was harder than he was when he slid into her moments earlier. “Ha, you are a dirty girl, aren’t you?” She nodded, digging her nails into his ass while trying to pull him closer, “Ouch, babe, I got the message, put the claws away.” He stopped moving and slowly pulled out, situating himself, he pulled one of Sabrina’s legs straight up, resting it on his shoulder, giving him the perfect access. He knew she would love this, he would be able to hit just the right spot.

Once again, without warning, he pushed into her and began a steady pace of pumping in and out. Twisting his hips ever so slightly with each thrust. Sabrina grabbed at the bed sheets, balling the fabric in her fists, “Yes, that’s it, Chris. Just like that, don’t stop,” her voice was loud, reverberating through the bedroom. At that moment, he was so glad the bedroom was not on a wall adjacent to neighbors.

He could tell she was getting close, it wouldn’t be too much longer before she went over the cliff. He was not planning on following her, at least not yet. She felt so good, “Damn, Sabrina, you’re fucking tight.” No sooner did he get the words out, she clenched around him, he thrust harder. But when her climax squeezed around his thrusting cock, it wrenched his orgasm right out of him. He went right over the cliff with her.

He dropped her leg down, falling forward, bracing his arms on either side of her head. He was panting, so was she. Sweat dripping from brow, his hair sticking to his forehead. Sabrina reached up, pushing his hair to the side, “That was incredible, are you okay?”

He couldn’t talk, he just nodded and smiled. Once his breath evened out, he fell to the side of her, pulling her close to his body, hitching her leg over his hip. He was still buried inside of her, his cock twitching from the aftershocks. “If that is the welcome home I’m going to get every time I’m away for a few weeks, you will never visit me while I’m filming a movie. You got that?”

Sabrina started to laugh, “Got it!” She cupped his face in her hands, giving him a tender kiss, tugging on his bottom lip as she pulled away, “I love you and the way that sounds when I say it. I love you, Chris.”

“I love the way it sounds when you say it. And I love you too, Sabrina.”

The two held one another for a few minutes, no words were spoken. They basked in the afterglow until Sabrina made the decision that she was ready for tender, and she would be in control this time. She rolled Chris onto his back; she could feel him getting hard again.

“What are you doing?” He asked playfully.

“I’m going to have my way with my boyfriend. Then, we are going to snuggle together and sleep through the morning. Does that sound like a plan to you?”

He laughed, “I like that you have a plan, my lady. Please, by all means, have your way with me.”

~ * ~ Saturday Afternoon ~ * ~

Sabrina had offered up the bathroom to Chris first, allowing him to get ready for the gala before she started to prepare. He wouldn’t take as long, plus this gave her an opportunity to check her email without fear of him looking over her shoulder. She was curious if Kyle had responded to her note from the previous evening regarding the exchange time and location. She was starting to get nervous, the whole idea of seeing him again was making her feel queasy. She didn’t know how she would be able to slip away without Chris noticing, but she would have to find an excuse and make it seem entirely plausible.

As she heard the water for the shower, she opened her laptop, firing up her email program. As she expected, an email from Kyle was waiting in her inbox. She didn’t want to click on it, but she had no choice, it was T-minus 4 hours for the exchange time, there was no backing out now.

My dearest Sabrina,

Your plan for the exchange will work just fine. I’ll meet you outside at 8:30 with the SD card and the notarized document. I can’t wait to see you, I have been counting down the days.

You husband,
With love,

She had to hold back the bile that was wanting to come up her throat. It was going to take every ounce of control to face him, but it would be worth it to bring this nightmare to an end. She closed her laptop, gathered her things and tried to shift her focus to the gala and the handsome date who was currently naked in her shower.

Sabrina was lost in thoughts about Chris. She was not only thinking of him being in the shower right now, but she replayed the memories of their lovemaking the night before. How right now their relationship was working, and she could not be any happier. She was so lost, she didn’t see him step out of the bathroom, towel slung low across his hips, arms crossed and leaning against the wall in front of her.

She jumped when she heard him speak, “Whatcha thinking about, baby?”

A smile spread across her face as she took him in, her eyes looking him over from top to bottom. “You, and how I can’t wait to see you in your fancy suit and make every woman at the gala jealous because you are mine.” She took a few steps forward, wrapping her arms around him. He enveloped her in his arms, pressing his lips to hers and making her practically melt, “You know, if you keep that up, I may just tell you we need to skip the gala, altogether.”

He started to laugh at her comment, “You are being honored tonight, we aren’t skipping this,” he pulled back and then swatted her behind. “Now, go get ready!”

Chris had gotten ready, taking himself downstairs to wait for Sabrina. His stylist had sent him his blue Brunello Cucinelli tuxedo that he had worn to the 2016 Golden Globes. That tux had awarded him quite a bit of attention, and it would match Sabrina’s dress beautifully. She was going to have to help him with his tie, but he didn’t think she would mind.

He had poured himself a drink, wanting to calm his nerves. He had not taken the time to admit to Sabrina that he was nervous about their debut as a couple at this event. There wouldn’t be the usual paparazzi at this event, but you could expect that someone would snap a photo and it would hit the internet. His team already knew about him attending this event, and they were prepared. He had come to clean to his mom, letting her know he was seeing someone, that it wasn’t serious but he did like her. He wasn’t ready to go into the details with her. The only person in his family who knew the truth was Scott.

Chris was standing at the bar, looking out at the windows, even though the blinds were still down. His back was to the stairway, so when he heard Sabrina clear her throat to announce she was coming down the stairs, he turned slowly to take her in. He was stunned, she was absolutely breathtaking. His eyes followed her down the stairs, taking in the way the dress moved on her body. He knew this dress was beautiful, but seeing it on her, that word did not do it justice.

“How do I look?” She asked sheepishly, never breaking eye contact with Chris.

For a minute, he couldn’t respond, he just looked at her with adoring eyes. Finally, he choked out the words, “Stunning, you are absolutely stunning.”

She took several steps forward, reaching out to fix his tie. “Your tie is crooked, you know? Can’t have you showing up, looking this gorgeous, having a crooked tie,” she fiddled with the tie for a few minutes and then smoothed out his shoulders. “Damn, you look good. It will be a shame to wad this tux up on the floor later,” she winked and turned to walk back toward the foyer table where her clutch was sitting. He watched her, mouth wide open. “Are you ready, Chris?”

His head snapped out of the delicious thoughts he was having. This woman surprised him in so many ways, “Yes, baby, I’m ready.”

They took the elevator down to the limo, Sabrina was visibly nervous, although she was trying desperately to hide it. Chris squeezed her hand, trying to show her some support. Honestly, it was helping to calm his own jitters as well. The drive to Navy Pier would be short, there would be no time to find a way to relieve tension in the car before getting to the gala.

Sabrina stepped into the car first. When Chris got in, he immediately put his arm around her, pulling her to his side, “I know you’re nervous. Take a few deep breaths, it’ll be okay. If you’re too concerned about us walking in together, I’m willing to walk in separately. I don’t want you to be uncomfortable, or push you into this if you’re not ready for it.”

Sabrina turned her head, pressing her lips against his neck, “I’m more worried about the accolades and the attention for the award than I am for walking in with you. Although, I’m sure I’ll have to beat some women off of you, so maybe I’ll get arrested before the award presentation anyway.”

Chris tossed his head back, his right arm clutching his chest as he laughed heartily, “Oh, that is a great thought, babe. Watching you get hauled out of there in handcuffs for beating down your fellow architects. That will make fantastic headlines in the paper tomorrow morning.”

“Well, it would replace all the articles about me collapsing at the groundbreaking, wouldn’t it?” She asked wryly.

The car came to a stop, the attendants at the event center came to open the limo door for them to exit. Chris leaned over, giving Sabrina a sweet kiss, “You can do this,” he encouraged her and then stepped out of the car. He then turned back toward the car, offering his hand and helping her step out.

There were no flashing cameras, no red carpet, no concerns for either one of them. But it didn’t mean their hearts weren’t racing. Chris eased his arm around her waist, guiding her toward the main entrance. It did not go unnoticed by him that they were turning heads as they entered the gala. He knew it was because Sabrina looked amazing. She was glowing, the dress fits her perfectly, and she was the star of the evening.

As they walked into the Grand Ballroom, Chris was taken aback by the enormity of the room. He had seen the building from the outside numerous times, but he had no idea how large the facility was inside. The domed ceiling was lined with white lights, while the rest of the room was bathed in the soft glow of candlelight. There was a small chamber orchestra playing on the stage, where the evening’s events would take place later. Servers were walking through the crowd with trays of champagne and hors d’oeuvres to allow for mingling. Although, there was a bar set up as well as tables for those who wanted to get their appetizers and take a seat.

Chris and Sabrina caught a drink from a passing tray and began to work the crowd. She didn’t like this aspect of gala events, being social and friendly was not in her wheelhouse. But at least this evening, she had Chris with her, and he could ease the tension or become the center of the conversation. It was equal measure as far as who recognized him and who didn’t.

In the middle of conversing with the developer from Boston, the one she missed the RFI for his latest project, Sabrina caught a glimpse of someone walking through the main doors and her heart stopped. She tried to shake her mind free, go back to listening to the developer and anticipate that she imagined things. But a few moments later, when he smiled and nodded his head at her, she knew she this was not the product of an overactive imagination. Her body tensed, she was sure Chris noticed.

Sabrina set her glass on a nearby table. She leaned into Chris, whispering into his ear, “Excuse me, baby, I need to go to the ladies room. Don’t miss me too much.” Placing a soft kiss on his cheek, she began to walk off.

She walked with purpose, hoping he wasn’t keeping his eye on her as she approached the man who had caught her attention. She grabbed his arm, her fingers digging into his bicep, “Outside, right now!” Her voice was firm, the fire in her eyes made it clear she was serious. She began to walk, pulling him along with her.

Chris watched this unfold in front of him; who was the man and why was Sabrina yanking him out of the gala? He walked towards the large cathedral windows, just in time to see Sabrina and the man exit the party into the evening air. They had stopped in between two of the street lamps, meaning they were in the shadows but there was still enough light for Chris to clearly see the anger in her eyes.

“What the fuck were you doing in the party?” Sabrina asked through gritted teeth.

Kyle smirked, he had to admit that the rage in her eyes and the dominance she was showing at the moment, was a complete turn on. While he liked being in control over Sabrina, this side of her was sexy, he wished she had shown this from time to time when they were together. “You didn’t think I was going to miss seeing my wife get this big honor now, did y ou? Besides, baby, if you had been paying attention, I told you I’d b here. You keep getting more beautiful every time I see you,” he reached up to caress her face, she visibly shuddered at his touch, “Don’t be that way, baby. You know I’ve lived with the regret of raising my hand to you all those years ago.”

“You never loved me, Kyle. Let’s just be clear once and for all, you just liked the idea of my name and my legacy. If you loved me, you wouldn’t have been abusive and you sure as fuck wouldn’t be blackmailing me for the last ten years,” she was having a hard time keeping her voice down, but she wanted him to know she was not backing off. She just didn’t want to draw too much attention to the two of them and certainly didn’t want anyone overhearing their conversation.

“Blackmail is such an ugly term, Sabrina. I prefer to think that you have just been paying security fees,” he let out a harsh and sadistic little laugh, “And since you never went to the police, you have no proof that I ever abused you, so good luck ever convincing anyone of that shit now.”

“How the hell did you get into the party anyway?”

A grin broke out across his face, “Well, I am still a member of the National Architectural Society, you know? I get an invitation to this damn event every year, I generally don’t bother attending. But when I saw it was in Chicago this year, and they were going to honor you, well let’s just say I knew I wasn’t passing up this party for anything! Great dress choice by the way. You look stunning, every man in that room is going to want to fuck you.”

His words turned her stomach, he always had a way of being blunt and vulgar. She needed to maintain control, not letting him know he was getting under her skin. “They let you keep your membership? Wow, I figured they’d have pulled it you killed a hundred people and got demoted to a Junior Architect,” she spat at him, hoping the words would sting just a little. She was feeling brave, something that she didn’t usually feel when interacting with Kyle Chapman.

“You best watch yourself, after all, you haven’t gotten what you want yet. And after seeing who you’re here with, well, I’ve decided your price has gone up,” he spat back at her, watching as the recognition of his words hit her. The color drained from her face, her bravery seeming to dissipate, “See, I now realize who the Chris Evans was in the pictures. It’s a relatively common name you know, so I didn’t know that I actually had naked photos of you fucking a Marvel superhero.”

“What do you want, Kyle?” Her voice didn’t break, although she was trying to keep fear from overtaking her. How did he even know that the man in the pictures was named Chris? This meant that someone had tipped him off as to who was in her apartment, someone was helping Kyle in his blackmail and torture of her.

He slid his arm around her waist, pulled her a little closer so he could whisper in her ear, “You’re mind is reeling right now, isn’t it? You want to know who else is betraying you? I’ll never tell,” he licked the side of her face and stepped back, a wicked and maniacal grin on his face. He crossed his arm, speaking matter of factly, “I think ten million seems fair, don’t you?”

“What? Are you kidding? We agreed on a price already, Kyle. You can’t suddenly change the terms of the deal. And you know I don’t have ten million dollars!” Her voice was now starting to get a little louder.

“It’s my deal, and I can change the terms when I want. After all, you left out the details of who you were fucking, sweetie. So, you don’t get a say in this. Oh, you have more money than you want me to know about, but if you don’t want to pay it all, I’m sure he will. Maybe I just need to go back in there and have a chat with him. Give him the scoop on the type of woman you really are. Does he know about your past?”

That was the final straw for Sabrina, she had been pushed too far. She reached up for the lapels of the tuxedo he was wearing, it wasn’t anything close to the quality of the one Chris was wearing. She pushed him against the post of the street light, her voice was firm and loud, “You bastard, I’m telling you right now, if you go back into that party and go anywhere near him, I’ll fucking kill you. Do you understand me? I’m not playing around Kyle, you leave him the fuck alone, and don’t breathe a word to him about any of this.”

For once, Kyle had a tinge of fear in his eyes. The rage in Sabrina’s eyes was more than he had ever seen. For a moment, he actually believed she could be pushed, he let out a nervous laugh, “You are all talk, you don’t have the balls to kill me.”

“Test me, Kyle, I dare you!” She let go of him and turned to walk back into the gala. It was then that she noticed several people standing and watching her. They had evidently stopped to witness the entire interaction with Kyle, she wasn’t sure what they heard, she hoped the sound of the water sloshing against the pier or the sounds of the Ferris Wheel, were enough to drown out her threat.
She didn’t acknowledge them. Instead, she walked right past them and through the doors into the ballroom.

Chris left his spot at the window where he had witnessed her interaction with the man on the pier. He was concerned, he knew the conversation was heated. He couldn’t hear anything that was being said but by the body language and then by her physically moving him into the street light, he knew it was not good. Apparently, she was keeping something from him, and he needed to know what it was. He took a spot in the middle of the room, and she was soon walking toward him, he stiffened, he didn’t offer her a warm welcome as she returned to him.

“Sorry I took so long,” she offered, “I ran into someone I used to know.” She wasn’t lying to him, she just wasn’t telling him the entire truth. She noticed the coldness in Chris’ eyes and the fact that he did not offer her an embrace or even slide his arm around her waist. “What’s wrong, baby?”

It had taken a minute before he was willing to spit out an answer, “Who was he? The conversation did not look like a pleasant one, so who was he?” Sabrina’s breath hitched in her throat. She was not prepared to hear that Chris had seen her confrontation with Kyle. She didn’t respond, the words could not form. “Think before you speak, Sabrina because you better not lie to me. Who was that man?”

She swallowed hard, pulled her shoulders back, and attempted to put a look of determination in her eyes, “Not now, Chris, and definitely not here. The dinner and awards presentation is about to start, and I’m not fighting with you before I have to walk on that stage.” She began to walk toward their table, ignoring the heat and anger he was putting off.

Chris reached out, grabbing her wrist, a motion to stop her but not one that would draw attention from anyone else at the event. “At least tell me his name. You owe me that at least, right?”

She didn’t turn her head, but she did respond softly, “His name is Kyle Chapman.”

Chris followed her to their table to dinner, the tension was thick. Throughout dinner they barely spoke to one another, Sabrina kept scanning the room to see if Kyle had come back into the party. So far, no sign of him. The awards presentation began, there were only four awards to be given, and Sabrina knew that her’s would be the last one. She just had to sit through thirty minutes of this, and she could escape.

But she would be escaping back to the apartment where Chris would want to know the truth about Kyle. This was not going to be news that he would accept very easily. He had never asked her if she had been married before. Technically, she had not lied to him. She just omitted a section of her life and the reason why relationships are hard for her. Lost in her overanalyzing of how a conversation might go with Chris, she didn’t hear the introduction to her award or the announcement of her name to appear on stage. It was only when Chris leaned over to kiss her cheek and whisper in her ear, that she realized everyone was standing and she needed to move.

Sabrina somehow made it through her acceptance speech and off the stage. She was appropriately humble and gracious. She wanted to exit the party immediately. However, several of the board member for the gala had wanted a few minutes with her, and she could not refuse. Once the glad-handing was over, she threaded her fingers through Chris’ and whispered in his ear that she was ready to leave. The solemn look on his face made it clear that he was more than ready.

Chris said nothing as they walked from the event out to the string of cars to find their limousine. The grip he had on her hand made it abundantly clear that he was still angry. He let go of her hand as they approached their car and he stepped inside. The driver nodded at Sabrina, his greeting being unspoken because he could tell there was tension. As she stepped into the car, Chris started in on her immediately.

“Ok, we aren’t in the event, so tell me who he was,” for as angry as she anticipated him being, his voice was even and flat, “Who exactly is Kyle Chapman?” As the driver got in the car and heard Kyle’s name, he immediately put up the privacy screen before starting the car and taking them back to the apartment.

Sabrina was staring out the window, she was not going to be able to look him in the eyes when she said the words, “He’s my ex-husband.”

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