Beneath This Mask – Free as of this Post!

I’ve mentioned several times that I am a fan of Meghan March and her books.  I even took the time to write a post about her Beneath Series.  The first book in that series, Beneath This Mask, is currently free on Amazon.  (It is free as I write this on New Year’s Eve)

If you ever wanted to get started on her books, this is your prime opportunity.

Beneath This Mask


Former Navy fighter pilot. Son of a congressman. Successful businessman in my own right. With a résumé like mine, women have never been a challenge.
Until I met her.
This sexy, tatted-up bad girl wasn’t part of my plans, but that punch to my gut every time I see her tells me I have to know more.
She’s a mystery. An enigma. A challenge.
I’m going to figure her out—and then I’m going to make her mine.
We’ll find out what she’s hiding . . . beneath this mask

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