Playoff Bound

I don’t post a lot of sports on this blog, but tonight I can’t help myself!  I have been a Buffalo Bills fan for 30+ years.  I’ve taken the jokes and have thrown my fan card at the TV more than once.  I generally go into the season so excited, only to be bitterly disappointed by season’s end.

This year, with a new coach and a new attitude in the locker room, there was a new energy.  However, true to form, we found ways to blow it and be on the cusp of the playoff picture.  Today, we had to win and we needed Baltimore to lose.

We had a big lead against Miami and we found ways to let them come back into the game.  We won the game 22-16.  I was sweating it out at the end.

The Bengals were leading the Ravens most of the night.  But Baltimore took the lead at the tail end of the game and I started to worry.  They were up by 3 and I thought for sure that the Bengals could tie it.  But no, they were playing horribly and I could see Buffalo’s hopes fading.

I picked up my dog from my mom and was preparing to leave.  After all, Cincy had a 4th and 12 and less than 2 minutes on the clock.  I’ll be damned if Andy Dalton didn’t throw a perfect pass and the receiver ran in for a touchdown.  I began screaming and the dog started licking my face thinking I was having a stroke.

Thank you, Cincy for giving the Bills fans a great way to start the new year!!




  1. I’m a Bills fan too! (I knew there was something I liked about you!) This afternoon was truly exciting. I fear they will go no further than this, but I’ll be hope that they can handle Jacksonville.


    1. Yay! I’m so glad to find a fellow Bills fan. I’m with you, not sure we have what it takes to beat Jacksonville. However, this does so much for the team’s confidence and I think it will only help our cause next season.


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