Little Bean

On April 18th my beloved dog, Stewart Wayne\, passed away after a battle with lung cancer.  His diagnosis was a shock considering I don’t smoke and neither does my mom, his primary caregiver while I’m at work.  Yes, my mom ran doggie-daycare for her grandpuppy and it is a blessing.  Ok, this is where you roll your eyes because I said grandpuppy!  See, I don’t have human children and my mom wants grandchildren – I told her to just be happy with the dog.  She even refers to herself as “gammy.”

The Friday before Stewart died, I made the decision to rescue a Chihuahua puppy from our local humane society.  I was one of thirty applicants for the little guy.  I brought him home, retaining the name he was given previously, Bean.  Actually, he has been named Beanjamin and it was shortened to Bean.  I added Franklin to his name because every dog needs a middle name.

My mother was against this decision.  She thought I should hold off until after Stewart was gone.  I gently explained that I would be so heartsick over the loss of Stewart Wayne that I would need to focus my attention somewhere, and a rescue pup was the perfect solution.  Boy, I had no idea what I was getting into!

Bean is a 4-pound tornado that currently runs my life!  His legs are long and it allows him to run at breakneck speed through the house.  We’ve determined he has an anxiety problem and is suffering from extreme fear.  This is why he barks at his own shadow and is not good with strangers.  I am trying to socialize him and we’ve done some training that has made life a little easier.

Right now, his favorite thing to do is to bite my feet and pull my pants leg as I walk.  He has a thing for my shoes, too.  Always carting them off and trying to chew on them.  When you get mad at him, it takes one look into those big pools of chocolate to make you melt.

He is nine-months-old and I know some of this behavior will change as he ages.  If you have any suggestions on curbing the biting of the feet, or any other puppy suggestions, feel free to drop me a comment.



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