Concerts I Want To Go To

Ok, confession time!  I used to work for an arena and I had the privilege of seeing quite a few concerts.  Between these shows and the ones I attended prior to working at the arena, I am hard pressed to spend money on a concert.  I think I was just so spoiled seeing everything up close and personal that the idea of just being a body in a seat isn’t appealing.

However, I do have a top 5 for shows I would really be willing to put down money on to go to.  Now from seeing this list you will realize that my musical interests are all over the board.

  1.   Bruce Springsteen – I have wanted to see The Boss since 1983 when the Born in the USA album was released.  That album is my favorite, I still listen to it to this day and I can sing along with the words to almost every song.  (note:  I should not sing, I cannot carry a tune in a bucket!)

  2.  Michael Buble – He is fantastic, he has charisma and he has made the old classics new and fresh.  His original songs are wonderful and I think he would put on a heck of a show.  This is the type of concert you would dress up to go to

  3.  Andrea Bocelli – If you don’t know who this man is…do yourself a favor and look him up!  He is Italian and sings mostly in Italian – he has the voice of an angel and his version of Ave Maria makes me cry almost every time.  This is another of those concerts you would dress up and go to.

  4.  U2 – I had the opportunity to see them in the late 80’s and didn’t do it – I have kicked myself in the ass every year since!

  5.  Bon Jovi – I have enjoyed Bon Jovi for years and last year I was ready to boycott them because Jon wanted to buy my favorite football team and relocate them.  It made me mad and I didn’t have any desire to listen to his stuff.  But, that is behind us now and I have kept him on my list.

Now, you may ask if these are my 5 I haven’t seen…who have I had the pleasure to see? Well, I will give you a partial list below:

The Who
The Rolling Stones
Paul McCartney
Bryan Adams
Kid Rock
Garth Brooks (6 times)
Brooks and Dunn
Reba McEntire
Kenny Chesney
Keith Urban
Dierks Bentley
Trace Adkins
Big and Rich
Josh Groban
Elton John
Backstreet Boys
Pat Benetar
Def Leppard
Hootie and the Blowfish
Travis Tritt
Neil Diamond
Martina McBride
Trisha Yearwood
Duran Duran
Motley Crue
The Black Crowes

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