Structural Damage

Sructural Damage

Status: Completed
Story Type:  Drama, Angst
Word Count:  143,997

Author’s Note:  I am taking a great deal of creative license with this story.  I have made Sabrina a very successful architect, made her responsible for some iconic buildings in the city that are definitely not her’s – she is not real!  I have her the great-granddaughter of Daniel Burnham who is most definitely real and who is responsible for helping shape the architecture and feel of the city of Chicago.  He did, in fact, design the Flatiron building in New York and Union Station in Washington, DC.  

The Aqua building is an 87-story mixed use building that was designed by a woman, her name is Jeanne Gang of Studio Gang Architects.  This was the largest building ever awarded to an American firm that was headed by a woman.  I mean no disrespect in having it designed by Sabrina in my story.  

I feel it necessary to point out that I am taking creative license, it is all in the name of storytelling but is in no way meant as disrespect towards the designers of these grand buildings.  I have a deep appreciation for these particular buildings, which is why they were selected for the story.


Sabrina Burnham is a successful architect in the city of Chicago.  She has power, influence and most certainly gets what she wants without hesitation.  When her best friend and general counsel, Audrey Clarke, introduces her to Chris Evans, the sparks fly immediately. The two are immediately taken with one another even though they don’t act on their attraction.

They finally do give in, and while it is hot and they can’t deny their feelings, they realize they need to keep it casual.  Neither one of them has the capacity for a serious long-term relationship with their workload.  But what happens when those feelings emerge and they aren’t honest with one another about them?

Both of them are left with Structural Damage.


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Fiction Disclaimer:
This story is a work of fiction.  The writer does not know Chris Evans or any member of his family.